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  1. With warbands join Warband Pk or one of their chats. link their website but its down at the moment. Basically when a camp spawns you go there with the rest of the chat. Don't get too close to the camp and click the beam in the middle to interrupt it and then summon reinforcements. Once you are done with the beam kill the original inhabitants of the camp. Then just click on the tent of the skill you want to train, get 25 resources and trade them in at Quercus for loads of experience. The fc's have a few rules but basically wear batwing with a polypore staff and the correct team cape on 'shared' worlds and you'll be fine. Once you've done a few you'll realise its the simplest thing.
  2. Warbands is 17k xp a beam @Tansuo
  3. 2026 total and 58 fishing that's even worse than me.
  4. Isn't the high level content problem: Noob is level 60 needs level 70 for new content -> works towards levels 70 as a casual player -> new content is now obsolete/makes no money or is inefficnet->new content released at level 80->works towards level 80 combat-> same problem. I remember when GWD was released I didn't quite have the levels to get into a team for it (at the time 80+ melee's for Bandos). By the time I'd got 80 melee's in a casual play style you had to be maxed melee's with overloads, turmoil and the best gear to not just be crashed at Bandos.
  5. Only in p2p though to be honest unless there is someone on my friends list in a f2p world who I can quick hop to I find that doing so saves like no time.
  6. Why are we assuming new trees is only a graphical update and not a woodcutting update to tie into the construction update?
  7. It is possible to succeed without them but skills in which high levels are particularly useful are: Combat skills - obviously, Prayer - for soul split and protection, Herblore - for overload before floor and potting for skill doors within floor, Runecrafting for crafting your own runes and binding surge boxes. Then obviously just the higher your skills are in general the better.
  8. I would say rock barraging in the abyss but you don't have soul split so I'm not sure what your staying power would be like. edit: didn't realise I'd had this window open for that long derp
  9. I hope they nerf warbands once I've got 99 mining the xp is sort of ridiculous. If you do it right you get 15k Prayer xp, 5k Slayer xp, and 100k xp in one of the skills all for about 5 minutes 'work'.
  10. I believe that your spell damage is capped depending on the tier of the weapon you use to cast it. So as ABS requires level 77 magic your spell damage is capped to that of a level 77 spell while with a chaotic staff it is capped at level 80. I'm not sure the exact % increase in DPS that this is but I imagine its not unsubstantial.
  11. The major thing with group quests is finding enough people to do it with when the content is no longer new. When I started OSRS about a month and a half after everyone else it was already seriously difficult to find someone to do Shield of Arrav with.
  12. So due to trying to become a Dr I really only play this game as a de-stresser for not very long everday and don't really have the time to PvM. So I thought I might liquidate my bank and start getting some 99 buyables bit by bit everday when I pop on to talk to friends and do ports/warbands. So I was looking for best methods for these skills and rough estimates of what they will cost. Cheers for your help. Smithing 72-99 Cooking 75-99 Fletching 82-99 Crafting 76-99 Construction 73-99 N.B. Currently I can't see myself ever going for 2496 but if I should approach this in an entirely different view if going for max please do say so.
  13. Aren't you just saying that its not redundant and not really giving a reason? Also the first half of your post is enough to start a 100 page long political debate thankfully I generally agree with what you've said. Try not to make analogies between a game and real life and then imagine that they hold entirely true. My idea: Make many, many more PMods but do not give them a silver crown as these are no longer actually PMods just 'mute reviewers'. If someone sees a conversation that upsets them they report the perpetrators. Three 'mute reviewers' are then sent a transcript (via some ingame mute reviewer tool) of the conversation and vote on whether the person should be banned or not. If all three vote that the person should be muted then they are. If the person has been reported more than five times then only two/three need to vote for the person to get muted. As they are at the moment PMods are useless - they are no better than an automated system for muting, they are not particularly knowledgeable, they do not seem to have the ear of Jagex to be a voice of the community - they are as many people have pointed out redundant.
  14. Been following this blog for a while and finally posting. The main point of this post is to complain about your recent inactivity - post something.
  15. So post demon horn necklace nerf is it still possible to camp Sara for ages without prayer pots?
  16. Mhmm I'm pretty sure I was autocasting barrage at not very long ago at all..
  17. My mage level is 90 I am using an overload to boost to be able to cast Ice barrage. I am using a staff of light as my weapon. When I select 'auto-cast' on Ice barrage the game says it is selected as my main hand spell but if I then go to cast a spell the game tells me I don't have a spell equipped. I can cast ice barrage on a singular basis but not auto-cast it. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is RS just retarded?
  18. I don't play RS that regularly anymore but I do get on everyday for a little while and have the occasional periods of no-lifing. I'm looking for a social clan that does some PvM and minigame events. I don't want a clan that requires me to attend lots of events and do lots of other clan oriented activities the whole time. I'm a medical student who goes out and gets drunk a lot so I don't have much time to play Runescape and that I do have is irregular so I won't always be able to make events/be active at particular periods of time. I'm from the UK.
  19. That becomes a point of semantics - whether limiting the amount you can do Warbands is not effectively the same as limiting the amount of xp from Warbands.
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