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  1. what rendering mode are you in? opengl directx .ect edit also which game 2013 or 2007?
  2. Simmo

    Error launching

    try changing the folder where you installed swiftkit to something different like Swiftkit2
  3. Simmo

    Cant copy/paste

    Well its ctrl + v to paste, what version of windows do you have and are you running any custom UI tools such as windows blinds?
  4. Simmo

    Hide Menu Bar

    it is members only the very bottom setting http://i.imgur.com/Zup1xph.png
  5. We are working on this and and a lot more to do with old school rs, just heng tight we are attempting to solve a fairly major issue with jagex once this is solved every thing else should fall in place relatively quickly.
  6. I would try deleting SwiftKit-rs[Caution: Executable File] from your install folder. This will force an update of it, with a bit of luck it will have resolved it.
  7. It may also be an issues with a firewall blocking SwiftKit from accessing the internet do the patch notes load?
  8. if you got to C:\ProgramData\SwiftKit\Temp Data do you have a file in there called SwiftKit-rs[Caution: Executable File] in there? If so copy that to your C:\Program Files (x86)\SwiftKit and it should apply the update.
  9. have you tired right clicking swiftkit and going run as admin?
  10. While I get the whole nostalgic thing, I my self have run Old School RS inside SwiftSwitch but to be frank compare to SwiftKit it's crap. And we are still bound by the Thridparty Rules that sate: So we cant bring back world switching. Having the options inside Swiftkit In my opinion are better then bring back or spending all the time on recreating SS.
  11. can you please provide us with the contents of your SwiftKit Debug file, it can be found in your swiftkit install folder.
  12. Have you tried running SwiftKit as an admin? it sounds to me like something is blocking it from writing the updated to the hard drive.
  13. We are looking into this right now
  14. Simmo

    what is this

    That there is a javascript error cause by a bug in jagex's code. It Should go away by its self. Unless its been doing that for a while now?
  15. We plan on doing more or less exactly this, the link edit is a very temporary thing, our Lead Developer is away this weekend. We will have proper support soon.
  16. I have added a link on the SwiftKit news page to the Old School RuneScape homepage. This link will only be temporary. If you are able to load the Old School servers via the button on the runescape home page then I highly recommend you use it as that way the play timers and other stuff will all kick in. From what I can tell Jagex have just updated the J.A.G link that used to be there. So for some users it is cached still and is opening in a new window, just like the J.A.G button did. The way to fix this is to clear your cache http://windows.micro...-Internet-files
  17. We have been discussing a wide verity of options. I was under the impression that we would have about a month for them to get it up and running however with the news of it coming tomorrow i guess we should get a bit of a move on. At this point you will be able to load the 07 servers straight away with SwiftKit just like any other web browser. As for hi scores and calcs that may take a few depending on how jagex work it.
  18. Simmo

    Swiftkit Problem

  19. what happens if you go to view >settings and enable screenshot entire screen, and then try to take a screenshot?
  20. Simmo

    Swiftkit Problem

    Have you tried clearing your cache?
  21. Thanks we will see what we can do, it may take some time for google to filter it.
  22. Simmo

    Swiftkit Problem

    its windows 7 you can tell from the screenshot. Are you able to play runescape with internet explorer, it is important to make sure that it works with IE, as that is what SwiftKit uses.
  23. Simmo

    Swiftkit Problem

    sounds to me like java is having issues i would give this a try http://kb.swiftkit.net/question-swiftkit-crashing.html
  24. Simmo

    Swiftkit Runtime 5

    ok in that same folder should be 4 or so Swiftirc_...... xml files try deleting them of moving them out of the folder, and they try SwiftKit again.
  25. Simmo

    Swiftkit Runtime 5

    if you go to c:\program data\swiftkit\profiles\yourProfile\data there will be a fairly large file called debugEx.log would you be able to paste the contents of that here, with a bit of luck that will pint point whats going on.
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