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  1. Hi i think you may be having the same issues as this guy http://forum.tip.it/topic/322565-help-needed/?p=5469438
  2. do you use the chrome frame feature with swiftkit? if so do you face the same issues with chrome by itself?
  3. Simmo


    In your swiftkit install folder there is a file called "links.ini" try deleting that file, that will then force swiftkit to update the stats lookup.
  4. Simmo


    Not currently, we may be able to tweak it in an update though.
  5. We need to know a few things so we can diagnose it. Are you using Java or HTML5? and are you using the Chrome frame feature of SwiftKit?
  6. Simmo

    Coloured borders

    That there is caused by java rather than swiftkit itself. I say that based on that we don't actually interact with the game in anyway that is all handled by the browser be that IE or Chrome. There is no real easy fix, I would give deleting your runescape cache a try or reinstalling java.
  7. did you run the installer as an admin? and did the installer complete it looks like the cancel button has been press on the installer before it had finished
  8. make sure that your screenshot setting is set to original and that your DPI setting in windows are set to 100%. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-au/windows/make-screen-text-larger-smaller#make-screen-text-larger-smaller=windows-8
  9. It is mac only hence why it is in the mac section of the KB. There is no windows version because there is no need for it. The official client still uses java just like Swiftkit. So either way you have it on your system. The reason why we have it with the mac version is because Apple discontinued support for java.
  10. do you have any proxy setting configured in internet options?
  11. I have spoken to jmods about this this and many other things. The third party rules are out of date and they are working off a more up to date unpublished version. As i'm still in the uk I have not had the chance to discuss this with the rest of the swiftkit staff. So I cant give you our position on this just yet.
  12. Simmo

    Alog on SwiftKit

    We have called them out on things like this in the past it gets you nowhere. We are best of just waiting it out.
  13. Simmo

    Alog on SwiftKit

    This is some what strange it appears to be username specific, for example mine is only showing up 10 results where as stidor bring up tons.
  14. We are in talks with Jagex about the legality of this we should know more after runefest. At which point we will make a decision. At present our interpretation of the Runescape Rules prevents us from adding this and we have conflicting messages from Jmods. At RuneFest we intend to resolve this once and for all.
  15. This isn't an issue with SwiftKit or Imageshack i believe its because IPB and vB are modern forums and use rich text editors. Instead of using the bbcode try just using the direct link and clicking the image button.
  16. I think its because you're running the dev version of chrome i will run some tests to find out.
  17. are you able to get us a screenshot of the message?
  18. Simmo

    error 35758 55

    have you rebooted since you installed sk?
  19. have you tried clearing your cache?
  20. What version of RS are you playing? Old school, RS3, RS3 Beta. None of us have been able to replicate this. I think preventing it from happening in the first place would be better than having it as an option.
  21. This is becuase the irc client for mac is web based like so > http://qwebirc.swiftirc.net/ as such there is currently no way to log conversations.
  22. yeah with the divination update everything is out of alignment (code wise). We have a update due out this weekend to resolve this.
  23. http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/Macroing%2C_and_third-party_software 2. Software that monitors, modifies or decrypts the communications between our game applets and our game worlds. That would fall under this category which is not allowed.
  24. does right click work for you in chrome itself?
  25. Sy_Accursed is correct in that swiftkit is just a frame around google chrome or Internet explorer we have not interaction with anything inside that frame. We would never attempt to intercept, decode or alter any content inside the frame. So this is just a straight forward no from us. Any UI changes or suggestions need to be taken up with jagex on the official forums.
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