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  1. Potentially, MOST skills could bring money into the game....via alching. Mine ores to make armour and alch. Woodcut, fletch and alch bows. etc... But like others have pointed out, most gp is brought into the game by alching.
  2. Kind of like smiithing is a skill where you spend 95% of the time gathering ore, and then 5% getting smithing xp? Kind of like fletching is a skill where you spend 95% of the time chopping trees, and then 5% of the time getting fletching xp? Kind of like herblore is a skill where you spend 99.9% of your time growing herbs, and then .1% of your time getting herblore xp? Kind of like construction is a skill where you spend 99.9% of your time chopping wood, making planks, gathering supplies, and then .1% of your time getting construction xp? No. Obviously MOST people buy the supplies and then get their xp in those skills. Summoning is only different because you can't buy the charms. The big problem, to JAGEX, is that you can gain Summoning xp very quickly without a multiplier. When the multiplier is used, Summoning xp is amazing.
  3. Why not pot up and then start with the highest level first? That would give you the best chance of not failing and maximize your xp potential.
  4. Without a doubt, one of the most useless topics ever on Tip It. However, just look at it this way. The "months" JAGEX charges you for ALL have 28 days. Your "month" of membership is only for 28 days. Any days in the month after the 28th day are FREE days for your to play Runescape. Woot! Woot! FREE Runescape membership.
  5. "Impressionable minds are going to run into bad language/racism/whatever. It's part of life. It's also a PARENT's job to make sure their kids aren't exposed to it. Jagex can't be held responsible for a parent's shortcomings. Don't want your kid being exposed to reality, don't let them play Runescape. It's as simple as that." Actually it should be every adult RS players' responsibility to provide the best gaming experience possible. In my mind, that experience would not include profanity. Obviously kids will be exposed to that kind of stuff. Parents cannot stop it. Parents can, and should, try to reduce the amount of "negative" influences. The profanity filter helped do that. Let's see..."Don't want your kid being exposed to reality, don't let them play Runescape." So if I don't want them exposed to reality, I shouldn't let them go the mall? The mall is "reality" right? I probably shouldn't let them go to school either (Hey! You kids might like that.) because school is reality. Since we are talking about "reality" & school, could kids in school curse like sailors and get away with it? Probably not. Yes. I know. RS is not reality.....thankfully.
  6. Something I don't think I have seen mentioned: A lot of the "discussion" has been centered around "turn your filter on & you won't have to see the remarks". Obviously this is correct. But what about all the young, impressionable kids who will have their filters turned off and will see the offensive remarks? It is just not the recipients of the offensive remarks who would be effected.
  7. I will leave my filter turned off and report EVERYONE who makes offensive remarks. IMHO, this "update" is a step backward.
  8. You're a goddamn badass if you can get angry without swearing. Nope. Just mature enough to be able to control myself.
  9. To me, part of being an adult is being able to talk without using profanity.
  10. The return of free trade and the old Wildy was a forgone conclusion (by JAGEX) before the first petition was released. Don't kid yourselves. The decision was made behind closed JAGEX doors many weeks ago. The petition was only a means to generate discussion among current and former players. Supposedly some things will be relocated when the old Wilderness returns. I assume one of those things would be penguins. Don't you think the release of the Zanaris penguin many weeks ago was a "test run" of a penguin in a new location? I do. Bots & credit card fraud were flourishing under the old system. My bank refused to allow my debit card to be used to pay for my subscription because of this. Obviously JAGEX DOES have improved bot detection methods ready to go or they would not be taking this chance. I bet they might have even tested this system in the past. Remember the stat rollbacks & asking those effected players to submit bug reports. I have no doubt that was part of getting the new bot detectiion methods ready to go. I also have no doubt that those players suspected of botting will get rollbacks/banned much, much quicker when free trade returns.
  11. (Based on the pictures two posts above this one.) It looks like the door in that picture is the door to the boss room. It also looks like there are two "activated" symbols, and two "unactivated" symbols on the door. I'm going to GUESS that this new boss will have two rooms. The first room you use to get your kill count. You will not get KC in the main GWD room. There will be 4 different NPCs in that room. You will have to kill X number of each NPC in order to open the boss door. Once you have killed X number of a particular NPC, the cooresponding symbol on the boss door will "activate". The NPCs in that room will include mages, rangers, melee tanks, and a tri-brids. The combat triangle will be much more pronounced in this room. Players will be forced to carry specific equipment/weapons in order to get KC effectively. As someone pointed out, there will be no initial immunity from attack in this room. I would GUESS that the boss will drop equipment/weapons that will offer immunity. Based on the "pits" in the boss room, I am going to GUESS that the boss will frequently freeze a player, teleport behind a "pit", and then continue to mage/range that player. I would expect that players will be frozen longer than the normal ancient spells freeze. I am also going to GUESS that the boss will be able to use all three attack styles during one attack. Maybe his magic will create a glowing battle axe that he will throw. This would be a mage based, melee-range attack. Of course it will also turn off a player's prayer. BTW, prayer will drain at a faster rate in this boss room and there will be no altar. Oh yeah, take a look at the claws on that boss. I expect one of the attacks will be the Dragon Claws special attack.
  12. No: that max hit is reduced 30%, but your OVERALL reduction is much more complicated to calculate. you have to average the hit reduction for all possible hits you could receive to find the OVERALL reduction. this calculation is shown in the other thread your overall reduction will be somewhere around 10% probably. If that was the only hit he took, then his OVERALL reduction would have been 30% (assuming his math is correct). Semantics.
  13. Then the obvious solution is to reset strength to 1.
  14. I always get the -4% guide mode when I solo a c1 dungeon. Always.
  15. "The thing is, those arguing for higher requirements have't really said any reasons for it." The requirements required should coorelate to the rewards received. It is that simple. If a quest gives pretty much no reward, then there should be very little requirements. If a quest gives medium-levell rewards = mediium-level requirements. If a quest gives high-level rewards = high-level requirements. Wouldn't that make a lot of sense?
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