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  1. The article on the BXPW was nice, though I was surprised to see (almost) no mention of Jagex's statement from a few weeks (months?) past, indicating that there would be no more BXPWs. I also would've wished for a bit more on the flat multiplier, discussing whether it is Jagex's responsibility to keep players from excessive playing (or at least not to encourage it). One other point, on this section: "In fact, even the passage of in-game time slowed down-for example, trees from farming that were supposed to take 15 hours of game time to grow may have taken a few extra hours to be ready. Note that the in-game passage of time for most events is not synced to a real world clock. Every game tick (every .6 seconds) a whole bunch of computations are carried out, and one tick of game time is added. Presumably there was some delay, causing each tick to expand a little." It's not really a fault of Arceus, as he's F2P and thus not familiar with farming - but the described issue has nothing to do with lag or performance problems. The time required to grow a plant depends on growth cycles. Each plant needs to pass a certain number of growth cycles of a certain length. However, if a plant gets diseased, and then cured, it misses one growth cycle. This also applies when a gardener is looking out for your plant. Those trees that were not ready were simply delayed in their growth, which is a normal part of the game mechanic.
  2. OK, sure, but put evidence to that point. What is there to do in RuneScape that doesn't require me to have already ground my skills up to a certain benchmark level in order to ensure a reasonable amount of success? Penguin hunting :P Or, for a more widespread activity, questing(up to a point). There are a bunch of quests you can do without requirements and enough of those you will reach with not much effort. Or minigames. Of course you'll have to train skills to get access to a lot of content. But that's not the point I wanted to make. What I wanted to say that it's perfectly possible to play Runescape without constant grinding. It undoubtedly is a part of it, but far from the whole, and I don't think it's exaclty fair to criticise RS for being a grindfest for the whole time. If you're fighting for highscore ranks it is, but you don't have to do that.
  3. A lot of posters here have commented on how Runescape doesn't take much skill, doesn't challenge you and how the only deciding factor is mostly time. They have a point with that, but I also feel like they're missing something. You don't have to play Runescape in that way. Of course, there is no "right" way, and how I've spent my time on RS is probably quite different from your average player, but one of the biggest reasons Iike Runescape is how diverse it is. You can do so much different stuff from just grinding skills. If you just want to grind skills, there's nothing wrong with that. But if you criticize the game, it shouldn't be just on that topic, and honestly, I've never seen Runescape as a game made for competition. There are other games suited so much better for that, as really the only big deciding factor is indeed time. I never enjoyed grinding and I never did much of it (usually just to get some quest requirement). When I did spend long hours training a skill which I didn't enjoy I regretted if afterwards, but that didn't really happen often. I've still very much enjoyed my time on Runescape and wouldn't hesitate to go back if I had the time.
  4. I think it probably looks better in game than it does in that close-up.
  5. Romney didn't know his stuff better, he straight up lied through the entire debate, even bringing up the lie of the year from 2010, that Obamacare is somehow a government takeover of healthcare. Obama lost because he let Romney get away with lying, not because he didn't know what he was talking about. As for that video, it was an absolute embarrassment to Hannity. If anything it's a case of Fox race baiting by trying to paint Obama as some sort of Black Nationalist when nothing he said was in any way like that. God forbid someone talking to a group of a certain denomination discusses issues relevant to them... That's what bothered me a bit...I would've liked a fact checker on some of these issues. Obama said Romney had $5 trillion tax cuts and $2 trillion spending planned, Romney said that was not true at all and he would not add to the deficit. Well, what is it now? That's not exactly a small difference. Overall, Romney did quite well and of what I've seen from republican candidates, I like him more than most. Most of what he said sounded fairly decent to me. As a businessman, economy&taxes is kind of his field, so it's not surprising he seems to know his stuff. The big disagreement I had with him was on military spending. Partly also on Health care, but then I'm not too familiar with the American system, so I have no clue of how much truth there is in Obamacare taking money out of Medicare etc. I agreed with Obama on most things, but he wasn't the winner of the debate. Major point for me was that when Obama attacked Romney, Romney retaliated and said Obama was misrepresenting him. When Romney attacked Obama, he most accepted and evaded it.
  6. If you however are in that situation with a manual, when used to an auto one, you're in a pretty bad position. I'd prefer driving an automatic one, but learning should always be on a manual imo. Transitioning from manual to auto is pretty easy. The other way around is way harder. Here, if you get your licence on an auto one, you may not drive manual at all.
  7. Hmmm I would say I would sell it relatively few money. I've never particularly cared for levels and starting anew would mean I could replay all those great quests :P I would just need some time beforehand, to log onto my old account and tell my friends what my new account is. I'd say for 300 upwards I'd be willing to sell. (But I guess you have to consider I've recently quit/taken an extended break which I might not be coming back from so I guess that plays into it too.)
  8. Just did it myself today - no problems at all. You get your forty killcount (Aggressiveness of the monsters depends on your defense bonuses. I think they become unaggressive when you have over 100 defence bonus against their style, don't quote me on that though. In bandos and general melee stuff, only mages were aggressive) Killing Nex herself is easy. you enter the room, she will appear and "activate" her four minions, during that time you can't attack her. Then you can use attack her with the dart, usually without getting hit. It kills her completely (and the minons don't attack you, though I didn't go near them just in case).
  9. Yeah it's a step into the right direction, but imo, it should have a more lasting effect than breaking up training for a few minutes daily. Players will see new training methods, but I doubt many of them will use those who are simply less efficient. I wouldn't say they have no control whatsoever. They have few control, but that could still be used to push players into one direction a bit. There would have to be put a lot more thought into the design though.
  10. There's literally no way I can imagine integrating NDAs, executives, bondage, s&m, romance, drama, and social commentary into runescape. Wait, no. I just thought of something involving Mod MMG and Kuradel. It was not pretty. Please pass the brain bleach. Well...there's already the option to use the whip on the girl in carnillean rising.... :?
  11. On top of that, you would have to consider if the scroll of cleansing works here. I doubt it does, which would mean you will actually lose money by converting the herbs into unfinished pots....
  12. You should get 350 k xp for September, plus the squid cape (And possibly, other customisations for september, not sure if more than just the cape were included.)
  13. They said they would roll out botwatch slowly to make sure that the system works correctly. I would rather wait a few weeks than have a flawed system...
  14. Wow, I was disappointed with Part 3... Bit of a spoiler [hide]It bothers me that we have to wait for more comics to come out. The next is March 2013, and that's just the first part...The really interesting part is Zuko's mother, thanks to LOK we all knew what was going to happen with the Harmony restoration movement anyway. Anxiously waiting for the Promise series to end and then finding out we STILL don't learn anything about Zuko's mother really bothers me -.- [/hide]
  15. From the Wiki. Interestingly no mention of Jad, Nomad, Pest Queen etc, but a specific mention of Lucien lol. Well you're not supposed to be able to kill Lucien yourself, that's why. You are supposed to kill Nomad, Jad etc. yourself, though I am thoroughly disappointed that the darts work on those - If you cannot kill them normally, you shouldn't get the reward, and that's coming from one who so far has not been able to kill Jad.
  16. He didn't *say* it, but he heavily implied it...
  17. They use an in-house version control system. This means they have pretty much every server and client revision since 2002 cached on a server :). (hint, if you press the tilde key ["~"], you can see the current client revision on the bottom right [734.1 at the time of this post]). Andrew mentioned he had Devious Mud still on a backup server. They specifically said at Runefest that they do not have a stored version of 2006 Runescape, so if they were to do that, they would have to code it anew, which isn't worth the hassle considering that almost all players will soon quit again after finding out that RS 2006 wasn't as glorious as their nostalgia made it out to be.
  18. Might be that you got chosen as a replacement for someone who was kicked out of the beta. Same thing happened to me and I have less than half a year of consecutive membership.
  19. Been reading the Ulldart Saga by Markus Heitz. Can't say I'm fond of it, a lot of it is enormously cliché fantasy good/evil stuff and the characters are quite shallow.
  20. Wow, the dungeoneering xp seems to be excessive...
  21. First of all, is it lag or FPS issues? Lag means that your actions take long to register, often you might find that everyone seems just to be standing there without doing anything. This is related to internet connectivity. FPS issues on the other hand just means you are seeing very few frames per second, so the movements will not be smooth. You can check your FPS by opening the developer's console (with the ` key, next to the 1 on your keyboard), then type in displayfps and hit enter. If it's FPS issues, alter your graphics settings, as said above Software or Safe mode are not recommended, and just try playing around with different settings. Actual lag is harder to fix, but sometimes it's just a problem with one world server, so hopping world fixes that.
  22. It's not a race, you know. It is if the trimmed comp cape requires all of them. I very much doubt that. From the bts, it sounds like Tasks still exist seperately, and the goal of challenges is to make your daily training more diverse. It wouldn't make any sense to ask for them to be fully completed - that's what tasks are for.
  23. I'd say it's likely to be option 3 purely on the basis that the BTS video for Botany Bay was released last week and the challenge system's BTS video was this week. I would have thought if it was any other way the BTS video's would be ordered differently. He forgot option 4 al kharid this week, botany and challenge next week. That aside it's a safe bet Al-Kharid will not be this week seeing as the next bts video is about the quests and since that will be out friday it'd be pretty dumb to put out the quests before then. So I'd say option 3 is most likely, though option 1 is a possibility. Al kharid won't come this week due to the bts, that's why said option is not there. Not to mention there would be even more combinations if you would consider that a possibility.
  24. Why would that mean Botany Bay is this week? There are three options, depending on how updates are combined... Option 1: Challenge system this week, Al kharid and Botany bay next week Option 2: Botany Bay this week, Al kharid and challenge system next week Option 3: Challenge system and botany bay this week, al kharid next week.
  25. The challenges are not tasks, the point is not to complete them all and never do them again. As such, a large number of tasks is good because it makes sure they are varied It's already active since the last update.
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