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  1. Recently finished Ocarina of Time. It's only the second console game I've finished, next to Mario64, so can't really say it's indeed the best game ever, as the Internet people seem to suggest, but definitely enjoyed it a lot.
  2. I wanted to ask what hiit is, but google told me. Other than that, you don't need to do complex stuff at all. Best method is hiking in hilly or mountainous terrain. Low intensity endurance sports are good too (cycling at 60% of max heart rate for a few hours). Eating healthy speaks for itself, but just what healthy food actually is is not at all straightforward.
  3. Obviously, with a new buyable skill you can't rule out Buyablequeen.
  4. We have taken the survey offline. Thanks everyone for filling it in. We weren't really sure how many responses to expect but it turned out to be a lot, so thanks for that :)
  5. What do you mean by bonus xp? What is it (lamps or what)?
  6. Thank you for fixing the link, I couldn't figure what was wrong with it. Also thanks to the people who completed it so far, it is very much appreciated!
  7. Dear forum user, We would like to invite you to fill in below questionnaire. In the pursuit of a Methods and Statistics course for social science students at Utrecht University, we would like to ask you some questions concerning online friendships, and a few on some aspects of personality. We are glad we received permission from the forum moderators to place the questionnaire on this forum, and would greatly appreciate it if you would participate. It is important to us that you fill in the questionnaire, because in this study we are specifically interested in MMORPG gamers, above other internet users. The questionnaire is completely anonymous and we will elicit no information that enable us to trace respondents (you). The data will be used only in the pursuit of this course (‘conducting a survey’). Experiences and results from this study may be reason for future improvements and subsequent research. It will take about 10 minutes to complete. For questions, further information, and comments we are available via PM, or below mail address. You can also ask a question or comment by responding to this post. People who are interested in the results can indicate so in the questionnaire. Finally, we want to ask you to ask permission of your parents if you are below legal age in your country (18 in most countries). The link to the questionnaire: Regards, Kimberly, Reinout (Metuse)
  8. The raw shark texts. One of the most interesting and best books I've ever read.
  9. The top 100 is now 8 man short from having all at least 2b total xp... Quite amazing really. Edit: there are of course some 2b accounts without max total, so there actually will already be 100+ people with 2b..
  10. I don't think so. itam got to 2301 total before quitting, and I don't know of any DIY player who has a higher total. Metalmaniac9 is the #1 diy, mining pure ess for 99 rc atm he's well over 2400+ But Metalmaniac started diy after having a fairly high total level already right? His achievements are still great, of course..
  11. When I started playing again after a few years I just started doing tons of quests to get the feeling again. This way you get the touch with the small mechanics of the game as well. I would do the same if I ever start playing again. It's been only 10 months now since I last played but I hardly recognize the game from what I see in screenie topics etc :P You might try the new combat system in Dungeoneering. You get to know dungeoneering and when you screw up and die you lose nothing, so good practice if you haven't played that long. 07scape of course is also a viable option.. (I also find it funny to see that, although much hated and supposedly ruined the game, no one mentions SoF as a major update. Small size because no intention to rant or anything)
  12. I was wondering: does anyone know how people can get such high buyable skills so early in the game? How do they make their money? As of right now, the top crafter is 88, fletcher is 97, herblore 81... edit: I spotted N0valyfe jr on the hunter hiscores (rank 7), is he actually n0valyfe?
  13. I do! :D Since I'm from Holland I have to deal with climbing gyms, however areas in Belgium and Germany are close enough for weekends :) Heading for the Alps in 3 weeks :D I guess Norwich is in the UK? I am excited to be climbing at the cliffs there sometime, might be a bit scary though.. edit: hmm I see you are not active anymore....
  14. 295k without time including getting potions. 275k including time getting potions. Obviously, my calculator use the 275k rate. ok thanx :P
  15. Metuse


    Hit by a car while on a racing bicycle, only some abrasions though...
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