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  1. Tent whip (Fighter hat, zerk ring) 135 slash - 131 strength Max hit = 48 Average hit = 24 Effective attack level (E) = 118 * 1.2 = 141.6 = 141 Attack roll (A) = (E + 8) * (1 + Bonus / 64) = (141 + 8) * (1 + 135 / 64) = (149) * (1 + 2.109375) = (149) * (3.109375) = 463.296875 Accuracy C = (A - 1) / 2(D) C = (463.296875 - 1) / 2(639.46777770196506550218340611418) C = 462.296875 / 2(639.46777770196506550218340611418) C = 462.296875 / 1278.9355554039301310043668122282 C = 0.36147003111 DPS Accuracy * Average hit / (seconds per hit) 0.36147003111* 24 / 2.4 DPS = 3.6147003111 AHA!!! AS SUSPECTED! Zerk ring + Fighter hat is the best. Warrior ring is not worth using.
  2. Thanks Hedge, I'd really appreciate that. Tent whip (max attack) 143 slash - 123 strength Max hit = 46 Average hit = 23 Effective attack level (E) = 118 * 1.2 = 141.6 = 141 Attack roll (A) = (E + 8) * (1 + Bonus / 64) = (141 + 8) * (1 + 143 / 64) = (149) * (1 + 2.234375) = (149) * (3.234375) = 481.921875 Accuracy C = (A - 1) / 2(D) C = (481.921875 - 1) / 2(639.46777770196506550218340611418) C = 480.921875 / 2(639.46777770196506550218340611418) C = 480.921875 / 1278.9355554039301310043668122282 C = 0.37603292282 DPS Accuracy * Average hit / (seconds per hit) 0.37603292282* 23 / 2.4 DPS = 3.60364884369 Godsword (Max Attack) 166 slash - 164 strength Max hit = 57 Average hit = 28.5 Effective attack level (E) = 118 * 1.2 = 141.6 = 141 Attack roll (A) = (E + 8) * (1 + Bonus / 64) = (141 + 8) * (1 + 166 / 64) = (149) * (1 + 2.59375) = (149) * (3.59375) = 535.46875 Accuracy C = (A - 1) / 2(D) C = (535.46875 - 1) / 2(639.46777770196506550218340611418) C = 535.46875 / 2(639.46777770196506550218340611418) C = 535.46875 / 1278.9355554039301310043668122282 C = 0.41868313672 DPS Accuracy * Average hit / (seconds per hit) 0.41868313672 * 28.5 / 3.6 DPS = 3.31457483237 Attack is better with Whip and godsword! Kraken whip with attack is the ultimate thus far. I have one more test to do though. Fighter hat with zerk ring. This will be the ultimate conclusion, as it's 5 slash for 3 str, whereas the rings are 8 for 8. Hope that justification makes sense to you all.
  3. Gonna calc lots of different setups today but for now just max str kraken whip vs max str godsword. For reference "Max strength" means with fury and defender because true max str is impractical Graardor's max slash defence roll is 639.46777770196506550218340611418 Tent whip (max strength) 130 slash - 134 strength Max hit = 49 Average hit = 24.5 Effective attack level (E) = 118 * 1.2 = 141.6 = 141 Attack roll (A) = (E + 8) * (1 + Bonus / 64) = (141 + 8) * (1 + 130 / 64) = (149) * (1 + 2.01375) = (149) * (3.01375) = 449.04875 Accuracy C = (A - 1) / 2(D) C = (449.04875 - 1) / 2(639.46777770196506550218340611418) C = 448.04875 / 2(639.46777770196506550218340611418) C = 448.04875 / 1278.9355554039301310043668122282 C = 0.35032941895 DPS Accuracy * Average hit / (seconds per hit) 0.35032941895* 24.5 / 2.4 DPS = 3.57627948511 Godsword (Max Strength) 153 slash - 175 strength Max hit = 60 Average hit = 30 Effective attack level (E) = 118 * 1.2 = 141.6 = 141 Attack roll (A) = (E + 8) * (1 + Bonus / 64) = (141 + 8) * (1 + 153 / 64) = (149) * (1 + 2.390625) = (149) * (3.390625) = 505.203125 Accuracy C = (A - 1) / 2(D) C = (505.203125 - 1) / 2(639.46777770196506550218340611418) C = 504.203125 / 2(639.46777770196506550218340611418) C = 504.203125 / 1278.9355554039301310043668122282 C = 0.39423653746 DPS Accuracy * Average hit / (seconds per hit) 0.39423653746 * 30 / 3.6 DPS = 3.28530447883 In conculsion, max strength Kraken whip is a good bit better than the godsword. It's close enough to make me curious to test the godsword stats in attack gear too though see how it changes. Coming soon: Max attack armours (fighter hat, warrior ring) etc... Let's see what the true best gear is.
  4. You essentially want best range defense possible. So i guess bandos > barrows > granite > rune > prosylyte Remember you keep your 3 most valuable items as long as you do not skull, but i understand the apprehensiveness.
  5. Yes you will. Fedora 1/64 drop rate. 300k Shards 1/128 drop rate each. 400k. You can get 60 kills an hour on w1. That's a bit under 700k/hour average just based on rare drops. A very conservitive estimate for average value of common drop is 10k, though probably closer to 15k. That equates to 600-900k/hour. That makes it 1.3-1.6m/hour with 60 kills per hour, which is feasible, or still over 1m/hour with less kills that you may get if you're not super active (I think i'm on track for like 45 kills/hour in the video, doing guidey stuff and messing around) I hate when people blindly discredit things based on their very limited experience or knowledge on a thing.
  6. You do not get special energy back when you die. Stuff like pest control does give special energy after you leave or win the game. Just wondering what the fastest most practical method is to regain your special energy, preferably one that doesn't involve another player (like dual arena) though feel free to suggest whatever you're aware of.
  7. Trying to sell these things in bulk, they usually go for 20k ea when sold individually. Please do not offer me with trades less than 20 crossbows. I will not respond.
  8. Some might consider this fairly common sense but I'm sure a lot of people never considered this being an option, hopefully this helps at least one Dharoker out there. :)
  9. Also: What are the best afk money makers in EOC? I figure I might as well afk some GP for Bonds while I play OSRS :P
  10. Lol, it's a bad day for science, a good day for slayer... Just got a 230 black demon task, and I like to do those in NMZ (Afk 255xp per kill doing what I wanna do anyway? Yes please!) so I won't be able to grab any data from hosts other than black demons for a few days probably. I will record some data of black demons with slay helm vs nezzy and also the slayer xp gains/hour though.
  11. Hello. This is pretty unscientific as I'm merely recording my own data to come to a conclusion on which bosses are best to use as host, my combat stats do not remain constant, though I will try to adjust for differences and keep controllable things as consistent as possible. This is one of the most common hosts you'll find. People speculate that replacing Black Demon with Kendal leads to more experience and less points. We shall see soon once I have some Kendal data. Another very common host to find. This seems to be what most players consider the bext xp. We'll see. A rather uncommon variance on the more common types, titan has 255 lifepoints (same as demon and warlord) and fairly low combat. I personally suspect this may be the optimal xp/hour and also better points (Tree spirit sucks for points.) I cannot really control which hosts are available when I decide to do NMZ, but I will try as many varieties as possible to try and come to a conclusion on which is the best mix. I would love to use one of those very rare dream mentor hosts as I suspect that would be great points, though I have never seen one of these before.
  12. Just curious, how does it transition you from 1 world to the bot world? If you notice you're put in a bot world can you just change worlds? I think theoretically it could be useful to monitor bots and gather data, I dunno how well they are handling it though. I've personally not seen many bots at all in the past few weeks, but i don't skill.
  13. Not a pure in the low defense sense, but 70(maybe 75 with kraken whip) attack 70 defense 99 strength accounts are a lot of fun. Just dharok pking, or you can do rune with whip or whatever, at that level you don't really have any opponent that has an advantage over you, just a lot with lower strength and lower KO power than you, putting you at the advantage. Only sucky thing is you can't train only str with whip so you're gonna have to use SS to pk with, or just accept that you will slowly become less pure and gain more attack levels or whatever. 94 magic is essential for any serious pker that can use veng (Think you need like 30+ defense for quests, so not pures)
  14. Alright. Cool. Suppose I'll be maging a firecape tonight then.
  15. I've never understood how exactly this works and can't seem to find any information on it. First of all, do all spells have the same base accuracy? I remember anecdotally people thought lower level spells were MORE accurate but I never saw any statistics on this. How much a part do your levels, your magic attack bonus, and your opponents defense play into it? Does the trident of the seas have it's own accuracy, or is it the same as (All?) spells or a specific spell that can be used as a reference point? I'm curious if 80 mage trident/ancients is gonna be better than 61 range on Jad. I just watched a guy do jad with trident and blood blitz and from the video the blood blitz seemed to have WAY better accuracy which is why I'm curious, though the same size of attacks was quite small. He didn't do it, but bursting the healers when they're near jad might be a good idea. They have significantly lower mage defense and the way bursting works would mean jad would get hurt a lot.
  16. They provide well tested defense rolls of Graardor as well as proven accuracy/DPS forumla for weapons, so if someone with some math skills and time to calculate it, yeah you should be able to find some definitive answers for bandos using that information relatively easily. I got a job interview to go to in an hour or two, when I get back I may take another crack at this depending on how the interview goes! :P
  17. I recently tried calculating this but couldn't wrap my head around it at all. For anyone interested in trying, here are some good sources of information for you to work with: http://www.xp-waste.com/the-bandos-project-major-update-t72.html http://www.xp-waste.com/oldschool-staking-odds-calculator-and-accuracy-formula-t3810.html I'm interested in the results. Based on experience and anecdotal evidence I suspect the whip, and certainly the kraken whip, will reign supreme, but godsword being better wouldn't shock me too much.
  18. I do show off str boosting prayers as an option and say they'd give better xp and cover overloads and why I prefer supers. Suppose I should name it something like "Least actions per minute" as that's what it really is lol. Why would hypercam give better quality than superiour software? There must be some sort of setting that is used.
  19. Well obviously the game is in a very small window size and I don't even think it's 16:9. So I was curious what would be the best way to record it while retaining as much quality as possible? My typical streaming settings led to a pretty bad looking video, with text somewhat difficult to read... Example of video: Any advice on making it look more presentable?
  20. I don't use overloads because I afk a lot. I just lie in bed watching netflix, double clicking the "rapid restore" prayer every 40 seconds or so stay at 2hp. This way I don't jump up to 51hp every 5 minutes and get wrecked when I'm not looking at the screen. When I'm being more active I do use ovls and flick piety. (I set quick pray to rapid restore and piety. Flick it every attack, or every other attack if lazy.) DH's effectiveness should not change at different strength levels, although at lower lifepoint totals it is significantly weaker so you might coincidentally have a point. Dh demon whip MTD seems pretty arbritary, the attack styles have similar accuracy. I typically whip demons, cos I like to do my slayer tasks in NMZ, and wear slay helm. D2H seems like the best spec wep but I don't want to dish out 800k just for this minigame lol, I currently use GMaul. Also: Woot. I unlocked bgloves 2 hours ago.
  21. It is microtransactions and I feel that they are indicative of a game no longer in it's glory years. But, I play 07. And I if I can get free membership by earning gold in game, that sounds good to me. I am taking advantage of an unfortunate situation I'd prefer not to exist.
  22. I'm well aware somebody pays real money for it, just not necessarily me.
  23. Yep. Seeing as trading 07 for rs3 isn't against the rules, is it common for players to earn 12m worth (1.2m OSRS?) and just buy their membership via ingame gold, kinda the opposite of RWT? :P I mean... I'm probably gonna start doing that once I've attained the best armour and am saving up for AGS at a rate much faster than 1.2m/month. I almost feel by NOT doing it I'm participating in RWT by giving £5 a month NOT to lose my 1.2m!!
  24. I just discovered it after not playing for a long time. I figure not everyone is up to speed on everything at all times so hopefully this will be useful to somebody else.
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