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  1. Spring breakers - ??/10. I'm not sure what to think about this movie. It's not just softcore porn as some criticize it, but I'm not sure what to make of the social commentary. It doesn't have a serious plot or real character development, but artistically I find it quite well done. Definitely a case of "style over substance". If pressed for a rating, I guess I'd say 7/10 but I think in this case a rating just doesn't say enough. It's definitely a unique film.
  2. BA is dead in EoC? Pity, it was my favourite minigame, hands down. Especially as defender.
  3. I can only encourage anyone interested to apply. I myself waited far too long and only had a few months before rl duties forced me to resign again - I had a lot of fun in that time and wish it could've lasted longer. Don't be afraid about the deadline or finding a topic, I couldn't imagine finding a new interesting topic to write about and actually finish an article every month, but it wasn't a problem at all.
  4. For watching, soccer, for playing volleyball
  5. Recently finished with the last episode of "The wire". Absolutely awesome, realistic crime drama with deeply detailed and complex characters...though that means it can be quite depressing at times...
  6. However, Martin has destroyed quite a few fantasy tropes...and the "impossible prophecy" that everybody thinks just means "never" and still ends up happening is one of them....
  7. Jonanananas


    Everything's closed here on Sunday, except gas stations, restaurants and bakeries pretty much. During the week, it's 7-20 or 22 maximum.
  8. Likewise, Stannis has had a lot of his personal discussions with other characters that made him more sympathetic - or at least, easier to understand why he's such a jerk. [spoiler=bookstuff]Hopefully when he comes to the aid of the Wall and he is forced out of Melisandre's grip a bit we'll see the "good" side of doing his duty at any cost. You're right, it's not unredeemable but I doubt they will put too much work into fixing them. Their personal view of the character gets in the way here (Well, maybe not for Dany, but definitely for Stannis). In the series, he is nothing more than a pawn to Melisandre. And look at the Gendry issue - in the series, there isn't even as much as a hint of him thinking about it, or resenting it.
  9. It's just a sort of condensed version of everything bad about her. She pretty much has everything handed to her, the world worships the ground she walks on, and she's more than a little smug about it. She's perfect and anyone that disagrees will have to answer to her dragons. I admit I'm not much of a fan of her in the books (to the point of skipping her chapters when I re-read them), but at least she has some pretty reasonable doubts and insecurities behind all of it. Her actress seems to have ignored those in favor of the "[bleep], I'm the mother of dragons" approach. Don't think it's Emilia Clarke at fault here (though she's probably one of the weak spots in the cast)...rather it's become very apparent that D&D have the biggest boner on Dany (And a profound hate of Stannis...)
  10. You restarted the thread, you get to decide who does the next list Albel :wink:
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    Well, we have elections coming up too...and they have to save face, considering there's a clear majority (I think around 70-30) for full equality for gays, but at the same time they don't want to anger the conservative core of their voters (Though honestly I doubt it would even hurt them that much)
  12. Jonanananas


    Yesterday our supreme court ruled it unconstitutional that gay couples in a civil union do not get the same tax benefits that heterosexual marriages receive, one of several decisions in the last year granting same-sex couples more rights. Today the CDU/CSU, the conservative senior partner in the coalition we currently have as government, declared they would pass legislation in accordance to the verdict. Yet with the same breath of that statement, they also say they still won't grant Adoption rights. Right now I'm fuming. They've been pulling the same shit for months now. Every time the supreme court rules a certain part of legislation regarding gays unconstitutional, they change it but only what they have to. Every major party but them supports full equality. It hopefully should only take some time until the court forces them to allow gay adoption as well, but I'm still mad. It's just sickening that apparently the majority of our government either consists of homophobes or people that are willing to discriminate in order to get a few more votes. I was close to throwing my glass against the TV. :wall:
  13. It wasn't any better reading the book...I'd take a bet on at least 25% of readers literally throwing their books across the room.
  14. I agree that too many seasons will make the show lose momentum, but you can't arbitrarily cut it down to seven seasons either (Or you can, but it would hurt the show just as much). I think that's just an issue inherited from the books that the show will have to live with. If I'm wrong, great, but I can't see the whole storyline being finished in seven seasons. As for the child actors...they'll be too old anyway, be it seven seasons or eight...that's just something where you'll have to ask the audience for suspension of disbelief in order to keep the great cast.
  15. Unless the show gets cancelled before that (which is not absolutely unlikely) I'm pretty sure it's going to take more than 7 seasons. I don't think that less than one season per book is manageable, even with that they're going to have to condense a lot of stuff (which is good imo). And while aFfC and aDwD have been criticized for dragging out, there are still two unpublished books, and a lot still has to happen. I mean I think 8 seasons is a more realistic number, or possibly 9, depending on how much stuff happens in the last two books. But if they're going to manage it in 7 seasons, great - One of my biggest fears for the series is that it will simply drag out too long.
  16. I'd be interested in making a list too, although I haven't played too many different video games, so it would probably result in a list that consists of most of the games I've played...
  17. Well, it's not finished yet so we can't be sure what Martin has planned for it but I doubt it. Well, depends on the definition of adult too, but it would still mean several years until that happens. I don't think it will spread out that long....
  18. Yeah I liked it as well. Don't really understand the criticism it gets.
  19. Thanks for the tips so far, the exercise progressions especially look interesting. I can do the basic bodyweight exercises, but not too many of them. The main goal is muscle mass gain. There's only one reasonably cheap gym anywhere near me, which is about 30 usd/month, but a friend of mine has been there and said it's awful, bad air conditioning, the showers don't always work etc. Plus it's still about 40 minutes away so that would eat into my time a lot too. I'm honestly not sure how much I'll be able to watch my food. I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up restrictions in that area for long. I'll watch the video though and see what I can do, thanks. How important is a weekly schedule? Should I try to train on the same days? Does it matter how long the intervals between workouts are ?(besides the obvious fact that with shorter intervals, you have more workouts)
  20. Basically, I've wanted to start working out a bit, to build some muscle and get fitter. However, without a proper workout plan, I don't train properly (and more or less the same results if I have a plan that I can't properly complete). I've been looking around a bit, but I haven't really found something to suit me. So, right now I don't have any workout experience and no equipment. I could buy weights, but first I want to get started and see how I'm doing before that. Don't have much space for any bigger equipment. I considered going to the gym, but I don't really want to spend that much money right now, plus it would eat more time. Any tips on where I can find a decent workout plan for beginners with no equipment? Or just general tips for working out?
  21. Well, as far as I see it the only thing between Bolton and the Seat of Winterfell could be House Karstark. They've abandoned Robb for entirely different reasons, so the Red Wedding shouldn't sit well with them, as all northmen were slaughtered...and they are the strongest force in the north. But they have no established leader, so I guess they'll submit to Bolton as well....
  22. If we're going for pics and such regarding this episode, this one's pretty cool:
  23. I actually watched it the other day too.. Did you feel the resolution was a bit underwhelming? I did like the ongoing duality between Billy and Sullivan, and the ending was pretty good, imo, ( I may or may not have shouted "What the [bleep]!" when he got shot in the elevator), but on the whole the movie felt a bit unnatural. I didn't buy Costello trusting Bill that much, for example. There were a lot of scenes (on both sides) where someone seems suspicious of either Bill or Sullivan and then decides he does trust him anyway. I guess these kind of scenes were worked in to create suspense, and in that respect it worked, but it made the whole product feel unnatural too. And there's some more stuff, where I question character motivation - most of it is pretty small, but in total it was a bit bothersome. I hope that explanation made a bit of sense...
  24. Wait, so you have to leave the court if you bleed *anywhere*? Anywhere at all and you immediately have to get off?
  25. The departed. 7/10 I'd say. Good movie, but I've expected a bit more.
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