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  1. I had to have gotten it from the hospital. All I've done since then is sit at home scapin. But I will stop going to the hospital if you insist.
  2. We put too much emphasis on our "o" sounds. We also say "fer" instead of "for" more often than not.
  3. Well I'm back home. The culture they ran came back positive for the worst strain of staph infection you can get. The put me on 2 new drugs and if show no improvement over the next 2-3 days I'll have to go back in for antibiotics pumped directly into my blood stream. The worse news is that polar was wrong and I can not control fire. Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers. I'll have more information to come if there is any because they took some tissue samples to see if there's anything besides just the mrsa that's going on at the same time.
  4. Heading to the emergency room. Not sure when I'll be on again depending on if they need to keep me there for a few days to figure out whats wrong with me. I've been getting really weird lesions on my legs since I had my tonsils out and they have been doubling in size every 2-3 days or so. It may be a staph infection but it could be worse, we don't know yet. Please pray that we can figure out what's wrong with me.
  5. Honestly I like rs the way it is now much better than it was in 07. If you're confused about combat go the to combat academy in Lumbridge and they'll give you enough basic knowledge to fiddle with and perfect from there. It's not all that complicated, just takes a while to figure out the best order of abilities to use on different monsters to get the most damage out. Whips aren't so much outdated as they are stuck to t70 for being useful. All weapons in an equal tier have the same dps as long as you're using abilities with faster weapons benefiting more from using momentum (basically momentum makes you auto attacks stronger so gameplay is much more similar to 07scape). What that means is that as soon as you can access the next tier of weapons it's worth switching. Currently the best weapons are t90 with drygores (130-140 mil for a set), ascension xbows (~230 m each or 560 m for the set) and seismic wand/orb (max cash for the wand ~1bil for the orb). Accuracy when using abilities only takes into account Mainhand accuracy so it's pretty close to the same dps to use drygore mainhand with a chaotic offhand as using dual drygores (like 3% less dps overall). This is most commonly use with ascension bows because 230 for the mainhand and a chaotic offhand is much more feasible for the average scaper than 560 for an extra 3% dps. Almost all bosses are soloable now with the exception of Kalphite King (drops drygores), Vorago (drops seismics), and the new Barrows activity (drops t90 shields and energies to make t90 melee armor). Yes all the training methods you had used before are obsolete except for waterfiends which are now actually better (400 k exp/hr with drygores and 300+crimson charms per hour). Personally, now is the time where I'm enjoying rs more than I have at any other point in my 9 years of off and on again playing, to the point where I'm realistically looking at maxing my account within the next year or so.
  6. Lol Americans having cute accents. MAYBE I could see some of the southern states having accents that are pleasant or cute to listen to but definitely not east or west coast, and absolutely not the midwest.
  7. They've been shoving RWT stuff down our throat consistently since SoF came out and constantly since Solomon's. It's been over a year of this now so I'm not sure why this was the breaking point for you. You can always just not buy the stuff they're putting out there.
  8. Wow. Wow. Goodbye Taverly, you will be missed. What was the taverly thing?
  9. I bagged 95 fm this morning (pic to come) and then landed ~2 k exp away from 84 construction with my festive aura. I also made ~2.2 mil in 27 min at ascension monsters, tweaked my set up so I can do that effectively and still have a drygore mainhand for when I want to go do other combat. I'm gonna wait on checking out the new slayer monsters for a week or two though, too much hype and I hate competing for spots. I also need to do troll invasion today so that'll be a nice chunk of exp towards Div to get me 83 for my divine magic trees seeing as I need wc exp far more than farming (since I do herb runs 4 times a day) for the same amount of profit as herbs and ~30 k exp. In real life Minnesota is supposed to get between 3-9 inches of snow in my city tonight. Also Wednesday I'm heading to the jeweler to get my girlfriends finger sized for her engagement ring!
  10. It seems to proc off of any bonus exp that you have. For instance I'm doing it for construction and it should be 120 mahogany tables to hit ~100 k exp to get my bonus 50 k, but wearing my constructor with god chisel I only have to make 113 tables.
  11. The summoning update seems frustrating. Bakrimminel bolts should be decent for pvp if they kept their near 40% crit rate on top of their increased base damage. New monster seems like it's going to end up being a decent task to do for cash if the bones settle around 10 k, sirenic scale drops are as good as I've seen reported and the gloves are there as a nice couple mill bonus. I'm waiting for the hype around them to die down for now, I'll hit them up when drygores go back to their regular price and just keep afk making 3 m/hr. Best part of this whole update though is JoaT resetting at Global reset. Now if only they would have the shops reset in the same manner instead of their stocks slowly regenerating over time so I could do my broad arrowheads, JoaT, and festive aura all in a row right after the reset.
  12. Bakriminel bolts have had their stats altered to compensate for the removal of the pre-Evolution of Combat targeting ability I want to know how these have been affected! Any word on the new slayer monsters? They made it sound like you'll have to switch to a different style to attack them when they switch stances but I'm hoping that you can still just use one style for a slight dps nerf because I hate high apm things to fight *glares at TD's*. The early bird bonus isn't that great so I'll probably just leave them alone for now until more info is out and use them as a profitable slayer task when I get back to 99 slayer.
  13. The 150 k loyalty points is tempting but looking at the rest of it it's kinda meh. I care little for pets because I find they just get in the way of me skilling and cause more misclicks than I already normally do. One more extra spin on the SoF isn't that enticing. I budget $5 of every paycheck I get towards buying 450 which generally lasts me through all the promos that I would like to participate in for the entire year combined with dailies and random rewards. 2400 total world is as VIP as I really care for as it is. Cosmetic items are also kinda meh, I really only wanted 3 outfits (one for mage, melee, and range) and I have those already. In other words I won't be joining this year.
  14. Me too :) Unfortunately I'm back to square one in terms of what I'm allowed to eat which means another 2 weeks of not eating anything that isnt mashed potatoes or the like until december 15th.... Thanks Festive aura! I spent some time today doing BA with Squakus and got 360 bonus agility exp to use. Between that, skoll boots coming up in January and doing daily challenges I think I'll be able to make it to 99 without training the normal rates again
  15. Th e Doctor


    In my experience the biggest thing that slows down your kills is having to eat. The difference in how many rocktails you burn through from t7 power armor to superior tetsu is significant. I average between 2:45-3:15 on my kills in tetsu top/legs, DL helm, bandos gloves/boots and the rest max crit bonus with drygore maces. And that's off task. At 250 k per kill thats ~5 mil per hour. With malevolent/torva I could realistically see time getting to 2:30 and below consistently for closer to 6-7 mil per hour. I can't imagine frosts are that good are they? @ Noxx If you're comped you can realistically look at any of the bosses given tetsu and drygores except for maybe Barrows 2.0 (I believe they require ascensions or seismics to be able to move more efficiently). All the regular GWD bosses average between 2-4 mil per hour (read QBD beats them all). Not sure what Nex or Vorago average. Glacors are still around 3-4 mil/hr average but you obviously don't need the charms/magic exp. They'll probably just be a nice change of pace if you need one. It's worth noting that right now t9 power armor (which degrades to dust) is about the same initial cost as torva's equivilant pieces.
  16. And I am also looking to get my Master RC robes so feel free to add me. I'm generally in the FC Hyt (join serpent eye) so if I'm on try to find me in there and if I can I'll play. Master RC is one of the only exp boosting outfits that I need to get.
  17. I'm unsure, I just thought that the shield was what gave you the provoke ability to let you survive the green blob at KK?
  18. No QBD today because my where my tonsils were hemorraged at dinner. Had to go into the ER for surgery to get them cauterized but I won't be at work tomorrow now so I'll do 20 then to make up for it.
  19. Because I'm silly and can't do math I will be getting 90 construction around december 20th and not on the 31st as planned, but it is going to cost me closer to 1 mil per day. In addition I now have an additional 10 days of aura to use which I'm going to put into fletching which will get me to 89 fletching with broad arrows. I suck at keeping goals so I've changed them to be as follows. 10 QBD kills per day (its like 3-3.5 mil per day which is all I can stand of doing in one go and my schedule makes it hard to do a full hour straight without interruptions). 90 Construction in 20 days 89 Fletching by the end of December 99 Firemaking in 20 days Herb Runs as often as possible (Herb farming alone is going to pay for my skilling endeavors). Ports (getting ready for 2.0, goal of 20 k of each resource and at least 100 of each trade good in case they're used in the new items for some reason). Glacors can wait and I can for sure fit this all into my schedule the way that I play. I have 1 hour and 20 minutes between my 1st and second shift at work which I will be using to do firemaking for ~300 k exp/day. Between shifts 2 and 3 I have closer to 2 hours of break so I'll be doing QBD for 10 or more kills, then on to using my festive aura and other daily activities like buying broad arrow heads to save some cash on that and daily challenges. When I get home from my third shift I do Ports, Divine Locations, and then if I have no plans for the evening (which doesn't happen often) I'll work on whatever I feel like. In other news I got all the pieces of the Shaman outfit today which leaves 1 piece of 1st age (the bracelet) and 2 pieces of the artisans (gloves/boots) before I have all the exp boosting gear from SoF. Then I just need to get the Master RC robes to have all the outfits that I can still use (99 thieving so I don't need Black Ibis and 99 hunter so I don't need the yahtweifdis stick). All in all a pretty good day!
  20. Are you planning on tanking Vorago or Kalphite King? Do you have so much money laying around that you have nothing else that you need to purchase? If you answered yes to both of these questions than you should get the shield. Otherwise you'll be suited just fine with DG shields or even lower leveled alternatives. Very few places that you tank actually need the 30% damage reduction in exchange for prayer points so go with what you feel.
  21. [hide=in case other reading don't want spoilers] Apparently there are some webisodes that explain some of the things that I'm confused about but over all I thought the episode was very entertaining. To me it seemed that John Hurt being the Doctor was thrown in at the end of the last season and this was their "oh shit now we have to explain everything about his character quickly because everyone is far more interested in Capaldi being the next Doctor so lets do it in one episode" kinda deal. The only other thing (and this might be explained from the web stuff) is I don't understand how they lay out that you can NEVER cross your own timeline (that was like all the last season finale was about) but suddenly its ok to cross it and then to join yourself and cross it again! Besides that watching Smith and Tennant interact was one of the highlights of the shows history imo. The last thing that bugs me is I "thought" that at one time Eccleston said that Galifrey being destroyed was a fixed point in time and couldn't be changed so the fact that they changed it seems troublesome to me. This is what happens when I watch anything though, I automatically (I literally can't shut it off) look for plot holes. When I went to go see the new Thor movie I found 28 in the first half of the movie. [/hide] TLDR : Entertaining and I enjoyed it desite some things that don't make sense to me. I agree about the moral struggles. The combat in 2 was my favourite (well the combat in #1 was technically but that's because it was so buggy and easy to abuse mechanically that you could go through the whole game and never get hit once [which I did one time]). The DLC thing was unfortunate as well. It was right as games started to switch to DLC as ways to make more money and unfortunately the industry wasn't good at it yet to the Fable 3 players suffered because of it. I agree the first one had the best story although I think the first one was harder to understand because the plot moved so quickly. I think I managed to speed run the first game in less than 4 hours. But the actual plot devices in 3 were far more enjoyable to me than 2. Also I was very mad that 2 made me choose between my Dog and the rest of humanity and I've never really gotten over it.
  22. Wow, that's kinda...lame. Was there some kind of abusable bug or something that caused blood spells to chew through her or something, so they nerfed them? o.O Okay, thank you! So *don't* use soul split then? Bandos isn't particurally weak to magic, just that momentum blood barrage with soul split and a vamp aura allow you to heal more than he hits for the most part. His weakness is "none", so any style is equally effective, it is just some people prefer to afk more than others! Thank you! =] I did try out the QBD last night with Royal Dhide and dual chaotic crossbows, and I couldn't get past the fourth phase. It's not that I couldn't stop the time stop attacks or that the souls koed me, I just ran out of food. I went through a yak and most of an inventory full of food per attempt and no matter what, I just didn't have enough supplies. Should I try using a shield instead? I was using Soul Split and Anguish the whole time, as well as overloads. I tried using a steel titan to kill her faster, but I had to tab out on the third phase just because I ran out of food even quicker. I tried using a unicorn to save the adrenaline loss from food and tried to rely more on soul split, but I just died due to lack of healing that time. :p I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. =[ Your biggest problem is gear. Royal dhide sucks. You should be using at the least karils (if you're ranging). She is a t80 stats boss so of course you're going to get hit harder and more often in t65 armor. I would say its worth it to drop a few mil on tradeable ports over royal for sure and karils maybe.
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