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  1. Went for a bandos trio - Got 2 items that didn't make my teammates very happy, but I'm pleased to get them out of the way! Note my killcount is so low cos I tele'd at the altar and also cos I let others heal on mins more often as usually I lived 100% off BtP
  2. K so found jmod stated she has no weakness. Slash is just as effective as crush on her (Therefore ~150 slash godsword obviously heavily beats ~100 crush godsword) I've done a few trips using slash instead of crush and man the difference is so obvious I feel silly for not noticing it earlier. Clan member told me that tentacle whip comes close or beats veracs, pretty sure he was speaking anecdotally but It's enough for me to give it a shot sometime soon. Unfortunately the rs thread where jmod said she's not weak to anything went down... (Why do they do that?)
  3. Ok so first trip at sara we do 80 kills and then on the second last kill I dc and lose firecape. Epic fail. Trip number 2 went a liiiiitle bit better, though. ALL WITHIN 15 KILLS! Notice that we just hopped worlds on the ACB too. Epic.Sara GWD is totally done in 1 trip!
  4. I did forget DKs! Thanks for reminding me. I'll edit those in later tonight. I also forgot to clarify: I will not be doing barrows. At least not until the rest are done, then maybe I'll consider it. Edit: Added DKs
  5. Malediction ward (Shard 1) • (Shard 2) • (Shard 3)• Odium ward (Shard 1) • (Shard 2) • (Shard 3) • Fedora • Dragon pickaxe • Pet chaos elemental • Kq head • Kbd head • Draconic visage • Dragon full helm • Dragon chainbody •Dragon 2h • Dragon axe • Warrior ring • Berserker ring • Seers' ring • Archers' ring • Seercull • Smoke battlestaff • Occult necklace • Fire cape • Kraken tentacle • Jar of dirt • Trident of the seas • Steam battlestaff • Staff of the dead • Zamorakian spear • Armadyl helmet • Armadyl chestplate • Armadyl chainskirt • Bandos boots • Bandos chestplate • Bandos tassets • Saradomin sword • Armadyl crossbow • Saradomin hilt • Zamorak hilt • Armadyl hilt • Bandos hilt • Godsword shard 1 • Godsword shard 2 • Godsword shard 3 • White text means I have not got the item yet. Green text means I have got the item. All link to the oldschool runescape wiki page if you want to read more about the item! This is something I have always wanted to do but there have always been distractions or other reasons that I could not go through with it. I feel like now is the perfect time for me to attempt this challenge. Currently in old school runescape, the game is in a surprising position where the GP/hour of many of the bosses is remarkably similar, so I would not feel like I am really wasting time or being overly inefficient doing the challenge, which isn't overly important to me, but it's nice. The only real hurdles I have to finish this challenge are achieving ~95 range (armadyl) and 93 slayer (slayer bosses). These are things I want to do outside of the challenge anyway. They will take a while, slayer particularly, and will likely be done close to the end. Rules of the challenge: I only have to be on a team that gets the drop. This is mostly to save time and move onto other things. I may change this later in the challenge if I feel I'm up for it. The challenge is item specific, not boss specific. Things such as Dragon Pickaxe and Godsword Shards only need to be gained once. Again this is to save time. Every new item will get it's own post with screenshot proof.
  6. Oops, I said the opposite of what I meant, do money maker first, not buyable ofc. :P 105k SMITHING xp/hour superheating gold? Really? Dang. I know little about smithing but I believe steel plates are a popular method. Need more data, but I have recording of 27 kills/hour trio AGS in a 3 hour trip, call it 9 kills each, You get around 5 xp per damage on bosses, 255hp 255 * 5 = 1275 1275 * 9 = 11475 Minions average to 155hp, normal 4xp per damage 155 * 4 = 610 610 * 27 = 16470 27945 28k melee xp/hour. (You'll also have to get ecu keys in wildy GWD, which probably gives similar xp/hour if efficiently going for keys) While on the subject, quick gp/hour guesstimate SS 1/80 (jmods claim 1/125 but nearly all large drop logs come to 1/80. I really think jmods accidentally gave out misinformation on this.) Hilt 1/512 (Many larger logs tend to show closer to 1/400 rate but less evidence on this so I'll trust jmods rate until disproven.) ACB 1/512 (Personally I've had 7 acb 1 hilt, but I'll call that coincidence for now and trust jmods rate.) SS = 4.4m - 55k/kill Hilt = 34m - 66k/kill ACB = 16m - 31k/kill Commons/minion drops = ~20k/kill (Most drops way over, pot drops don't account for much gp as mostly used to lengthen trip so bring average down a lot.) 172k/kill * 9 = 1548kgp/hour each. (Time getting to boss room and collecting keys not counted.) Note that's in w1. In any other world expect between 15-35% less. You may instinctively assume it's half with super low population, but remember a lot of time is the actual killing, which remains constant (a bit faster even, as more specs per kill), the respawn time is the only thing that's close to halved. All those numbers rely on 27 kills/hour which I'm basing off only 1 recorded trip of mine.
  7. Awesome :D I think it's really difficult to objectively set the priority for skills, but I do think you start with a buyable and then get agility out of the way quickly. I'd say start farming asap after the first buyable, basic quests for transportation and locations, if you just do trees while training other skills it won't take much actual time to train, and you should make cash for the seeds doing buyables as they're needed. You can alch while doing a whole bunch of things, such as combat, fishing, agility, woodcutting, thieving, so 99 mage would take up 0 time. I'm not certain, but I think since you don't need mage xp, maybe something like platebodies might end up being most efficient way to train smithing, assuming you can get wealthy from buyables and do it near the end. If you do slayer efficiently with cannon, you won't be max melee yet, if you're strapped for cash, you could start sara trio after slayer at something like 97/97/97 until 99's for some extra bank. The xp rate actually isn't too horrid on w1 as GWD bosses give like 1.8* melee xp. I think this kind of thread has been made before pre-eoc with some serious thinking going into it, I can't remember what they planned, but I seem to recall money not being a problem for them, as the buyables tended to pay for everything.
  8. Huh. I find that pretty hard to believe, every time I've done a trip with maxed rangers it felt like they were pretty much leeching, sniping the rare kill but generally being rubbish. Nobody with high melee tends to range from my experience there, both in my teams and watching dozens of melee teams to every ranger while looking for an empty world. The only limiting factor to melee trios is when you run out of pure sets and feel like leaving. I'm fairly sure you could stay there 24/7 if you wanted to, probable with AGS, for sure with SGS, for trip length I guess you're talking solo or duo in which case for sure range would be better. I can test it out myself eventually when i bother with 99 range, but that might take years lol. For now I'll just focus on melee.
  9. Welp, after 99 attack I'll try go with some understanding people that will allow me to use hasta for experiement :D I feel like it'd be pretty good as I imagine it's close to 50% accurate (Which is further why I think hasta possibly beats veracs, her def isn't extremely high, I'd say lower than graardor, anecdotally.) I'll also try maining godsword (on slash and then crush), and possibly even kraken whip if slash godsword does well.
  10. Well, I'm told veracs is best, and use godsword on crush. Mk, she has pretty high defense and she's weak to crush, I can buy that. But is her defense so high that veracs beats something like a godsword or hasta? Is her weakness to crush so significant that the +100ish crush beats the +150ish slash of a godsword? Just curious if anyone has ever looked into it. I'm afraid to say I've done about 15 trips and... they've all been with veracs and using godsword on crush, kinda hard to go against the pack. Just inb4 veracs gives prayer which is necessary - You can wear veracs armour and use another weapon. Godsword, for example, gives more prayer bonus than the flail.
  11. Suppose I'll just continue updating till thread is moved ;o I was bad with getting screenshots this time. BOUGHT BANDOS CHESTPLATE 8M TRADED BCP + 7.7M FOR TASSETS http://i.imgur.com/EM7zNoq.png (Could have got an extra 100-200k if i was patient.) BOUGHT ARMADYL CHESTPLATE 6.5M (I misinterperated price, this is basically average/not good merching) http://i.imgur.com/0oURJOI.png http://i.imgur.com/UWXhQSe.png (Bought this for a PVM trip, bit overpriced for merch, but I will flip it for a small profit.) Total profits thus far: 2.3m, net worth 2m + AGS edit~: Seeing as ags is currently crashing, i will just hold it for PvM uses. This will slow the merching down, but I'm not a panic seller. :)
  12. My little action plan if I were to create a new account and rush to this extremely large goal ASAP, I dunno, it was just fun to write down the things I've been thinking about and it also may give some of you an idea to achieve your goals. (Got better methods? Tell me. I really don't know ANY low level money makers, I just hear white berries are pretty good.) (Barrows gloves are also part of the goal. I think it may be theoretically faster NOT to get b gloves if your goal was max melee + 2b bank, but, i mean, come on, everyone needs b gloves. It also is kinda required for the primary money maker, clan PvM, as most good clans would not accept you.) Finish tutorial island. Train 70 agility (It has to be done at some point. It would be most efficient to get it done ASAP, but you don't NEED it until much much later so you can train at your leisure.) Collect an inventory of whiteberries and use money made to purchase quest items/food/basic weapons Do typical starter quests, waterfall, vampire slayer, tree gnome village, fight arena, the grand tree, do mountain daughter quest while you're at it too. Kill skeletons in wildy for looting bag Make about 1m collecting whiteberries with looting bag Get 43 prayer, do Dragon Slayer, Lost city, Monkey Madness, Death platue and fremenik trials quests. Start RFD and do the one that gives you rock cake. Train your stats to 45+ defense 60+ attack 50+ strength if not already (I think quests bring you pretty close if not above this) Do some more whiteberry picking to buy full rune, glory, zerker helm, d scimmy, drag dagger, climbing boots, combat bracelet Do an endurance run or two in NMZ to get about 40k points. Spend 12k on overloads 28k on absorption potions. Do typical MTD NMZ host, rockcake down to 51hp before going in, and then flick the Rapid Restore prayer very 50 seconds to remain at 1hp forever. Get 70 strength 60 attack. You will profit in points even at these low levels. Get rune defender from warriors guild Get 70 attack, train strength all the way until you have enought points to buy whip. (~80 probably) Train on controlled with whip, buy dboots at 60 defense. Continue training, use excess cash to train your skills for the minimum requirements to get B gloves and do all the quests and get them. Continue training, buying zerk ring (imbue ring as soon as possible afterwards), fury, bandos chest plate, bandos tassets. In that order. As they become affordable. Once you're around 90 in all melee stats, sell the bandos armour and whip, get 70 prayer, buy full guthans and full veracs. Every night you will 6 hour afk NMZ normal mode with guthans on controlled style from now on. You need 70 agility at this point. You're going to join a PvM clan and do Sara trios, a lot. (Get ecu keys, never get killcount.) You will make money extremely fast now. Buy SGS once you can afford. Consider cannoning 55 range and chinning 70 range then doing the fight caves at this point, fire cape would help trips/training a little bit and would also allow you to join certain very good PvM clans. Sell SGS to buy an AGS once you can afford. Keep at it until you have around 100m cash + your sara gear. Now you can consider merching, but no bank standing yet, you will post extremely low buy offers and extremely high sell offers for various items that you know will take long to get response to, while you're waiting for responses, you will continue doing Sara trios. Once you have around 500m cash you might consider doing bank standing kind of merching/item flipping as your primary source of income. Once you have 2b+ you can start training 99 prayer, you left it so late because the more capital you had to merch with, the faster you could make more money. Finish training max melee if not done yet and get back upto 2b with merching. Goal complete. "merch this much gp" is extremely easy to say, but not something everyone finds comfortable or simple to actually do, if that just isn't something you can do, replace it with more Sara trios!
  13. Oops i posted this in the wrong section. Can someone please move it to blog subforum? TY!
  14. I never really got into the whole merching thing before, but I've decided I'll give it a shot as a little research project to see how it goes, i mean, it can't be bad right? How else would there be so many infamously rich merchers? I'm starting this journey with 69.5m. Testing to see if the product is legit http://i.imgur.com/YvKK4YV.png http://i.imgur.com/AKPBNra.png http://i.imgur.com/Lz0gpDa.png Seems in working order. Back onto the mission. http://i.imgur.com/09hNX4j.png - Sell ags 70.5m http://i.imgur.com/a2yZbqp.png - Buy ags 69.5m http://i.imgur.com/zxC4nqs.png - Trade ags for ags http://i.imgur.com/1Juo3IW.png - Sell ags 70.3m Total profits thus far: 1.8m - Net worth is now 71.3m. I didn't really plan an actual journey while taking these pictures but in future I will bank all excess cash and ONLY have 71.3m in my inventory so it's easy to see the merch money we're working with and the profits.
  15. If you're over 115cb you should consider joining Stud Unit. They're a great PVM clan with a nice community, you can always find people to boss with and they have very strict rules on sharing/returning items, so you can trust pretty much everyone (I guess except the noobies, but very few noobies scam cos once they're blacklisted they don't have many other options to PvM/will eternally be crashed :P) They also have a very cool website/forum of their own and a smart loot sharing/ranking system where you can gain clan ranks based on how much loot you've shared with people while doing PvM, this way you know any higher ranked person isn't just good friends with an admin, they've actually proven their loyalty by sharing 100m's of loot.
  16. I asked in a high level PvM clan and several people seemed very confident that occult does deal full damage to all targets. I imagine it works in the same way void works, or something. I can't remember if staves deal to all targets, but I think they do, so it's probably just that, and Salve is the dumb exception. Your chinning dude was also using Void deflector with an armadyl chestplate by the way, despite the picture of zammy book.
  17. Salve ammy damage only applies to 1 target, however the occult neckalce does deal the extra damage to all targets. (I have no idea how or why it's calculated that way) I was kinda lowballing my xp per chin to be safe, but I do think 210xp/chin at level 77 is quite an overestimation, especially if you're managing 1800 chins/hour (Not spending forever lining up perfect 3x3 chins) Ninjaedit: The thread you're basing formulas on is using extreme ranging potions, that explains it. Could you link to the spreadsheet on google docs or something? I'd be interested in playing with it.
  18. I've also been considering bursting mage, 6gp/xp is a lot cheaper than I expected, especially with that setup. I can't imagine the magic 15% prayer being worth using, not only for the prayer pot cost, but mostly for the shortened trips. Surely occult necklace would be way better than fury and salve? It may actually be worth manually casting with Staff of the Dead for the damage + rune saving.
  19. Wear void and max range bonus gear, holy wrench, 4 range pots, 20 pray pots, 1 super antipoison, teletab, greegree 65-99 range with red chins you're going to average something around 210xp per chin, using eagle eye at all times. (Way worse at 65, way better at 99. Averages, yo.) Medium fuse is actually 1 tick faster than Short fuse. Because Jagex. A lot of players actually get 99 range and never even figure this out, a bunch of guides are out there advising people to use short fuse... (Sure it saves you a few gp, it's clearly horrible and most are simply unaware though) With medium fuse, you throw 2000 chins an hour, insane. Expect to do about 34 trips. You'll use around 60k chins (45m), 680 prayer potions (7m) and 136 range pots (560k)... Total cost being almost 52.5m. "52.5m!? WTF THAT'S A LOT OF MONEY BRO" Yeah it is. But you're doing this in about 40 hours (lots of time used for banking and setting up.) Vs about 155 hours training with something like iron knives or broad bolts. So... you pay 52.5m for about 115 hours of time. So you're paying about 456k per hour saved, another way to look at it is, you need to make 456k/hour to make chins efficient to do. (And your money making method most certainly gives some useful bonus XP) All my numbers are extremely rough estimates, I'm basically throwing this at you hoping for you to pick it apart and explain what you believe to be incorrect and what the correct number is. Numbers based roughly on this thread as well as previous personal experience chinning 99 range: http://[Use Quick Find Code]/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?321,322,469,65229597,goto,1 (I could not find much data on black chins at all really. 30 range strength vs 15 range strength. Max hit of 25 vs 21 (at 99 range). Hits 10 targets instead of 9. +10 range accuracy bonus. 1k ea vs 750 ea for reds. On paper they sound like they're probably worth using, yet again costing more in total, but saving more time and therefore economically efficient if you can make decent money.)
  20. I have not played RS3 for more than 10 minutes, but when I open it I legitmately get an instant headache and have no idea where anything is and just hate everything, I just watched a RS3 video and the guy had a rather tolerable looking setup. I know you can manually resize and rearrange stuff, but are there an assortment of default layouts that don't suck? Is there a way to make text larger too?
  21. It's been great how active the jmods have been in getting player feedback and really checking that the players WANT an update before just throwing it at players. There was even a bit of contravery quite recently when the mods changed the name of one of the Falador drakes to "duckie" or something, after a famour streamer. A lot of players (kind of overreactionary) went into an outrage over this as it was not polled and they didn't like it for whatever reason, sure enough, the mods apologised and removed it from the game. JMODS APOLOGISED. AND UNDID SOMETHING. JAGEX EMPLOYEES! (old school) Runescape is finally a game that cares about it's players and more importantly, can own up to mistakes and do something about them.
  22. I've been playing OSRS none stop since it came out, and I made a F2P account in the trial to join in with the F2P hype :D I'd love for more players to come into OSRS, it's been really awesome meeting people that have NEVER played any version of runescape before in their lives but were somehow directed to old school and they actually prefer it not only over RS3, but all the other modern F2P mmo's out there now days. For those unaware, OSRS isn't simply a perfect copy of the game from 2007, they've actually added tons of brand NEW content that never existed pre-eoc and doesn't even exist in RS3. It's really it's own game and it's amazing how much work the small jmod team put into it. (We have new weapons, bosses, minigames... There is talk of a new skill coming soon, even a new land mass 50% the size of all of the current map to be added into the game. Really major stuff.)
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