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  1. Contrary to what was said earlier in the thread, Instakill Darts do indeed work on the boss, I just tried it
  2. That'd be pretty neat. It does seem however that most of those "guilds" are a little down on features, lets not hope another will follow that course. TBF at the appropriate levels they are still reasonably decent, albeit quiet guilds. Just need a bit of a spruce to match up to newer lower end updates. But definitely feels like we are over due the next stage in that guild chain; I mean legends reqs barely scratch the surface of modern quest cape needs. I'd love to see the name of said guild. What's higher/better than a legend? The chosen one? edit: or how about a demigod we could have our own cult, lol
  3. fishing, followed by cooking all of 10 seconds later :^_^:
  4. however, the media starts attacking people even before a trial, and even if they're found innocent the damage cant be undone, the world still looks at people differently, that tends to make plea bargains and settlements more appealing, even when you did nothing wrong, because otherwise the media drags your name through the dirt, especially with a charge like this and we all know the police only have the publics best interests at heart, Right?
  5. Pretty sure that is twister. "But there is no color.." Yeah because the Vampyres use the tree to change the color of the board. To make matters worse it is random so that it makes it hard for them. Good thing I am awesome at Twister. This quest is as good as done. Mastermind is what comes to mind for me
  6. Familiars can be used in Temple treking, and people can take all kinds of food, i loaded pazuzu up with rocktails :)
  7. so much for other projects not affecting runescape's quality <_< A developer can take over other's people questchains without having them suffer terribly. Honestly though, don't they have phones? Can't they get the guy's extension, ring him up, and ask him if the story he came up follows well, or does it like this quest, does it destroy the whole storyline? IMHO, i think the quest series was initially supposed to be a fair amount longer, but its dev went to a different project. So Jagex was figured it was excess baggage and gave it to some other dev like, "here, finish this series off". I think the other dev tried REALLY hard to make it work, but it just wasn't their story. hence why i thought the quest as a whole seemed fairly good, but rushed bc they were trying to tie together a series that was supposed to have several more quests, with just one. Thats a recipe for disaster if i ever heard one :rolleyes:
  8. so much for other projects not affecting runescape's quality <_<
  9. maybe its just me but i looked at the portal area and thought, Welcome, to "the world"
  10. Perhaps this is a reason for them experimenting with account rollbacks and buybacks
  11. Sale Faq on RSOF: Auras: All auras except "Jack of Trades" are 400 points. Emotes: Cat Fight – 100 points Talk to the Hand - 400 points Shake Hands - 400 points High Five - 400 points Outfits: Dervish - 100 points Eastern - 400 points Saxon - 400 points Samba - 400 points Colour Changes: Pet Rock - 100 points Robin Hood Hat - 400 points Titles: Sir - 100 points Lord - 400 points Duderino - 400 points Lionheart - 400 points
  12. They dont wanna create instant wealth to a lucky few thats why they said they would never create a rare again. Climbing boots
  13. i think its any membership thats active at the time of release will get it
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