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  1. Yeah, but the problem there is getting people that are willing to obtain large sums of money and then give them to you.
  2. Just curious, but why does everybody keep going on about merchanting as if it's the only quick way to make money? The same recent update also made it so you can get full loot from player killing again and staking is allowed to profit now as well. All three methods of money making listed in my post have potential to be the fastest profit in the game and all three bear risk which is more than acceptable to somebody that can weigh it well and make wise choices about where they invest or who they fight. I'd venture to say that if somebody knew what they were doing, staking is easily the fastest money in the game, though it's fairly high-risk due to the large number of bugs which have existed for a long while without being reported since no profit was gained by exploiting them; once those get patched over and staking is safer, shouldn't we start considering its potential as a major money-maker for anybody attempting this goal, especially so for those that have outright opposed arbitrage as a way to grow their bank? After all, if you had a decent starting fund you could potentially make all the money to finish every buyable skill in only an hour or two. (Though you could equally well lose the same amount in that time, but that's where picking your fights carefully comes in.)
  3. Your "wondering" is clearly referring to his effigy choices in getting a head start on the buyables. "Which he plans to do after slayer" clearly is asserting that Tezz plans on doing buyables after slayer and not inclusive to the previous "wondering". Misunderstandings like this are why I hate the English language. Sure it's my native tongue but it requires far too much exposition to clearly state what you want to. As far as what Tezz seems to be up to with dumping the xp into buyable skills, I'd venture to guess based on everybody else mentioning he likes PvP that he's probably expecting some potential losses which would prevent xp gains in buyable skills. The other possibility that seems likely to me would be just plain not liking the way those skills are trained compared against the other skills in those pairs.
  4. If the quests are a chore, it implies that it's something you don't want to do but feel you need the reward for. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember anything game changing coming out of a recent quest; so why bother if you don't genuinely have interest in the quests?
  5. Bartuccio3


    Support but only if they rollback emote icons to words instead of pictures.
  6. I hope your not on RS while posting this. But seriously the lawful good, the self righteous rule abiders annoy me to no end. Its a D&D term but this picture demonstrates all the different player archetypes. I really enjoy the fact that most of these player types are on this forum I reported your post because it contained profanity. Enjoy your ban. I lol'd at your post because it contained hilarity. Enjoy the game.
  7. Has anybody taken the time to point out that superheating is almost always faster than using a furnace to smelt ores? Perhaps OP is ignoring superheat as an option because they think the nature runes are just an unnecessary overhead that don't significantly increase the xp/hr...
  8. That would require questing though. With the aversion many players seem to have to quests, and the fact that the quest of this topic requires numerous other quests be completed first to give a sizable amount of quest points (nearly all of them if the newb in question is f2p, which they ought to be if they're poor enough to be satisfied collecting ashes rather than splitting granite or picking flax...) Basically nobody that would consider getting ~12-13k of shields over the span of 5 minutes of dialogue spam-clicking to be worthwhile moneymaking actually meets the qualifications. That being said though, many people prefer getting 15k fishing xp an hour totally afk over paying attention to the game and getting maybe 70-90k xp instead, so I could definitely see where somebody might be just the right level of newb to benefit from your suggestion.
  9. Because this ballooned so quickly (38 pages already and I have it set to 40 posts per page...) and I'm short on time, I'll apologize for restating anything that I don't currently have time to check. I've been hoping for but never expecting anything remotely close to this since the features were first disabled. My only qualm about their reentry is that jagex (aside: they need to quit changing the capitalization of the different letters or I'll just keep refusing to capitalize any of it) has refused to keep the PvP worlds if this goes through; why shouldn't those remain as an option, and perhaps just use the same rules as the wilderness for drops but with the current level range stipulations? It's nice to be able to fight people basically anywhere you want to and also allows for an extreme case of risk vs reward in the case of seeking an uncrowded resource where somebody may choose to camp and hunt potential harvesters or killers of whatever game element happens to be there; adds a level of thrill not seen elsewhere in the game, which may be sorely missed by some. I suppose it doesn't much affect me as I rarely if ever involved myself in any form of PvP after 2007, but those times that I did indulge, my preferred and favorite method was to run around Varrock and pick off anybody I thought I could handle-- something I won't be able to do anymore the way this update is tentatively stated to launch. Anybody else see anything like this, which is removing a feature that doesn't necessarily have to be mutually exclusive with wilderness PK that they'd like to see kept in?
  10. Sounds cool. Makes up for the inability to actually use quick-switch on the ring (if you have to be out of combat, why do they even let you set two combat rings as a quickswitch?) Did you remember to select switch ring to switch to? You have to choose which other ring to bind to the quick-switch option, first. Yeah, I have it set to berserker with desparado as the quick-switch, but if I actually try to use it during a boss fight it just complains that I have to be out of combat to switch styles. I imagine you'd need a full team to actually spend enough time not being attacked to make a quick-switch. I usually have small groups due to just soloing or playing with irl friends, so this might just be a problem for those of us without permanent teams.
  11. He explained a few posts up that he got piled. Reading the whole thread helps. =P
  12. Sounds cool. Makes up for the inability to actually use quick-switch on the ring (if you have to be out of combat, why do they even let you set two combat rings as a quickswitch?)
  13. The US changed its daylight saving time policy recently so now it starts earlier and ends later. The new end date is the first Sunday of November, which is this coming Sunday. Summer time (the European equivalent) ended last Sunday. Thanks for explaining the disparity. I hate that my local news is just tabloid headlines and the crime of the day so I didn't know about the change until today, when a family member noted it... Damned US always trying to be different, why can't anybody else living here just leave such things well enough alone?
  14. Yeah I am a bit pissed that they handled this poorly and I didn't even lose anything. Bit off-topic but for my time conversion I just went on the usual of my own (eastern time zone) +5 hours to get what I considered the UK time to be. Anybody care to enlighten me on whether they've abandoned daylight savings or if they change their time back to normal sooner? It's a bit late in the year so I'm surprised the US hasn't bothered to go back on a normal time schedule yet...
  15. Nope, should only be 4... Though I do think it's 9 somewhere in Russia now... Either way they lied; said maintenance was to be on Thursday, which it only is in the US, and they're a European-based company, so unless the date doesn't change until 6am or something now, they need to buy a calendar.
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