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  1. Last Wheel of Time came out yesterday...even though my brother bought it and I'll get it after him (though that could be a few weeks depending on when I see him next) I'm seriously considering buying it just to be able to read it NOW :P
  2. The red portal in clan wars does not work-if, under the trade limit, you die with more than 25k on you, only 25k is dropped and the rest of the items disappear permanently. Interesting...so they actually have to buy membership to transfer the gp? Or is there another method?
  3. Though P2P probably has the larger percentage of bots, especially thanks to the free trial. That reminds me of something I've been wondering, sorry if it's a bit off-topic: F2P accounts still have the 25k unbalanced trade restriction on them, right? Does this apply for trial members too? (One would hope that it does, but knowing Jagex...) If yes, how do they transfer the wealth generated? Is it still possible to do that with the red clan wars portal?
  4. Would you believe that most of the people I'm talking about are as far from being religious as you can get? I know what you mean as well. Both types of people tend to have many within their group which fall under the aforementioned attributes. I am sorry if 22 years of being taught false information has made my opinion towards certain groups slightly negative. I know the feeling. Although for me it's more about the way some religious people behave and the general way religions work, I sometimes tend to get to aggressive in debates about this.
  5. That's just not how the human mind works though. Yeah, in theory we should mourn for everyone we don't know in the same way, but the facts just are it's going to hit closer to home if it's in your country, if it's in a place you know, if it's a one-time event as opposed to something going on for a longer time (As civilian casualties in wars do). That's just the way it is and saying someone should "check their values" if they're more upset about this than about a Pakistani dying is ridiculous.
  6. It's horrible that something like this had to happen again so soon :( edit: And agreed with Vezon. Gun control should be discussed - but not in the direct connection to an actual incident. Such a tragedy should not be used for a political goal.
  7. How exactly does it splinter the hunt? W60 is mainly for those who like chat-based hunting, W71 for thread-based hunting. Both are valid methods and I think both deserve recognition. The current communities will stick to their current worlds as they have in the past, and new hunters will see both possibilities and have the option to decide between them. The peng hunt community is by far big enough for two worlds (there are actually some more being used) and due to the mechanics of how the different groups operate, trying to combine them in one world wouldn't even function properly. Noobs may not know that W71 is thread based. Jagex could at least mention on the theme that 71 is thread based and 60 is fc based. That is why generalising both worlds simply as peng hunting is a bad move. That should be no big problem though I think. If a new hunter logs into on of the peng hunting worlds, he won't really know where to go or which fc to join etc. If he wants to get any advantage out of it, he'll have to ask others, whcih will tell him what thread to visit or which fc to join.
  8. How exactly does it splinter the hunt? W60 is mainly for those who like chat-based hunting, W71 for thread-based hunting. Both are valid methods and I think both deserve recognition. The current communities will stick to their current worlds as they have in the past, and new hunters will see both possibilities and have the option to decide between them. The peng hunt community is by far big enough for two worlds (there are actually some more being used) and due to the mechanics of how the different groups operate, trying to combine them in one world wouldn't even function properly.
  9. Glad to see they included the penguin hide&seek label for w71
  10. I'll be very interested what becomes of this. It kinda feels like it's Jagex's last chance of ensuring long term survival. There already have been so many failed tries to branch off from Runescape in the past, they really need to succeed with this one. From the description in the article, it sounds good, but of course that's no guarantee...
  11. Wasn't it 200k? I've seen player counts over 200k pretty often about two years ago or so...
  12. Jonanananas


    Well it sounds better because you're used to it. And it's the most logical as it's a logical order (from shortest time frame to longest) and you can leave out the latter parts if they're not needed (so, leave out the year if it's in the same, leave out the month if it's the same month) Doesn't mean that the other system is terribly bad though, even if it can lead to some confusion.
  13. Jonanananas


    DD-MM-YYYY is the most logical though. Makes you wonder how the other became standard anywhere. Changing that would still be somewhat possible though. It'd be way worse with the metric system (Though I still think that should be done, over time). Worst that I can think of, and that's really not worth changing is the definition of hours, minutes, seconds to fit into the metric system. It would be superior, but the damage done with the change would be awful...
  14. You have a point regarding why he should be able to be sued - unfortunately that doesn't mean that's actually the case. In most of these issues, it comes back to the same thing - laws regarding virtual items or anything of the like are still scarce. There have been some court decisions favouring regarding virtual items with a value, but so far, that's only individual cases mostly. The law is still outdated for general usage. I think the possiblity of gambling real money for virtual items for minors through the SoF should be illegal too, but you meet the same kind of restrictions here....
  15. I doubt things are going to change very much for World 60 even if the label should be added. We're already publically known and the label will most likely not have a big impact on the number of new/inexperienced hunters nor trapbreakers. Even if the numbers should change, we'd still be able to cope with it - and tbh moving would be incredibly annoying. There would have to be new friend's chats, we'd probably lose hunters who didn't realize the move, we'd have tons of offworlders - it wouldn't be pretty. I couldn't really imagine a situation where moving would be a wise decision for us. W71 may a bit less known overall, but they also have a lot of hunters and are far from a secret tip or anything like that. They usually have had fewer trapbreakers than us, partly maybe because of publicity but I think also due to the fact that fc's tend to generate more drama and hunters who get angry for being kicked. They've had a pretty serious trapbreaking attack over several weeks(I think even months) recently though, so it happens to them too. But they have coped with it as well, and I doubt they would want to move. Kim has a good point about Jagex "taking over" player aid - penguins may be the most prevalent example because those are the biggest groups, but the basic question is if Jagex even should make themed worlds based on a certain group at all. It could lead to less new groups being created, to one group being unfairly favored and it could also make the group look like they are controlled by Jagex or organized by them.
  16. And about time, too ... Will they decommission PKing for that world? I wonder ... :unsure: That would be sweet but I doubt it, support outside the penguin hunting community is rather slim, as far as I have experienced it. It probably would trigger a lot of Babyscape comments and the like. And admittedly there are even some hunters who like it the way it is, although quite a minority. Well, and they said they would only change themes, no mechanics :P I'm also wondering how the penguin whisperers of w71 feel about this. Bit of a slap in the face that only 60 is becoming a penguin hunting world... Edit: Just read through the thread...Oh Lord, the drama. I wasn't expecting that much rage. I wonder what'll happen with this. While I don't think it's too much of an issue (Both worlds will probably carry on mostly like they have before, regardless of any labels) I do see a problem with seemingly promoting one group over an other (even if not intended). Labeling both or none is probably wiser.
  17. 1)The two options aren't really related 2)Banning the fc's doesn't take long, even if it was the same team working on it, the time saved would be absolutely minimal 3)They already know how Fishy's fcs are being used, whereas they don't know for sure about those bot accounts. Sure, it's quite likely that those with "jgjljhl" names and only hunter xp are bots...but you can't ban because of that, because a human player could do the same thing.
  18. On Hazeel: [hide] Zemourgal's notes originally read that Hazeel was resurrected, either by you if that was your choice in the quest, or by cultists if you did not choose to help him. When players asked why Hazeel wouldn't show up at the Ritual if you didn't resurrect him, despite the notes saying that he was alive, the notes were actually changed. It's in the patch notes archive: [qfc]14-15-135-63743300[/qfc] page 12, notes from september 21. [/hide]
  19. I'm not going to pull any punches. It's not just you-- this site (the forums, to be more specific) has been pulling negative for a while. Or rather, it's been a strong tone for far too long. I don't think it started out that way; maybe you don't know who binyam is, but I believe him when he told me the Times was his idea although he didn't get much credit for it. He struck me as a fairly easy-going guy, not a malcontent. I admit I'm being a bit cowardly as this isn't my main persona. But I'm going to say it, flat out, that the Times as a whole needs to move on somewhat. I think Jagex already has. Remember "Biased banning raises eyebrows"? WOW. I was on Staff when that hit, and I remember quite well that Andrew Gower took that pretty personally, and yes, he did threaten a lawsuit (which he recanted on). I don't think he was wholly unjustified; remember the encrypted thumb drives he later promoted? It's a legitimate corporate technology, but players practically crucified him right there on the RSOF, because his incentive dared to suggest microtransaction/RTW-- buy the thumb drive, get some bank space. So then later he sells his shares, makes a R & D company, and people here are wrung their hands "Andrew, you're abandoning us" and the Times can't get off the "Yelps and SoF is dishonorable microtransactions, Jagex lies, Jagex breaks our trust" spiral... ...six year history right there, but...geez, what does the whiny bunch in Runescape want? Seriously, kids, I swear, you'll get jobs, you'll get more life experience, and this stuff will all seem like creampuffs and powdered sugar. Your employer, your acquaintances, maybe your family will pull worse crap than this, but the world goes on. Pardon my tired, trite, cliché expression, but it is just a game, and having serious fun is okay, but if complaining and moaning-- even under the pretense of reporting the complaining and moaning of others, gets tiresome. My life is already pretty stressful without worrying over a game I'm playing to unwind and relax by. Love/hate relationship going here. I came to the forums in 2004 but was using the site guides when I started in 2003. Had to pull back after a while, speaking of the lawsuit thing and all the dirty politics that brought out... wow, I can still remember how w13 and Zybez/RuneScape Community jumped on that mess ("Jagex is talking about Tip.It in their news release, we're not like that", something to that effect), thought it was a rabbit punch then, I still think it's a low blow now. Jagex obviously is turning a blind eye now, they're big enough that it's so much chicken feed, but would you prefer another indirect backhand? Zybez/RSC was right, it was Tip.It leaking passwords (I trust my sources), the users did need to cowboy up and get serious about password security, but... c'mon, if you read this far, I think you should feel sick. Muckraking may get you some short-term attention, but in the long-term, it's already bitten you (Tip.It collectively, I mean), I was there, I tell you, it's a bad plan. I'll admit, it was pretty difficult deciphering what you just said from all the way up there on your high horse. I've been lurking in these forums almost since RS2 was released and joined a few years ago so that may hinder my response and understanding of your apparent hatred of Tip.it. I personally disagree with Storm's article but in terms of the Times overall I don't see where you're coming from. Yes, Runescape is a game intended for fun, but like anything in the world, if people feel strongly enough about something they will voice their likes/dislikes about said product. Like all people that think they are taking the high ground, you assume that everyone other than yourself is a child with no life experience; wrong. Your whole statement about a trusted friend coming up with the idea of the Times baffles me. What exactly did he do, come up with the idea of writing? That must be what you mean, because complaining through a thin veil of contempt about the bad quality of the times is entirely subjective. To add on to that, if you dislike the way the Times is going, there is a specific discussion thread about that here: http://forum.tip.it/topic/306074-editorial-panel-discussion/ I have seen no substantial arguments about what's wrong with Storm's article. Especially considering his article isn't even negative in the way you complain about it - there have been other articles far worse than that (though worse ofc doesn't necessarily mean worse in quality).
  20. I was surprised they put a mention of eastern lands in the BTS...unless they suddenly changed their minds (which I very much doubt), we won't be seeing any bit of the eastern continent, it's just the lore explanation where the sailors in your POP get their materials from...
  21. Of course I've witnesses the tensions. But that's far from dropping Israel as an ally and besides that it's good that he's trying to reign in Netanyahu. The awful policy regarding settlers has made negotiation with Palestineans harder. And regarding Iran, he's a warmonger. Not that I couldn't understand him - when a country that has several times stated how it loathes you almost has nukes, I'd try everything to stop them too. But that doesn't mean war is the right solution. It's the absolutely last thing they should do, only if really everything else fails. Another war would maybe keep them from developing nukes, but it would throw relations with muslim countries back a long time. The reason why so many people there are so Anti-American is because their initial bias (coming e.g. from islam, because they see western culture&style as unislamic etc) is so often confirmed in their eyes with how Americans have acted. I've read a biography/interview of Bin laden's first wife and fourth son. You could really understand how carelessness and acting without though, without regard to another culture has worsened the conflict. If you ever want to change the situation, you need to take a step towards them. There IS negotiating and building friendly relations with those people. They're not different from you, just in another situation, in another culture. Of course it won't be easy. They won't suddenly be all nice and friendly just because you are. But the last few decades really should have shown how trying to meddle with them too much, trying to force something onto them, and retaliating just won't solve the problem. (One hint: The theocracy of Iran was established after the US-backed Shah was dethroned, because living conditions under him were awful. That's just one of several examples where short sighted policy has come back to damage the US) Of course there is. There isn't a sure way of acting that 100% will avoid it. But it's definitely not impossible, and until that changes, war shouldn't be thought of. And yes, the US is creating enemies, see above. Or you could say they've made their enemies into worse enemies, if you prefer it that way.
  22. I see your point here. I don't fully agree with it, but don't want to argue further as I don't know enough how your welfare systems works to be able to do so. Sounds reasonable to me. Again I fear I don't know enough to get into a deep discussion :/ Supporting them would have lent a lot of weight to Iran's propaganda that the protests were not an expression of the people but the work of foreign agents who get these people to riot. As for ousting "friendly" dictators, the acceptance of those was a mistake in the first place. See e.g. Iran where that leads to. We can just hope consequences won't be as bad this time. But those people shouldn't be denied their right to freedom (Though I agree that western nations/the UN were too quick in asking for those dictators to step back. See e.g. Syria where they offered Assad the "option" to step down, cease the attacks and effectively fully submit to the rebels or to keep on cracking down. What a surprise he didn't accept the offer...)
  23. Wow, why is there so much extreme negativity towards Obama? I'm far from a fanboy, I see the appeal that Romney had and don't think he'd be that much worse than Obama, though I'm still moderately happy about the outcome. But I have to say the amount of gloom surprises me... Probably the same thing he achieved in the past 4 years. Nothing. There are enough things he's done. You don't have to like them, but I don't really see how you can say he achieved nothing. Besides, it's somewhat understandable with Republicans controlling the house of representatives for a good part of his term. In before a nuclear Iran, 20 trillion in debt, breaking ties in with Israel, and support of more Muslim countries. Iran: What exactly should he have done/do to prevent it? Start another war? Be more restrictive, because that has worked so well? The Iranian government is so opposed to America that trying to get any progress done is unbelievably difficult. And does another war sound like a good idea? Debt: Fair enough, it's the biggest issue I have with him too. But the last years were the worst recession since 1929. There is only so much a government can do to fix the economy, and without stimulus packages it gets really difficult. Romney also didn't exactly seem to have a great plan to deal with the deficit, though I'd concede that he'd probably do better on this issue than Obama, although the question would be what he sacrifices for it. Breaking ties with Israel: What? The USA is far from doing that...Obama won't do it either. And tbh, I feel/have felt? at times that some less support, or rather, some equalizing support for Palestineans wouldn't be bad for trying to solve that issue. While Palestina is the more hostile, Israel hasn't been acting like a lamb either and as it's a problem between two parties, you have to work with both to fix it, trying to find some common ground. More support for muslim countries: Lol? And what's so horrible about that? Everyone has a right to their religion. And while it surely plays a part in how the country behaves, it's far from all of it. Judge a a country/government by its actions, not its main religion...and again, some support might help to be able to work better together Most people will vote for what's good for them (Usually they'll also think it's good for their country). That goes for both people dependent on government and not dependent. If those dependent on government vote for Obama, then it's because they think they'll be worse off under Romney. That's not Obama's fault. It's Romney's, for either not having a working plan to deal with that issue or not being able to convince them that it works. Also, I find this stance a bit appaling tbh. I'm convinced the percentage of lazy asses who really will just do anything not to work and leech of the government compared to those who'd like to support themselves but can't for whatever reason is very small. And if those aforementioned lazy asses vote for Obama, because they're better off under him, then that is a fault in the system, but that doesn't mean the whole system is flawed...and afaik, there's no country supplying welfare that doesn't have this problem. Debt, bad economy etc., see above. I'd like to know what exactly you mean with the security of the US-Mexican border. Is this about illegal immigrants or more about drug traficking/war on drugs? As for Islamic Extremism, what should he do in your opinion to help solve the problem? I actually feel the US has been doing a lot better than in the past, with failed wars, and meddling too much with countries of a different culture. Just because religion and state should ideally be seperate doesn't mean we should automatically go about and try to force that onto a government of a different culture. Yeah, I'd like a secular government way better too. But rather a muslim government you can somewhat reason with than trying to install another dictator, like in the past, (if you go to the extremes), because that has worked so well. And it's the wiser course to try to accept their religion and just try to appeal to their normal logic and human reasoning than alienating them by trying to crack down on their religion(as it will undoubtedly be perceived)
  24. That may be one cause of growth delays for Farming, but are you sure performance issues did not also enter into it? I guess performance issues were possibly not to blame in that case, but they were for plenty of others, such as dungeons taking a shorter time by the Jagex clock versus real-life playtime. It could possibly be part of it, but I've never heard of this happening on a larger scale. The difference shouldn't be that big. I can imagine the clocks not syncing up, but not by that much. Do you know how big the time difference for dungeons was?
  25. If you dislike the two-party system and couldn't care less which of the two candidates wins(though I don't see how you couldn't care at all), you should still vote for some candidate. Assuming enough people are doing the same thing, it would lead to more discussion about the system and potentially lead to a reform. Not voting does nothing. Are you really that indifferent about what happens to your government?
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