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  1. I severly doubt they will remove the prayer skill to be honest^.
  2. Nice collections there. Ever tempted to just go all out for one massive collection rather than all those smaller ones? I don't personally have any collections anymore. I used to collect bags of potatoes and pay noobs to collect bags for me outside Ardy and other places I ended up giving up when I got to about 35k bags so not very impressive - they all got given away one time I quit. Having said that there are some impressive collections knocking around TIF hopefully they'll share.
  3. Off topic ish but that is quite interesting thought actually that has never come across my me before. If you took the force of a 2h sword to a shield held in a single arm you would almost definitely break your clavicle.
  4. Woah.. If you can't afford Pernix then your next best option is Armadyl then Karil's. Armadyl and Karil's have the same defensive stats but Armadyl also has offensive stats. People talking about Armadyl nerf are ignoring its offensive stats.
  5. I really like the idea of most things being equally weak to everything apart from a few niche creatures - perhaps with weaknesses only adding a small amount to DPS in most creatures rather than a very, very large amount. Then bosses which I dunno become weak to Melee while being maged or something similar.
  6. Whats this about keepsaking weapons? I'm too blind to see it in the update text.
  7. Seems like a pretty inoffensive month only the farming update strikes me as something that could be at all useful.
  8. Apart from it doesn't really answer my question. I'm looking for the best melee xp/hr rather than some general advice were most of the answers are f2p specific. Its a useful thread so cheers but I'd really like this question answerd: With my stats, what is the best melee xp/hr I can currently get in game?
  9. So what is some good melee xp in the game at the moment? I want to bosh out 90 attack for drygores. Looking for something similar to Dagannoth sentinels in the modern game. My stats: 85 melee's, overloads, turmoil, 76 summ. I changed the title as this had got 0 views.
  10. Drygores were actually about 10-20M above their GE price not long ago not sure if that's still the case though.. edit: by not long I mean an hour.
  11. I told you all about white boots but you ninja me for the photos :(
  12. Looks like everything has. Level 90 tier is 2458+accuracy, at 99 attack I'm getting 3670. Does this mean Drygore with boost from levels + overload + turmoil is more or less accurate than before?
  13. When I broke my arm very badly I did not burn out of RS - I would play about 12-14 hours a day (I had literally nothing else needing doing) I was dosed up on painkillers and would just sit at the computer for hours watching TV and playing RS. Post this I've never really managed to last a serious amount of time on RS - its not so much burn out as getting distracted by IRL meaning I lose my interest. I'll have a particularly busy couple of weeks where I won't play and when I come back I just won't be interested.
  14. Are there any good guides out there on how to master EoC combat? Currently I'm kind of just hitting basics, then thresholds then an ultimate and its all working pretty well - everything is pretty easy to kill but I'm sure I can do better. With my stats (85 Melee's, 99 Range, 90 Mage, 94 HP, 95 Pray and overloads) are there any boss monsters I can kill reasonably effectively to practice EoC combat against something a bit harder? Preferably something that might earn me a buck or two.
  15. I definitely remember law runes being sold in small quantities for 1k each in around 2006/7.
  16. Why is EE so good now? What other gear should I aim for other than drygores? Whats the best amulet/gloves in the game now? Any new quest items that I desperately need? Any good guides for beasting POP?
  17. I want to return to Runescape but I have no idea what to do. I have no money and only untradeable equipment - this does include rapier + overloads. I don't know how the EoC combat works. I haven't played since last summer. I want to know how to make some money, what vital new quests I need to work towards, what equipment I should be getting, what new dailies/ DnD's should I be doing for experience. Basically how do I play runescape now? Here are my stats: Also does anyone interact in RS anymore? I wondered around and its only near maxed players standing there in silence or skilling in silence. I might just stick to 07Scape.
  18. You are entirely confusing. If I spend lets say 30 hours getting myself 10 firecapes to put in my bank that I can then access at any time or I spend 3 hours getting my first cape die with it and then have to go back and spend another 3 hours getting another - repeat until 10 capes obtained - I have still spent 30 hours getting fire capes. If anything in the second scenario each time I do the fight caves my stats will of risen making each subsequent cape easier to obtain.
  19. I love the idea of making untradeables tradeable just because I would be able to make money from selling Torso's to people which would probably be ridiculously overpriced because of how slow most people are at BA. But the most important tweak they need to add is more bank space.
  20. ^I presume superheat was talking about when you would do the quests so as to maximise your xp gains from them to speed up other aspects of training rather than just which quests to bother doing.
  21. I just made my first million in OSRS I'm so happy >:( ^
  22. Good to see you back My Eggs always liked your posts in this topic.
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