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  1. Was a fun war. Lot of turn out and a few retireds made it too. Good job Downfall! :)
  2. Basically this. As far as this "DF has never beaten TK" nonsense, that's false. I've been with Downfall since 08, I've been to the wars, and I've seen us beat TK. I've seen us lose a bit to TK, then then I've also seen some questionable tactics used by them as well. Any way, good luck with your team.
  3. Make it "world" and you can stay at my place.
  4. Why is it so difficult to accept a loss? There's always next time. Stop making yourself look bad by spamming up these forums. This isn't rsc.
  5. I would be the first to say if we lost, however, we did out perform by quite a bit. I don't go on "rsc" for certain obvious reasons (I don't like flamming/trolls) so I was surprised when a few of my clan mates told me that CR not only claimed the win but were flamming us as well. I've always seen CR as a respectable clan but to lie and flame is a bit shocking. Always thought that was below them to be honest. However, I don't want this to start an arguement so I will apologize if I have offended anyone with this post because that is not my intentions. I just know how my clan performed and I am damn proud of every one of downfall who were there. It feels great to have defeated a clan that is/was as respectable as CR. Look forward to another one :)
  6. Good job Downfall! Was fun. Hitman > uffan tbh <3
  7. I guess there are better ways to return now. Was an idea. Thanks for the input guys :)
  8. I'm glad I can inspire you. As someone considering going into the teaching field, it is my passion to inspire children to try new things.
  9. I think he meant that on that particular fight world, those people return and the ACers keep the return route clear. It could come back, but then again it might not be the best thing. Most clans that AC end up accidentally killing members of the clan that they're ACing, because a lot of members use spares, or they're just plain not known at all. Thank you. And it was just a thought. It doesn't have to be done, but it would be nice to know you have a safe route to return on.
  10. Thank you for clearing this up for me.
  11. Well with the "old" wilderness returning, so comes the old dangers. Pkers may now camp the lever again for returners to make free loot. Something we used to do back in the day was have an AC not only out on the battle field, but we had close friends protect a select p2p world's lever tele. that way returners won't be easy prey in their f2p gear to p2p pkers. So my question comes. Do you see this returning? Would you be willing to p2p AC for clan returners? I personally, would be willing to spend some time watching the lever for returners to insure that my own clan mates who cannot GDZ tele would have safe passage in our wars. There's also a nice chance for some loot if you're out there in good numbers.
  12. Enjoyed it till net cut. Was enjoyable minus the DK attempt but I guess to everyone their own. Proud of you guys Downfall.
  13. Nice job T0. Was fun to watch/ac.
  14. Yeah. I'm curious to see how many DI vets along with bandwagoners jump to DI. I know regardless, they'll be strict on their recruitment as possible. They always did value perfection.
  15. I'm most excited to see people having to actually earn their funds for gear to return as opposed to just ep'ing for quick cash. We'll soon find out which clans can afford to survive and which cannot. Very much excitedto see DI return. I think they will show some of the new comers just how they game can be played ;) P.S. I don't see why everyone hates on EOS. They're playing the game to the most enjoyable ways for themselves. When it comes down to it, this is a game and we play it for recreation. Why not have fun with it :)
  16. Well, seeing as I haven't really done much since then, I'd gladly change it out.
  17. I could see people majorly abusing this to make pures. Imagine having access to barrows gloves, defenders, curses, ancients, quest rewards, ect without having to waste levels on stat reqs for quests and such. People could have huge advantages making pures with these items stocked up.
  18. Who are we to judge how other people live their lives? And who are we to assume they are automatically unhealthy and/or nonsocial. We don't know their daily routine. If you took the time to actually get to know some of the "no lifers", you would find that a majority of them live fulfilling lives; a majority more successful than those pointing their fingers at them. I have met a good number of players who put out good hours in game while still managing a household, family (spouses/children), their careers, and have the game for their down time. The same down time the majority of us waste sitting in front of the television or shooting it up on the console games (sorry to those who are out getting "laid" all day and night long. Because I'm sureee that's the case, especially when you too are sitting here on a runescape fan site bickering about people you've never met online) It is easy to point our fingers and put down another person's lifestyle, but regardless of how someone chooses to live their life, it is not our right to shoot them down. They're not causing harm to anyone else. They're not out causing crimes. I say if someone finds happiness playing Runescape, then by all means, let them have their game of scape. Isn't it the main inspiration of every human to reach a level of comfortability and happiness? If that's theirs, then let them have it.
  19. No harm done. I realize I don't post a lot, but I have been using tip.it since around 2003 :)

  20. I'm not sure if anyone realized this, but isn't account creation date a part of the accound recovery application? By wearing a cape you pretty much tell them "hey here's my account, GL". I like the idea, but it just seems like throwing a bone to the hackers. Maybe a "1 year old+ account" status and a 5 and a 10. That way it's available to anyone they just have to earn it and it's not too giving away of account information.
  21. Marched my self to the ice mountain and met my first wolf. I frantically clicked to run and realized I was playing with the big boys. Spent that whole night trying to pass that mountain. (was harder back then with the 3 rounds before running bit). Finally managed to pass it and ran out in the living room screaming "I DID IT!" While my family looked at me like I was a nut. I then did what any other kid new to the members world did and grabbed any members item I could get my hands on. I also remember going to my first runevillage drop party (back when they were big) and getting a yew longbow and nearly soiling my pants with excitement. Needless to say, I had a great time.
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