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  1. I just learned about this. The item is called "bond" and it's sold in the GE, about 6m right now. It gives you 14 days membership, which also works for OSRS. So if like me you had 100m's of useless cash sitting in RS3 you don't play, you can use it to buy old school membership!
  2. As an 07 player that quit when EoC came out. (I can't say it was entirely because of EoC, real life was busy and it was a rather large straw on an already overburdened camel's back), I'm certainly curious enough to check this out when it's released. Thing is, though, it's not just the EoC attack style or whatever that changed, the combat changed massively with everything. My favorite thing to do was bandos, 2 claws and a few chaotic maul hits, unreliable damage and competitiveness with other PvMers that involved just enough luck to keep everyone interested in competing, some people hated it, some loved it like I did. Before I quit, I tried out EoC bossing, and both bandos and corp were the same, I just stood there and mashed my keyboard, watching the exact same numbers popping up without any element of randomness, wondering if there was much point in mashing the keys in a specific order outside of queuing them to cooldown optimally (A skill that took all of 5 minutes to master) and wondering how people were gonna chat if we were all mashing our keyboards. (They wouldn't) Dunno if any of that EoC stuff changed as time went on, but if it's still not random damage, it's gonna be impossible for them to implement random damage vs reliable damage without making 1 of them useless/underpowered for certain activities, such as competitive pvm and pvp. Best I am expecting is "Look you have your old combat! It's so weak that you'll never use it long term and it's unusuable to pvp with, but hey while you're here why don't you try this EoC stuff? It's super great, much better exp than the crummy old combat." then they don't have to care about balance as long as old combat remains suboptimal as they've already stated it will be. I am being very cynical, though.
  3. Just have a few key questions for 07 bandos. A). Karils vs BCP/Torags... Karils top is incredibly popular for solo and always has been but I seem to recall it being a pretty big misconception and the extra range/melee defense of BCP was better in the longrun for solo? I think karils was probably better for teams not tanking as you didn't need the extra range defense? B). Whip vs Godsword? I feel like whip is the obvious choice, but I do remember that the maul was better than the rapier simply because at graardor's defense, the higher attack bonuses were much more significant than on most weak mobs. I have my doubts godsword could beat whip, but I gotta ask. C). Any 2007 specific stuff a 2012 GWD addict wouldn't be familiar with? My philosophy has always been DPS > Defense, but I don't know if that's applicable with all the weaker stuff and no summoning. I've seen tanks use guthans and heal on mobs as the attackers kill the boss, is that actually efficient or should they just be attacking instead? FYI: I don't intend on doing much bandos at my current stats. I have some leveling to do.
  4. Just a little FYI to people: The black demons in NMZ DO count towards slayer task. Quite poetically getting the slayer ponts to craft slayer helms at the same time as I get enough points to imbue the helm :)
  5. Well I've been doing a lot of dharoking since making this thread and it's leading me to feel like 2-current/max may not be accurate for 07. I feel like perhaps the dharoks used to work one way, and was later changed to be 2-current/max. The reason for this is mostly because all calcs I have found using the wayback machine around 07 seem to imply that there is a big difference between having 80 hp and 99hp, while ones from around 2012 coincide with the 2-current/max formula. Now of course a logical explanation is that the max calcs were simply wrong and later corrected, which I'd usually believe, it's just that their results are perfectly matched with my damage. at 2/79hp, 83 strength, super pot (old school ovl gives same boost as "super strength"), no prayer, my exact equipment, all calcs say my max is 54. However, they say 2/99 my max would be 59. I have done 1000's of hits in NMZ and never seen a hit above 54. I find it highly unlikely if the calc was incorrect, that it would be perfectly incorrectly catered to a 79 life point player. So yeah. I'm pretty sure each level of hitpoints increases your max damage significantly with dharoks when your current hp remains constant, in old school runescape. I'm pretty confident about it otherwise I'd never contest Hedggehog who is almost always right :P
  6. How much XP/hr are you getting with Dharoks and 81 str there? I haven't done any trips in a while but I get like 75k str xp/hr with 60 att 81 str. I use DDS and all the powerups with 15% strength prayer Never bothered tracking it at all, all I can say is that it's better than alternatives. Sometimes I feel like dharoks is less DPS than whip but statistics tell me otherwise so it must be confirmation bias. Using the powerups other than spec one interestingly would give you less xp, as the bonus damage gives 0 xp. That said, the extra points are probably worth more than the negligable amount of XP you'd miss out on. Next trip I do I'll be sure to note my strength xp gain and edit it into this post. EDIT: 65k/hour... I potted super set about once every 20 minutes, verrrry afk. Even though not potted or pray, this was surprisingly low to me. I did use a guy that had black demons though so I'm not sure how much of a negative impact that has on the xp/hour, i can't imagine a lot based off all the hits I saw land on them, their def seems low. While on topic: Do you know what is up with the points gained per creature? The values I get are vastly different from those listed on the wiki.
  7. 400k points in nightmare zone rumble. I did not move from that spot once. Makes me curious how many points you'd get if you ran around using powers, flicked piety, potted more efficiently and brought more absorb pots... 1m+ easy. (all in max xp rumble)
  8. The latest poll blog thingy involves Nightmare Zone (Allowing you to imbue Salve Amulets so they also buff range/mage) and to a lesser extent, making rock cakes deal 10% damage rather than 1 damage. With these changes, I feel like it's possible they'll tweak the absorbtion "bug" and also maybe mess around with the whole boosting business in general. I can't say they'd be wrong to do this, though I am enjoying the easy afk experience while it's available. As seen in this pic.
  9. Thank you! For those like me that had to google that sum, it means that your max hp has a very small impact when you're 1hp. 1/80 would be 1.9875 * normal hit 1/99 would be 1.9898 * normal hit
  10. I assumed EOC would have changed dharoks and every other damage thing to a point where comparison is impossible, is that not the case?
  11. Ughh, stupid feels. Reminded me of my best runescape buddy who quit about 4 years ago. It's funny how much of an impact he had on my life, and how much it feels like loss. Learned a lesson from then, get contact details other than runescape if you truly care about the person.
  12. I'm just curious how your max damage is effected. I seem to remember reading a thread on this on tip.it a long time ago but can't find it now. Essentially, I wanna know if a 1hp guy with 75 max lifepoints can deal close to a guy with 99 max hp, I feel like the answer is no, but I am not sure. Actual numbers for specific life points and stuff would be amazing.
  13. Hi guys. Haven't played this game in a long time, too long, seems most of my friends don't log in any more. Runescape isn't much fun without friends to play with, I wanna know if there are any clans I could join and maybe do some boss runs, maybe just chat about pvm and duo with random members casually. Currently only 93 combat with ~10m bank, but those will be worked on ;) If you don't have a clan or anything but wanna chat with me about pvm and maybe do some GWD in future feel free to add me. Mr Frogger is the name.
  14. We don't have 07. We have Old School, a game that is based on the engine from March 2007, but is updated with new content that doesn't match content updates chronologically from the starting point of March 2007. As the content is made for the players and the developers ask for player opinions on the best updates they can implement, we are entitled to the version of runescape we want to play, almost by definition. But please, do continue to bombard us with the ill thought out opinions that you are entitled to have, while ignoring the actual content question.
  15. I remember it was voted to fix the pathing in one of the early polls but honestly it doesn't seem much better now. Was it done and it's just not very good? Or is it coming later? Or are they just not going to bother?
  16. Hmm, the ardy quests are all very appealing for some fast points. Roving elves actually isn't required for piety, but if I do regicide then I'll probably do roving anyway as it's relatively short and unlocks a few other quests. Crystal equipment is really oddly weak and expensive though.
  17. I'm curious if anyone has ever made a list of the best quests to do to reach 176, essentially a list of important quests you should do anyway like desert treasure and the best easy fast quest points ones like Witches House.
  18. See that's a completely valid point why someone should vote no, it actually takes the system into account. I do agree auto guilded would make ecto even more unappealing and thus irrelevant, but on the other hand I like to think the ecto can act as the "human effort for cheaper xp" while the guided is more convenient but more expensive. Of course the relative speeds of xp gain make ecto rather inefficient from a money saving point of view, but that's not on me. One thing I can never see happening in OSRS is new content or changes that were NOT done in pre-eoc. So the option of speeding up ecto to be cheaper and faster, but hard manual labour, and making guided automatic. (Or vice versa) isn't exactly realistic, although I think that would be best for the game. Obviously any reference of "effort" or "labor" are relative, you don't need to point out clicking a mouse isn't hard work.
  19. Everyone seems to be missing the point here, yes it wasn't like that in 2007, yes most of us including me will only have to suffer through it for a relatively short while, but the system itself is still something that could be improved (If you agree that it is need of improvement, which few have actually answered.) I'd like all elements of the game I play to be as good as they can get, even the ones that don't effect me personally.
  20. They're changing OSRS every week. There are polls to add or update content that include things that were only ever implemented into the main game in 2012. I'm not overly fond of the concept of old school, i just want the "old school" combat system and for the worst post 2011 updates (EOC etc) to never be added. I understand I'm not in the majority on that part and will fight my battles as they come :)
  21. I played before 07, i didn't like it then, I don't like it now. Tradition is a bad excuse to avoid improving something. @ ignore bot potential to abuse system. Sure, happy to. I don't see Jagex doing it though. By realistic human limit i meant like 10 clicks a second anyway. You can't do 10 clicks a second, but it stops a bot from doing 1000 a second.
  22. Yes a toggle would be excellent. If you feel like min maxing, go nuts, but not everyone has to be subjected to it. Only problem with the "no limit" stuff is how susceptible it is to bots or macros. I remember seeing people get 1m+ fletch xp/hour using macros on unfinished bolts and feathers. A realistic yet very high speed human limit is always best.
  23. It doesn't make your "point" any more valid. I didn't want "07", i wanted "not SOF solomons EOC soulsplit here have some free xp"
  24. I'm getting really tired of the "you wanted 07!" comments, especially from people that don't play OSRS. No. The date jagex chose to roll back their game to a point before they royally messed it up was never run by me, if it was I'd probably have chosen early 2011. OSRS is evolving and being updated much like the live game is, it is not set in stone and it is open to improvements. You may think some changes such as this would not be an improvement to the game and you are entitled to that opinion, but for the love of god can you stop with the "there was no automated alter in 2007 so I don't want (you to have) it now!" I'm happy to do a few hours of annoying clicking, but I think it's a bad user interface that could be made much better by simply automating the process or making "use" a left click option.
  25. I'm completely against things like bonfires, but I've just bought dbones for 70 prayer and busy training it... Wow it's annoying. You have to right click the bone, ensure you click "use", click the altar. Again and again and again. And again. And again. I'm going to have carpel tunnel if I keep training. I really hope EOC altar offering gets a poll sometime in the future. Would you vote yes?
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