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  1. Fail troll is fail :thumbdown: Gratz PKM, can't wait for our war next weekend :thumbsup:
  2. I think you had more than 108 ops in your starting pic as it looks like you have another fall in? :unsure: Gratz tho =D>
  3. from declaration topic: Doesn't mention dungeoneering weapons. :geek:
  4. /facepalm was there friday/sat, the most fail that is that it was in 1v1 even tho it clearly states on the Judges thread that Judges should work together. I took that up with Mod French and he just came up with ''You COULD go multi, but then you would leave your base less defended.''
  5. Gratz Dv And i think GD is Green Dragons
  6. Gratz TCL, but your ending ops say 144 (147 including the one who took pic) not 150.
  7. Uhh ok.... first time i have seen someone post their opponents win. And i didn't understand half of the text before i understood that you we'rent from Ea. :wall: Anyway, gratz to Ea or Aa or whoever won.
  8. Derek got kicked out by several high ranked members after he rage kicked several high ranked members from the cc and dos'ed others. They have had enough of him and kicked him out of the clan. Gratz on the win Dragonwood =D>
  9. Probaly, they killed me a few times too :-| Nice day out CR =D>
  10. Was there watching for about 30 mins til i got tired of getting killed :shame: :smile: Gratz DF, amazing corrupt pic :thumbsup:
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