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  1. no the sole issue is data no one really has a solid database yet as all the information was overridden. We are working closely with both tip.it and other sources to re construct this. As soon a we have the data we will implement this.
  2. have you tired running swiftkit as admin?
  3. have you rebooted since the install?
  4. It failing to read files in your swiftkit install folder. Have you tired installing it to a new folder or running the installer as an admin?
  5. We have narrowed it down to an issue on Jagex side it is their servers not responding not and issue with SwiftKit. This should be resolved shortly. You will find other services like RuneScript or tip.it are facing the same issues.
  6. Simmo


    I'm afraid not given how the Runescape community is, such a feature would/has been abused in the past and would just cause more issues then its worth.
  7. Thanks I have fixed this, it will be included in the next SwiftKit update.
  8. Have you restarted your computer since this started happening? Is this the first time you have tried installing it? if so did you run the exe as an admin first?
  9. Simmo


    1. SwiftSwitch is not supported by the SwiftKit Staff any longer. I would go as far as to say SwiftSwitch may be unsafe to use given that it hasn't received an update in 6 years. 2. SwiftKit staff will not be giving out information that would aid you in using a Bluelight Dev product with unlawful versions of RuneScape.
  10. is it only when you are looking up usernames for 07scape?
  11. did you try the above solution?
  12. can you please provide us with a diagnostics output this can be found in the help menu of swiftkit just click though the windows until you get the then end and copy and paste the text.
  13. For issues 1 and 2 it sounds like you have an older version of SwiftKit or the Chrome Frame is using an old cache. As both of these issues were present in early version of "Swiftkit + Chrome" and have since been resolved. I would first make sure SwiftKit is up to date and that you are using the public update server not the staff server. If still no luck, click the options link on the SwiftKit launcher and then click "User Data Directory" and delete the ChromCache Folder. In regards to the advertisement, They are controlled by Google and use your browser and search history to best determine what advertisements may interest you. So since you clearly have browsed RuneScape related content in the past, it will tailor ads based around this. We have very little control over what advertisements are shown, We are only able to block ads by URL, so this can become some what hard to stay on top of as sites like this tend to only be around for short periods of time before changing URL. So just like Tip.it , Zybez and all other fans sites that face the same issues that we do we encourage all users to report the offending ads to us via the contact us link on the news page. As for the IRC you are wrong before using the SwiftKit IRC client we force all users to read and sign a form by typing "I Agree" saying that they agree to follow the SwiftIRC Rules, which outline this. All of these rules have been the same for that last 5 years, we have direct contact with Jagex, if they have any issues with SwiftKit they contact us immediately and we address them straight away. We were at RuneFest and spoke to MMG himself about SwiftKit and he didn't have an issues with SwiftKit at the time. Given that the IRC client and the news page haven't changed at all since then I don't see them becoming issues now. Seeing as not a single user has ever been banned for using SwiftKit and we have hundreds of Jagex mods stating this, if you believe it to not be legal then by all means here is a link to the Official Runescape Client go nuts. http://www.runescape.com/downloads.ws other wise this is what SwiftKit is and we don't not have any immediate plans to change it.
  14. which guide button are you referring to? the treasure guide?
  15. try going to your user data folder then profiles/your profile/data and delete all the files that have SwiftIRC in the file names.
  16. Simmo

    Chrome problem

    You cant, gaining direct access to the game world is a breach of the rules, users must navigate the runescape website to access to the servers. http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/Macroing%2C_and_third-party_software
  17. Well then users could also make a giant list of bookmaks in the browser for each world and with a single press be in that world, but if we did that Jagex would go nuts again.
  18. That's the point, Jagex designed it so that all users had equal opportunity to enter the popular worlds, hence the rule that says you must not bypass normal navigation of the runescape website to access the game worlds or provide direct links to the game worlds and more or less the entire reason why swiftswitch became SwiftKit. The SwiftKit staff aren't going to go out of the way to provide you with an unfair advantage over other users. In particular users of the official client.
  19. Its more of a bug on Jagex's side of fence, as SwiftKit isn't the only browser that is affected by it. We will continue to look into it and see if there a way for us to stop it however that may be a long shot.
  20. Simmo

    Bug's in chrome?

    When it freezes dose minimizing the SwiftKit and then bringing it back up do anything? I know that's not a real good solution but it gives us an indication as to where we can look for a cause. I'm trying to determine if redrawing the java applet will fix it.
  21. Simmo

    Runtime error 70

    that's a permission error, have you tired installing to a different folder say swiftkit2 for example or your documents folder?
  22. Simmo

    Chrome problem

    if you right click your chrome icon and go properties it will tell you where it is located
  23. Simmo

    Error 35761

    try using the staff server the password is sphex12
  24. Is this installed to a USB drive or your hard drive?
  25. have you tired the staff server? the password is sphex12 , to me its as is anti virus or something is intercepting the update and deleting it.
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