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  1. I find it cool that people are putting their time into research, but...considering Jmods have said already that timing has no influence, and that it would make sense to code it like that and not in a different way, is this really worth the time?
  2. Jagex has managed to botch a few updates that sounded great in concept, but I have to say that so far, the challenge system sounds good. I am wondering - no efficiency expert: The mod working on this mentioned that drop mining iron ore is the fastet method - is that still true? Wondering if they actually are familiar with all the skilling methods :P
  3. I doubt it. Considering the scroll if live gives back a random seed if the herb is dead (Because the game does not distinguish between herbs after they died), there couldn't possibly be a level requirement on it.
  4. Figuring out your questions doesn't help them though. They still need your password, possibly login name, and e-mail. JAG questions are not recovery questions, which were indeed quite flawed
  5. Tbh 90% is LOW. Consider it's more effort not to use it than to use it, and that using it will give you an advantage, with no reason not to spin except dislike of the whole thing, 10% of players not using it is actually a lot. I don't use it anymore either, but less because I want to show that I am against it (I can see the point of it being introduced, and I don't think it will be the death of runescape) and more because it just personally makes me feel better :P
  6. Yeah, when I heard that I really couldn't believe it. It's so obvious that players were all over it because they thought/think they're sitting on the new partyhat ready to be sold for hundreds of millions. And that, kids, is what we call denial. "I can't take my credit card and effectively buy XP." God that was painful to watch. Watching MMG talk about micro-transactions was just like watching Mark Zuckerberg talk about privacy. [spoiler=Unrelated]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3hu3iG8B2g Agreed. He made a nice point that buying spins doesn't make ultra-rares exactly common....too bad that the big bulk of xp is earned from common and uncommon slots....
  7. Tbh after seeing that video I'm more freaked out about the apparent black gap between her legs and her torso than about her nudity...
  8. You don't have to gather the slime. I'd say it's worth it if moneymaking is not your strength and you don't need a specific prayer level *right now*
  9. It doesn't. It doesn't, it doesn't, it doesn't. Of course such a concept would be terribly flawed. Where do people get this idea from? I've seen this question asked a dozen times over the forums already....
  10. Could you possibly add that w60pengy is now used for the ghost penguin? edit: thank you :)
  11. Recoveries don't exist anymore. The fact is that to get hacked, the hacker, has to get your password, email adresss, possibly login name, and your JAG questions. It will be quite hard to get hold of that as in most cases, you'll have to be succesful through two different methods - e.g. keylogging AND social engineering.
  12. I very much like the idea of the hand. If players who use bots to train their main (but maybe not right at the moment) see how efficiently (that's assuming their new detection system works hopefully >.>) bots are detected, it should hopefully deter them from botting. I don't like the 3 strikes system, 2 is more than enough. The botany bay itself is completely useless and I wish they wouldn't have wasted their time on that :/
  13. Make up questions and answer those instead of the ones they ask. You should always use random answers to security questions. The thing is, I'd wager that the majority of people who get hacked probably will never think of something like that. Don't want to say that everyone who gets hacked was just stupid and not watching out, but well...it adds a lot. I guess this system makes you safe from hacking through keylogging (As long as you didn't have a keylogger on the comp while setting the questions and no keylogger when on a different device either). A lot of people will still be able to hacked through social engineering like before, and probably also through phishing (Yeah jagex stresses that you can't change them, but those who enter their password on a phish site, unless it should be an extremely good one, will probably also enter their jag questions if asked) And as others mentioned, this still has the huge flaw that you will have to write down the answers somewhere. Really disappointed in this, it could have been so much better so easily.
  14. Jonanananas


    When I do bechamel sauce, I don't add the milk in three bits but rather always just a small swig, from the cup under constant stirring, then wait until the mass is all homogenous, then add the next swig and so on.
  15. You are taking only parts of the quote and that's the issue. The full quote *has* to include that he is talking about directly selling xp as opposed to the SoF, and they won't do that, and they AREN'T atm. I am not talking about whether this actually makes a difference. My point stands that he is not a liar (in this case). MMG was as open and admitting as he could honestly be, I don't see how people are still complaining about this. If he said "We aren't directly selling XP", I could understand arguing about it. But that quote was not about whether or not they sell xp, so you cannot call him a liar on that.
  16. I never said they didn't sell experience. What I meant was that it doesn't matter if it's direct or indirect selling, that aspect doesn't matter. The point is that they ARE selling exp and thus MMG is lying, just like he did on many other occasions. It's just annoying that there's a whole debate about whether it's sold directly or not, while the outcome of the two is the same. How is he lying? He never said they aren't selling xp.
  17. What bothers me about the quests are the following lines: "Many of you will have already met Ozan, the brave, loquacious and devilishly handsome rogue who has broken hearts and locks across Gielinor. Towards the end of this month, he will star alongside you in two all new novice quests." and "Together, these quests form a rollicking re-telling of the Prince Ali Rescue quest." So, first of all, we have Ozan, which is just another one of those cliché signature heroes that until now, have always disappointed me, whereever they featured. And secondly, both of those "epic" quests that MMG promised in his letter *together* now form a retelling of a pretty old quest with no particularly exciting storyline? I hate to be negative about content that's not out yet, but I'm not holding my breath for those quests. Also, does this mean prince ali rescue will get removed?
  18. IMO: Win. I don't like the wilderness, because the only people in there a lot are penguin hunters, and people killing them. Fewer people who can attack me is nice. Tbh I totally agree, I would not give a shite if the wilderness went away again. As much as people whined and wanted it back even with it back it's utter tripe. Long gone are the days of honour where pkers would (in general) defend or ignore people obviously doing clues or agility or w/e and would aim for decent battles from which they would not flee. Now we have a bunch of kids 'owning' unarmed skillers and peng hunters by piling them 50:1 and that's about it. Don't judge the wilderness when you don't use it for its main function. You have no idea what you're on about. What is its main function then?
  19. Okay I'm no real computer expert here, so I can't guarantee what I'll say is 100% correct, but in simple terms: HTML is the language/one language used to code websites. Most "standard" at websites (as in those with just simple text and pictures etc.) will be HTML. For a while, for stuff like videos or games, you would have to use plugins(extra programs running in your browser) like Java or Flashplayer. With HTML5, the language has become better and now is capable of running videos (And as it seems, games too) without needing extra plugins.
  20. It's not gambling because virtual items are not considered to be worht anything, that's it. There have been a few court rulings pointing into a different direction, but as of now, courts will not recognize them to have any value unless maybe under very specific circumstances. I checked the gambling laws of germany and it's pretty clear here that if items were considered to be a monetary win, the SoF would fall under gambling laws. I expect the situation is similar in other countries.
  21. Not that it will interest anyone but me, but... "Platypus pets no longer revert to "crawl" walking speed." is not fixed. The update has changed absolutely nothing, the behaviour of platypodes is as before.
  22. Yes, the lunar spell unlocked at livid farm takes you directly to the farm patch. Btw, if the Sallys are still glitched, I would recommend doing orange sallys. The catch rate is a lot higher for them, so the bug doesn't matter much, and the xp per catch is not that much lower.
  23. According to a friend of mine who got the sun ring, it's stats are switched around too (So it has +2 offense, not defense). Either the newspost had it switched around, or they accidentally switched when coding. Considering a storm is "aggressive" I'll go with the latter option.
  24. I'm not saying that it's good. I'd love it too if Jagex were able to develop and deply their anti-bot measures more quickly. I'm just tired of people claiming that Jagex does nothing about bots just because they don't see Jmod running around with a banhammer in-game. God knows there is enough to complain about Jagex, but them doing nothing about bots is not part of that.
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