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  1. A F2P trial for a previously exclusively P2P version of the game is a big deal and not like a new graphical update to a sword or whatever. I think you're intentionally being difficult as it seems pretty clear to me how it's not the same thing. On reflection I think it speaks more about an inactive fansite than an uncaring one, though. Ultimately it's not a big deal either way as I'm sure tip.it won't get much traffic of people that want to try the F2P trial and don't already know about it, I just struggle to imagine any other gaming site ignoring a major thing like this. http://forum.tip.it/topic/273054-update-teasers/ http://forum.tip.it/forum/339-runescape-news/
  2. A runescape fansite mentioning that the old school version of runescape having a F2P trial is something that should be expected. A fansite mentioning the trial is a part of what Jagex would expect to attract new members to their game, and wouldn't invalidate the results, it's extraordinary for it not to happen and it NOT happening would be a bigger oddball that would skew the results. A Runescape fansite not even mentioning it could be construed as anti-OSRS.
  3. I started off really disliking that I couldn't come into ORSR with my very high level RS3 account, and within about 3 days I was extremely pleased they did it. The early game of runescape is one of the most fun parts, especially if you're a higher level player that has already been experiencing the high end of the gameplay for a long time. It's been extremely satisfying leveling up skills that I had previously 99'd, and I know it's going to be a great feeling when I start to surpass my RS3's stats in 2007. I'd say just try it out and you may find yourself not hating it as much as you may think you will.
  4. I'm not talking about endorsing it, I'm just talking about making some sort of content that will alert players it actually exists, cos as Saradomin Mage states, not everyone knows it exists. "OSRS currently has a F2P trial. You can play it here." would be good enough.
  5. Something like a banner or a few stickied threads. I think it's a big deal and should be supported by tip.it.
  6. I thing its a lovely title ;p They should , you killed it so you should get something in return for it. But they would be a major bug if you get torso back then as people could kill them selfs for free cash . ;) Well yeah, what I mean is that you lose the torso if you die with it. So people wouldn't use torso much anymore and instead use rune platebody or something, actual risk. It just seems rediculous to me that the mode that is "You lose your stuff when you die." is somewhere you can use all your favorite untradables and pick them back up when you die, just seems like a broken game.
  7. Lol at this title. I hope they make untradables turn into cash on death in low wildy/pvp worlds so pking can actually involve some sort of risk.
  8. Odd. Perhaps he got a 3rd 99 and the trim thing activates every time you get a 99? Or maybe Jagex just silently fixed it.
  9. I remember that you were once able to drop your untrimmed cape in a F2P world, get the 2nd 99 in members world, log back into F2P and telegrab your cape and it would stay untrimmed. Does this still work? I'm on track to 99 hitpoints and I'd like to keep it untrimmed :D
  10. Well I like AFKing and I'm approaching max melee pretty soon so sadly I can no longer take advantage of AFK guthans. Melee/hitpoints: Guthans - 6 hours Range/mage: NMZ with full absorb - 20+ minutes, could theoretically Onyx bolts (e) 6 hours, blood spells 6 hours. Prayer: 1 inventory at a gilded alter cos that's now automated. Runecrafting: None? Construction: ??? Agility: ??? Herblore: 1 inventory of a potion? Thieving: ??? Crafting: 1 inventory of pretty much any crafting material Fletching: 1 inventory of longbows Slayer: Afk most aggressive tasks ~15 mins Hunter: ??? Mining: Motherlode mining/Pure ess Smithing: Any kind of smithing really, cballs very afk. Fishing: Any kind of fishing, higher tier means less chance of full inventory. Cooking: 1 inventory of food Firemaking: None Woodcutting: Highest tree available? Farming: N/A
  11. I'm not sure exactly how much the prayers negate damage, but you're right that it's not 100%. I think it's just something like "75% not to hit through prayer" BEFORE the actual accuracy calculation takes place, either way, it makes typical melee not a good option when it's protecting from it. With your levels I think you should use whip and trident on the correct phases. Due to the nature of KQ's attacking I'd recommend duo even at max combat, it's just not worth it to solo.
  12. You get 4-5 minutes? That sounds longer than I think it is. By the way, you get keys from the wilderness GWD to instantly enter a boss room. You could certainly get in the room in 4 minutes or under. Even with my screw up I think i got there in like 3 minutes and my stuff was already gone, though I may have taken longer than it felt.
  13. Well I died doing bandos last night and didn't make it back to pick up my firecape, much sadness. I derped up and didn't bring a hammer so wasted like 40 seconds realising my error and rebanking. Just curious how much time you actually get, also if it's theoretically possible to make it back to bandos god room in time, with the key, of course. Your stuff is immediately available for other players to pick up, so no real wealth lost with trusty friends.
  14. I find this funny because I vividly remember using dominion tower for xp too. I tweeted like all the OSRS/Jmod things I could find with questions about guthans NMZ but didn't get a response from anyone. I'm sure they're aware of NMZ for xp in general, maybe not the intracies such as the absorb 1 hp glitch or guthans, but I'm sure they see 1k people in w330 and note that as a point of interest.
  15. Neat, got a link to them stating it's fine? I tried twittering them but they didn't respond
  16. I agree guthans thing should be nerfed, i've stopped doing it after looking into vauge anti-AFK stuff jagex have said in the past, plus it wasn't all that great xp/hour anyway.
  17. That seems kind of rediculous, I'd love to hear something officially from Jagex on it before they start banning. To me it seems perfectly legitimate, I'd understand if they didn't approve of it and publically threatened to ban if you used it, but I'd want a warning or something first as it's not obviously against any rules that I'm aware of.
  18. Going to delete just in case as it's possibly against jagex rules.
  19. Yay 90+ all melee stats. Also my first time guthans afking. Free 300k xp while sleeping? Don't mind if I do.
  20. I do not have the formula but I do have a link to a max hit calc that has been 100% accurate according to my personal max hits. http://web.archive.org/web/20100207194657/http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=max_hit_calc.htm In max gear (fury), potted + piety 1/99 max hit is 98 1/90 max hit is 93 1/80 max hit is 88 As you can see the difference is quite significant.
  21. Oh yeah I later discovered that forumla was incorrect. That was how it worked pre-eoc, but in 2007 it is different.
  22. Dharoks sucks at low total hitpoints level. I know sara sword is better at like 70 hitpoints, and dharoks is better at 99 hitpoints, I don't have a clue at what point dharoks becomes better.
  23. Hey I didn't suggest you chin, i suggested you MELEE in that location. Lots of respawning undead things with high hitpoints for you to whack while getting the salve ammy (e) bonus. Dragon 2h specs hit 9 targets for amazing xp. Strictly for leveling efficiently I'd just say assess the amount of xp to next level. Something like 72 str 70 atk 85 str 75 atk 90 str 80 atk 95 str 85 atk 99 str Each strength level is gonna be way more beneficial to your xp/hour if you train somewhere like NMZ, but if 1 strength level takes 4 times as long as 1 attack level, it might be better to train attack etc..
  24. Well it sounds like you're into PVM and not necessarily a pvp account, so I'd say that you shouldn't straight up get 99 strength while staying 70 attack and defense. At least get 80 attack or something, the extra accuracy does help for leveling somewhat. NMZ is my favorite training area because of how afk it is, only thing I think is even better xp/hour would be the place that you chin in ape atol with a salve ammy (e) and a dragon 2h for specs. Slayer is always an option, kinda bad melee xp, but it's a good skill to train, and it's efficient to do it while you still need melee xp. I don't think it's realistically possible to train 99 strength in a week, assuming 75k/hour xp rate average (lower at 77, higher at 98) that's over 150 hours of pure gameplay. One really cool method is to AFK with full guthans in normal NMZ before you go to bed, you will survive 6 hours and you will autolog so no risk of even dying standing outside the thing to a random event. I think you must train controlled with this though. 3). I have no experience there, but I'm sure you could find a team with 90+ atk 90+ strength, there is an offical GWD clan chat under the minigame tab thing and there are often more... amature teams there (The good teams typically are in PVM clans or have reliable partners as friends) 4). I've been playing hearthstone while I RS, it's a turn based card game and you get plenty of time to make your move in multiplayer so no worries to like pot up or something in the middle of the game. Netflix is good, too.
  25. NSFW langauge in video. Bandos kill with Rune 2h - EPIC drop!
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