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  1. I was a CW obsessive back in 2007 and I think I will try and learn to PK will be an interesting experience. Its nice to have the simplicity of OSRS compared to EoC which I now just feel too far behind on to ever catch up with.
  2. I remember making threads on TIF many years ago trying to explain the IP thing to people and being shot down that it was a ridiculous idea. Glad to see its generally accepted now. @Rock Hard if u wanna buy 3 i offer special discount all 3 for only 1.8b
  3. If its the same as it used to be thankfully I do. (Selling tip to win >50% of box stakes 500m)!
  4. Basically, has anyone tested whether it is your IP (as it was in 2007) or your PID that determines your click priority over other players?
  5. - The Third Man - Bicycle Thieves - Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Sp?) - Serenity - Johnny English 1 - Mean Girls - Eastern Promises - Reservoir Dogs - Heat - Zazi dans le metro (i can't speak french) - Gladiator - LotR - From Russia With Love - If (+the whole series afterwards) Loads of foreign movies which I cannot remember the names of. ^Doctor Z is a great movie but isn't it more of a mini series I swear that thing is like 10 hours long?
  6. I'm at that time in my life again when for some reason I'm particularly bored and RS surfaces in my mind and I think about just perhaps coming back. I'm drawn to returning to OSRS rather than EOC because it feels like I could start afresh, 2007 was my most addicted year to RS and EOCscape is so changed from what I used to know and feels like I need to be tremendously rich to do anything efficiently in it. So as I said I'm drawn to OSRS but I'm worried that there will be no end-game bar PKing and I've never been much of a pker. Do you think there is a enough high level content that isn't PKing to be worth aiming for in OSRS?
  7. Ciaran Hinds is surprisingly good as Mance though nothing like he was as Caesar in Rome. Still annoyed with Dominic West for turning it down though.
  8. I thought they were going to give first warnings anyway..?
  9. I handed in 7 addy ore and got back 7 addy ore 4k gp and 17k mining experience - seems like a good trade off to me :)
  10. Dungeoneer for chaotics while herb farming^ its simple. Cash wise I'm worth about 120m add on money I've invested into skills and you get 400m+ if I had spent the many hours that I spent at BA and CW doing something useful I would probably have 100 more total levels and 300m more in cash :)
  11. 135k DG experience for a 4 minute floor not too bad.
  12. Cheat


    How much of a hit to effectiveness would I take with only 88 summoning? And is there a recommended familiar at that level?
  13. Cheat


    What levels and gear do I need to hunt Glacors with a reasonable level of efficiency?
  14. This is my best farm run by far. 4 seeds back and 53 herbs (all torstol by the way) this is very nice!
  15. If you want to be efficient get a sunday paper-round and use the money to buy membership. The time saved through the faster methods of training available to members will easily make up for the time spent doing the paper-round.
  16. So how much money is that you've made at GWD since the update?
  17. Total level now displays instead of combat level = an awesome decision in my opinion.
  18. The challenge system actually looks like it could be quite interesting but I will reserve judgement. Other than that not the most fascinating BTS ever but still we seem to be get a fair amount of reasonable-good updates recently which is nice.
  19. I am 82 farming boosting to 85 to plant Torstol and have yet to receive any seeds back from dead herbs. I thought this may be because when I clear the dead herbs I don't bother boosting my farming level therefore it is not high enough to plant torstol and I was wondering if this had any effect on the topic title. Cheers.
  20. Dragon bones are probs the most cost effective option and they're pretty cheap at the moment. Use the skill calculator on Tip.it http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=prayer_calc.htm to find how many bones you'll need and then see how much that costs :) !
  21. Cheat

    Richard III

    ^Its odd I absolutely love history and could bore someone for hours talking about ancient Rome but when it comes to archaeology I feel like falling asleep. Nonetheless this is a pretty cool find. Don't know much about Richard III bar whats mentioned in Shakespeare - shall have to do some reading.
  22. The advice that is always given and stands in good stead is: Work on dungeoneering while growing Torstol and continuing with dailies/MTK. Once you have your rapier or whatever you will have probably amassed funds for Turmoil and Extremes and then carry on :)
  23. I heard rune battleaxe is actually a 2% increase in DPS at Bandos.
  24. You're are going to want more chaotics at some point so you will want to learn to DG also leeching only really makes any sense at all when you're rocking a couple of hundred mil in the bank.
  25. We all know high levels play for capes bring out a new cape for every Bil total XP and they'll never leave. I find it kind of hard to view Jagex as 'systematically devaluing' high levels achievements. 2/3 of the problems mentioned are down to the community's attitude rather than Jagex changing the game. Also a skill like Runecrafting that used to be around 40kexp/hr just put people off training it especially when it was no longer the best moneymaker in the game this just put a lot of people off training it which is not a good thing.
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