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  1. Does it do this every time you run the diagnostic test?
  2. Just so you know the staff server is classed as unstable and at any time we could push an update that could completely stuff swiftkit. It is only recommend that you use it once if instructed to and then swap back to the main server
  3. What's your screen resolution? This is very odd because swiftkit was designed specifically for old school rs in fixed mode
  4. yeah this is caused by the new website thanks for reporting it will try to have this fixed as soon as possible.
  5. The main issue with pussh is that they do not offer a public way to upload. There is no way for us to be able to access their system like we do with Imgur or imageshack. If they order a public API that allowed us unlimited upload with data retention then we would be able to work something out. However given the nature of pussh being quick look once and forget I don't see them developing such a feature anytime soon.
  6. what happens if you use a new Swiftkit profile? I think this is cause by a fault in your swiftirc config files. If a new profile works then I would suggest deleting all the swiftirc_ {name}.xml files in your c:\program data\swiftkit\profiles\{yourprofile} folder.
  7. its showing you the javascript calls runescape makes in the background, its perfectly normal just that normal browsers hide this unless you specifically tell them to show it. This is normally indicated by a spinning wheel icon up on the tab. The download for example could be the runescape client requesting a new ad to display in which it would have to download the new content. Thats just an example of the numerous calls Runescape has to make to display the game.
  8. I believe you will find that the small white box is actually the chrome status bar and what it is showing you is runescape making a call to its server. similar to the one below this is nothing to be too worried about. if you can tell us what version of chrome you have installed we will see if there is a way to stop it from staying visible all the time.
  9. Simmo

    No ident response?

    Every SwiftKit user will get this that is because you do not have a indent server running on your computer, indent is really only user by bnc users or admins that is nothing to worry about. The fact that you can connect to the server and get that message means that it is an issue with SwiftIRC not SwiftKit. I would suggest taking it up with them at SwiftIRC.net
  10. do you have any proxy settings configured on your computer? SwiftKit's access to the internet is being limited
  11. have you tried running the installer as an admin or try running swiftkit itself as an admin?
  12. Go to the view menu and untick disable window resizing
  13. I believe this is what you are after kb.swiftkit.net/question-stats-lookup-or-internal-utilities-is-messed-up-.html
  14. Based on the debug you need to restart your computer
  15. Simmo

    Swiftkit problem

    are you able to get us a screenshot of this?
  16. i'm still looking into this just trying to get in touch with one of the other developers if i remember correctly there is something specific that causes this.
  17. do the patch notes on the side of the launcher load?
  18. ok you need to open up java.com with Internet Explorer not firefox. FireFox and chrome both sandbox java installs for security reason this means SwiftKit cannot access java in its entirety. On the home page you will see a link under the big read button that says "Do i have java?" click that. Click Verify Java version (you may get a security prompt you can click run on that one) Java will then run and most likely tell you to update. This will then give you the correct download to use. Java 7 now works with Runescape 100% Jagex has fixed the issues that we had with it in the past we can finally let java 6 die off.
  19. Do you have Swiftkit Set you use chrome or IE?
  20. what browser are you using when it works as normal?
  21. sorry yeah we have discovered a slight issue with the debug file so it not going to tell us what's going on. Have you tried creating a new SwiftKit profile? you can access the profiles via the file menu in Swiftkit if you have it set to always use the same profile.
  22. do the patch notes load?
  23. I have seen this a few time i think its related to a timeout request. are you able to provide us with your debug file
  24. have you tried a new swiftkit profile?
  25. can you please post the contents of your debug file,
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