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  1. The best I have gotten was a red dragon mask within 1 hour of release :)
  2. Correct. The sequence of events that have occured did so in a way that banning mains had very little impact on recovery. Unfortunately for Jagex, their hands were tied and they were very limited in what they could do.
  3. I can tell you they did not make the list up =]
  4. There is the "fish flingers" guest cc, they operate on W89 I believe...
  5. I don't think so, with the gear nowadays it might be better to stick to kuradel for tasks...
  6. The fact that this supposed "rare" can only be obtained from SoF, where they push people to purchase more luck with real life money disgusts me.
  7. Post in the "I've been hacked!" thread on the Account help sub-forum on the Runescape forum. That will give Jagex the chance to remove anything the hacker has placed on the account like extra info etc. They never have given back items either, because that will cause absolute mayhem on the economy, so they stay away from that. Sorry :(
  8. Thanks for this, I need to catch up since I haven't even started the CCF.
  9. Don't use dreadnips - they heal the queen.
  10. I have to say yes, Spent over 7 years on their game and have no intention of quitting anytime soon.
  11. I just hope the beta servers would be using our own account stats rather than an arbitrary level they set.
  12. I'm thinking the bow would be great for nex.....Haven't seen it in action yet though.
  13. Lol....never thought someone could get 200m in everything back in the days....Oh how times change.
  14. Nice! You're going for the trimmed too...good luck.
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