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  1. I recall a few months back i was at armadyl got koed you know how that goes but, to the point the team didnt even bless me simply because i was a fail and they didnt HAVE to.. lost my invo and acp+acs.. That goes to say, there are two types of people.. Those people and those people.. At least now my stuff just doesnt go to waste lol...
  2. But uh to get back on topic... i thought i had clicked on the (Should Overloads/Extremes be allowed in pvp??) thread lol Oh my god i cannot wait for free trade to come back :-D
  3. Youre a smart guy you should get this idea to jagex. Great thinking bro :thumbsup:
  4. Lol come on now youre SUPPOSED TO BE SCARED.. in the old days it was common for someone to x-log at even the slightest hint of another white dot on the map.. GET THOSE REFLEXES UP SON!!
  5. Why dont all the people who oppse free trade just quit?? ALL 17 OF YOU WILL BE DEARLY MISSED.. =D
  6. Tip.it slave auction RETURNS?? It was kinda lame to see it take a blow from trade limitations..
  7. I will be very happy when free trade is brought back.. Thats just the way things were MEANT to be.. If you dont like it i dont like you...
  8. Ahhh wow And naruto its not anime its manga you little girl.... I r Naruto Senju!
  9. Im sorry if im the only one that thinks this deserved its very own topic but no1 has metioned it and i want to hear what tip.it has to say.. But how awesome is the return of staking going to be?
  10. Hello! ^.^ and welcome to my blog which is ALL ABOUT ME soo youre in for a treat! UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!
  11. It is fascinating how people love to be <bleep>s in an online game. If you were on my team afk'ing, you would be kicked when we find boss room. (we might need you to finish emote room :wink:) When I'm doing a large, I do the following: 1) make gatestone runes/cures and buy tools 2) thieve all chests 3) make the best possible BOB 4) mine promethium ore + make full promethium 5) fish when I need food and share when others need food 6) plant a lycopus seed and harvest before boss room to make strong melee pots and share Step 4 might make me less of a teamplayer/rusher but you get a lot less hit when wearing promethium, being tool-man most of the time those dodged hits really add up. Lvl 85 dungeoneering but no expert. I mean, Like my boy stated it is not in any way personal. I just want to do the least amount of work possible.. I have infact been kicked from numerous rooms for my practices and i probably deserved it everytime.. But that is how i choose to play the game to maximize the floors i can do before my Bored-O-Meter reaches 9000!
  12. CLS CLS CLS CLS!!! Is so beastly.. If the monster is weak- Use rapier If its a dragon- Use rapier Cls is superior at all GWD bosses, At Td's, & for pking that is a draw since both are just as deadly.
  13. Hmm Rushing, Rushing, Rushing... Everyone wants to do it. Tbh i hate rushing. I stand around, cut trees, turn them into bows and alch them for money, i alch all the charms. And i stand around and not do [bleep] unless im confronted, You probably hate me lol I Mean the best possible way to train any skill is a AFK'able way.. " TO ME AT LEAST" it makes life much easier if i can afk 45%-60% of a rush i am greatly satisfied.. If the team is a little more stubborn thanks to the GG i can just afk and keep teleporting to my team,, Which is sooo ftw.. So my order would be.. 1. AFK 2. AFK 3.Alch 4.Wc 5.Fish
  14. Agreed i got turmoil-ovlds-Cls to be (BETTER) than the competition.. just like the kid who gets bullied i school does a hel of alot of push ups and gets ripped lol.. Come [bleep] with me now =D
  15. First ever ls drop :thumbsup: For some reason when i screenied it in the gwd it didnt work..
  16. Zammy - K'ril has crap defense, rapier beats CLS on low defense monsters Mole - weak to stab KBD - weak to stab Mithril dragons - Weak to stab TDs - the higher the DPS, the better (assuming you're extremely efficient) Kalphite queen - Weak to crush, so neither is better Armadyl - Can't melee Corporal Beast - They're both not spears, so neither should be used DKs - Supreme has low melee defense, rapier wins on low def monsters CLS wins at bandos because he actually has defense, and is weaker to Slash anyways CLS beats rapier at Saradomin because Zilyana has extremely high defense, so the more accuracy the better. But there you'd be better off with a Maul, or even Veracs over CLS. It's mostly logic as to which are better. Are you waiting for someone to make a few 10 MInute YT videos to prove it? ALL YOU NEED IS ONE HIT OVER 300 AT TD's CLS is better than RAPIER AT TD's- Hands down
  17. Proud owner of a CLS it absolutely owns at gwd and td's but if youre into slayer get rapier :thumbsup:
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