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  1. I'll sell you a pair but they'll cost you an arm and a leg. Do it! Once you get a tactic down they become a great source of money :-P But bxpprod needs both arms to play scape, charge him both legs instead.
  2. Got 87 con last night and I'm getting 89 farming as we speak right now. I'll get pics of them up later. Besides that I've just realized that slayer masters restock every 12 hours and not every 24 so I'm now getting 12 k broad arrow heads per day which I'll be doing until I hit 92 fletching. After that I'll be training it pretty exclusively with scrimshaws because I don't care about getting 99 in it any time soon. Then it will just be an extra 300 k per day that I get to make. Yay! I'm back up to over 100 mil cash stack again as well so that's nice. Once I get my hybrid set from tbatb I will start trying to learn td's again.
  3. Has anyone looked at doing all floors c6 and just changing the size as you get higher? Specifically duos for c6 smalls on the lower floors. I've managed ~2-2.5 min floors with a good partner and it seems that 2 and lower could be doable. Last I heard that's pretty much close to what people take to go through c1s anyways so surely its worth the extra 30 seconds to get a significantly larger amount of exp for your effort?
  4. dafuq Where's that "this" matt smith image when I need it? You've convinced me to try learning TD's again. And besides div nice level gains.
  5. Just so you know ambler is right about the pieces being more common if you bought them during the event, for those who never bought them they are rare enough to be frustrating to hunt for. If you buy the full armor set and the first two abilities (because the ult isn't really worth the renown imo) its going to cost you 253 k renown, leaving you with enough for 40 huge lamps at the end of the event or over 2 mil worth of exp if the skill is over level 91.
  6. Not on Construction or Herblore -> Warbands = free exp in those 2 (and 4 others) skills. Summoning is a fast skill and later on very very cheap in comparison to some other skills. The major drawback of the skill is the vast preparation required. Not really a reason to use festive on. Please if you give advice make sure your advice is sound. For those of us that abhor warbands I would disagree about the first two, however I totally agree about summoning. It's close to 2 mil exp/hr once you have the charms which come naturally through training any combat and especially slayer. As you get the the higher levels (where most of your exp is gained anyway). Using crimsons and blues you can get under 6 gp/exp which is dirt cheap compared to most of the buyables these days.
  7. can you explain to me about melee than as I just got malevolent and drygore longs and was thinking of trying to solo nex this weekendNot trying to be a dick here, but how do you have the best gear for both melee and ranged and have no clue how to use abilities :o Malevolent and drygores are like 250 mil for both weapons and all three armor pieces if you make them yourself. 250 Mil isn't considered very hard to get these days. He also could very easily have just come back from a break and sold a rare or two to get back into bossing.
  8. "Better" is a relative term. Its highly luck dependent. You'd probably be better off farming the minions for keys to buy a completed bow. This To give you some figures to help you make your choice... At rorarii with abilities and done correctly you can expect ~6 keys per hour on average. Assuming you get a perfect distribution of keys so that you get the same amount for each boss and a drop rate of 1/64 for signants from the bosses you're going to need on average 384 keys which will take you ~64 hours to get. The exp/hr is ~250 k/hr with abilities, 300 if you're really focused and know what you're doing. That means you'll expect to get between 16 and 19 million exp before you get the keys to do the bosses. If you get unlucky with key distribution or heaven forbid the drop rate on the actual signants and the DIY method of getting the bows becomes even more unenjoyable. That's all based on averages. You could just as easily get lucky and do what my one friend did and get every signant in under 20 boss kills and make the bow for only 75.6 mil after buying the keys.
  9. 87 Construction will be coming after the global reset today. I've also decided to dump my huge lamps into agility after the world event is over. Should be ~2 mil exp which means that I'll have enough bonus exp to go all the way to 99 without running out, especially once skoll boots come out. I also might manage 89 farming today if all my patches survive. Tonight after scape ill be making candied bacon and also made from scratch cinnamon rolls for some of my co-workers and my family. I will upload pictures and the recipes if anyone wants to see them/try them :)
  10. Don't get a saradomin godsword. 38 mil could get you a saradomin sword (same dps) a set of full bandos armor and still have ~17.5 mil leftover to put into prayer or herblore to help you get to turmoil/extremes or overloads. Personally I would put it into herblore to get closer to super antifires so you don't need a shield anymore for dragon tasks (although you could always just prot mage and regular antifire).
  11. No If you get any chaotic weapons it should be chaotic claws because they're 100 k tokens cheaper than a pair of rapiers, they start at 100% charge vs 20% charge and they have an additional 1.8% crit on them which means they are better dps. Also if you have the stats for frosts you should never do blues.
  12. Finished my day out making a death lotus top which insta sold at 3.85 mil. Got a construction daily and a summoning daily that I am going to go do which will get me 87 construction tomorrow. I'm also only 7 plate and 4 chi away from making a tetsu and seasingers top so that'll be another 11-13 mil or so in the bank. Lastly I'm only 30 some k exp away from 89 farming which gets my one step closer to 90+ all skills.
  13. I might actually go try tds again knowing that about holy water
  14. but then you can't wear your diviners headwear!
  15. Or you could do overloads or other herblore because it effectively cuts the cost of that buyable during december by 1/3 which is nice. With agility at 130 k exp/hr now and div being mostly afk to train I would say using the bonus exp on a buyable is your next best option to get the total 50 k bonus exp out of the aura every day.
  16. Trades would be fairly complicated... Grand Exchange would also maybe be limited to views, buys, etc? Not sure how sell offers would work (no access to inventory) How does this handle the pin as well. I'd like to see a ports application. Ports I could see working really well. Trades could be set up via some sort of mailbox system? I personally would love to see mailboxes enter the game, i owe a friend 20 mil and his pm is always off so I don't know if he's on and would love to just be able to send it to him. G.E. interface could work in sync with your bank so that you can offer things from your bank and they get deposited into it from the g.e.
  17. Don't worry you aren't late, the ring is purchased, the proposal hasn't happened yet :) Hello Kind Sire! Major gratz on putting (or planning to anyway) a ring on it! I did the same in April of this year, we are getting married in August 2014. This together with the fact we bought our first home and I was finishing up school has been the reason I have not been playing at all. Just logged in today, last log in was 296 days ago. :) I think it will take me another 6 months or up to a year before I got everything in order enough to return to the game. But anyway, good job on all your progress, especially the ring deal! I think I remember you posting in H&A a while back, glad to see you're thinking of coming back to the game maybe? I'm pretty much just logging in to do daily stuff right now so I'm at around an hour or so a day. Congrats to you and your beloved btw :) what did you finish up your degree in for school?
  18. I got exactly 100 after 30k too. I wonder if that's always the case or just a coincedence. I had 112 at 30 k renown today so its probably close to 100/30 k renown for everyone.
  19. List of things that should be added that are actually feasible to the app. 1. Grand Exchange utility 2. Trades with people on your friends list What else can we come up with that is actually doable short of live gameplay?
  20. Don't worry you aren't late, the ring is purchased, the proposal hasn't happened yet :) and speaking of solid stats... and this guy Next levels should be 87 construction, and 88 fletching. In between my daily stuff and the world event I might just buy 99 cooking/fm and get those knocked out. Went to the doctor yesterday, my throat is 100% healed finally so I can eat all the crispy crunchy things I couldnt before (read : bacon) and all my other health problems are supposedly gone! So as of today I'm better before Christmas!
  21. Flash Powder Factory and with BA being so OP for bonus agility exp there should be no reason to ever go there again unless you want the outfit. It's max 110 k exp/hr agility and very click intensive as well as having a learning curve. Agility exp with BA at barb advanced right now is closer to 128 k exp/hr if you can get 320 k bonus exp/hr at BA. If you have a really good team and can get 400 k its 133 k exp/hr.
  22. If you can make superior tetsu but only want to do slayer your best bet is to make the tradeable tops and sell them to get a drygore main hand and rush to get 90 attack. jadinko's are worth doing with your mask if you can access the highest level ones. Abby demons are worth doing every day as well, as well as being great combat exp. Make sure to use urns for the extra prayer exp. If you're going to do dg don't get chaotic melee weapons as you are very close to drygores. Better off getting dual ccbows. Cstaff isn't going to be worth using over treach/ahrims book for magic on slayer tasks which you'll only need to be using on ganodermics once you have drygore and dual ccbows or rxb is fine for ascensions. Everything else can be drygored. p.s. I am jelly of your slayer masks. EDIT The only chaotic you should be getting besides dual ccbows would be oh cclaw until you can afford the drygore offhand.
  23. There is no way this is true. You siphon nodes at a much faster rate than you do creatures. I checked it when I was at span getting 90 and if I remember correctly you have a node siphon chance every 2 ticks vs either 3 or 4 ticks per siphon at creatures. Its so much faster that its worth doing nodes all the way down to fleshy growths. If you're after getting rank 1 esteem by 99 this might be worth doing because you get more points per exp but it is definitely not better pts/hr to do just creatures.
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