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  1. Love the cape :) Bright Orange with black - Lovely.
  2. 1. What do you play for? What keeps you from quitting? My Clan :) 2. What would make you quit? What could realistically happen with RuneScape that would cause you to quit quickly afterwards? If Jagex introduced RWT 3. What would would you do [after you quit]? What would you allot the time to that you had previously given RuneScape? play that game caled IRL :) (Although, I've heard the graphics aren't as good.)
  3. The first thing i did when i became a member, Was find the cheapest members items (Full H.A.M) and went back to f2p to show off. Happy days :)
  4. Can't stand RS Music.. It's so annoying, Would rather play my own :)
  5. only clan and Club 99 related events, As I'm a Clan leader and a fishing mentor, they help towards that :)
  6. it wouldn't feel right to me, Maybe that's what Stellar dawn will be like.
  7. What i look for in a clan is everyone being treated equally and fairly. After joining many clans, I didn't find one that was really suited to me, So i decided to start a new one. Slightly off from what you've asked, I've aimed the clan at what *I* look for, So like stated, everyone is treated equally, from Admins to recruits. Also, We're active and friendly, hold events for every type of player. So overall, I look for a welcoming non elitist clan :)
  8. Old Runescape, that's when it was all about talking to randomers and learning all about the game, now, I find it rather boring, The only thing keeping me going is running a clan and being involved with them :) Also, Old Dangerous Randoms, They were the good days.
  9. if Jagex are unable to control the situation, I can see that in 5 years time, the majority of those online will be bots. Shame really.
  10. a possible solution, Is when a player is reported 10 times for website advertising, They're Muted for an hour, That way, There's no one single player with the ability to mute, Vastly reducing the risk of abuse.
  11. Jagex should release a bot covertly, When people download it, The bot runs for 5 mins, Then drops the bot owners bank :) Good way around bots when slaying, Go to a non English server, Portuguese are best imo
  12. They're pretty good :)
  13. Trolls and people that reply to threads with a trolling comment then leave /thread
  14. It's a fun way to waste some time when you're bored, I've got the Xbox indie game version, Got slightly addicted :P
  15. This is one game i can't wait for, It's going to be amazing I've always enjoyed the Saints row series for the amazing storyline and Character customizations, Something GTA games lacked. Anyone else looking forward to this game? Anything you hope to see in this game?
  16. My Clans applications aren't that strict, We ask that you fill one in, And make sure you've answered everything, then we have a record of when someone has joined, It also prevents those that aren't going to be committed to the clan from joining, And we get only the best :)
  17. They've added something like that to the little motto part in the lobby, Also, would love the "doubling money" scam to be instant ban-able, Sick of seeing the newer players of rs fall into the trap (I do try to prevent it, But some people don't listen)
  18. You get your points to the exact second you subscribed to the Programme, If it hasn't worked, Then you need to contact billing support. (look in account section of rs forums)
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