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  1. Same layout as all the other ones. This is crap I keep to take out regularly. It's even more of a mess this time as I started a quest about a year and a half ago and haven't gotten round to finishing it yet |^_^| It's also got some stuff that I don't know what their use even is. Some alchs that I still haven't gotten round to alching...food for my kitten and um...brawlers that i'm still getting through. Farming tab! I recently made a bunch of juju farming potions. Ranarr, toadflax, irit, avantoe, kwuarm, snapdragon, cadantine, lantadyme, dwarf weed. ...Herblore tab :) Cooking tab. Wieldables. Also full of crap I have no idea what to do with... Potions. Miscellanious junk... The hoard! Slowly working on farming all those hops seeds... 'Things I can't be arsed selling' (Used to be 'Things I need to sell')(But now I can't even be bothered to sell them)
  2. Merry Christmas Jason, Sally and everyone :wub: Oh since we're all posting our Christmas l00ts. I got some DVD's (period dramas yay!), chocolates, candles, a new diary, a tablet, this lush throw/blanket thing, some jewellery, pj's and the inevitable fluffy socks.
  3. I suppose I should finish that list of quests that I started...a year or two ago?
  4. I AM NOT A DICER! ...I mean congratulations you pair <3
  5. So I looked at the time and thought I should make some ports stuff in the 5 mins before BXP ends, I made some death lotus, a couple of crappy capes, a ring, some helmets...and then some robes and this happens. Now I look like one of those twats who timed it to happen 2 minutes before it ended. #Witchyproblems
  6. Actually 'titbits' is the proper way :P It's just that Americans say 'tidbits' because they think it sounds less rude.
  7. I am Welsh and I approve of this. I dunno why Castle Coch isn't on the list though.
  8. You could probably move stuff from your combat tab into other ones. Perhaps you could also combine the artisan and gathering ones. Here's how I set out my tabs... http://forum.tip.it/blog/311/entry-3598-witchys-bank-pic-as-of-january-1st-2015
  9. I don't try and get as many 99's as possible either. I don't recall anyone ever telling me that i'm playing the game "wrong". But Jeez if you want to play the game then play the game. You don't have to be afraid of posts you made years ago, i'm pretty sure someone could dig up something stupid or silly I posted before.
  10. You can say your opinion on what you like about the game whenever you like! Look i'm going to do it now. Clue scrolls are fun :)
  11. I'm going to repeat myself again... Blaze: I like my dragon battleaxe (opinion) Blaze: I like using my dragon battleaxe (personal preference) Blaze: The dragon battleaxe is better for killing x monster (not opinion...debatable)
  12. Nobody says you're wrong for liking something! If you say that it's better than other items, or more efficient, or more useful, or useless...then it's all up for debate.
  13. Nobody is calling you a moron for liking an item. You can like it all you want. But you keep trying to argue that it is a better weapon...people prove how drygores, noxious, whips are better with facts on damage rates...then you whine how they're not respecting your opinion.
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