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  1. Still looking forward this, 2v2 random pair will be def. fun.
  2. We usually put our new Future Applicants in RKOF to some kind of test, and we see if its good member.
  3. Mm, I'm sure CE will show up. If you need officials, ask me :P
  4. +115 F2P Continental GMT Clan - #CE Link to the declaration: http://forum.tip.it/topic/292629-nk-declares-on-clan-europe/page__pid__4826777#entry4826777 Winning clan (both name + initials): Clan Europe (CE) Winning clan's member-list: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=claneurope Losing clan (both name + initials): Night Killers (NK) Losing clan's member-list: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=nk_clan Starting/ending ops of both clans (screenshot is valid proof): For FullOUT For MATCHED GF nk
  5. RoT slapped you in start, but you managed to pick it back. Well done DF.
  6. #Deviance | http://s4.zetaboards.com/Team_Deviance/index/ | +109 Full Member So, our Leader Mohd got us this short prep war. Both agreed on these rules * Melee Binds Ranged * Classic Matched * No Dung No Corr * Blast Off We started to mass up a bit late, but managed to get decent amount of people if you count on prep. Well done Deviance, looking forward for more. Well, something about war. We managed to get 2 amazing tanks, which got us the early lead, while we managed to K0 pretty everyone, except Rubinhof who managed to tank :P Startings: Endings: GF Chaos Legion, hope so we can fight another time :) ~~ Pictures: - Team Deviance opened in February 8th 2011. If you wish to fight us, contact me here or in our IRC, #Deviance. http://s4.zetaboards.com/Team_Deviance/index/
  7. For me, CE is CWA based clan and we have made short prep PK trip and I can say its good that we're doing CWA. As for Dragonwood, we don't do anything CWA, which is good cause I do like PVP. For RkoF, we do CWA/PVP in about balance of 40%-60%. And for FLip Flops, we do enough PVP, but we still do mainly CWA.
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