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  1. I wonder if my dad would like Cities Skylines. I just built him a new PC, not sure if his g3258 with stock cooler would be able to play the game very well for very long.
  2. He hasn't replied since I posted so I'm guessing this thread is void lol
  3. PEOPLE ON AN ONLINE GAME ARE BIG OL' MEANIES :'( lmao I love you a13d keep up the quality content btw I didn't wanna be the one to say it but yeah :rolleyes:
  4. Anyone have any new builds? I'm stll on the same Z87 build. Icr if I posted in here saying I procured a GTX970 sc the day they released
  5. It's a very CPU intensive game, so once you get to a certain point, unless your build is beast mode like my build as well as some others on here, you're gonna run into problems lol
  6. I see Which are you most likely to get first for RS3? Agil?
  7. Oh well. I actually got some pretty decent stuff for 7 spins lol. Smithing mask add on, couple lamps and stars, fire warrior chestplate :P
  8. Welp I used my 7 stored keys and barely put a dent in getting to the first check point for that scrim. Damn.
  9. The scrimshaws last an hour. Damn. Imagine if you could rack up a few of them. Abyss could be non-stop for hours. Now imagine you had BXP in combat skills. The XP would be great than 600k/h. Far greater.
  10. No surprise they ended up on TH. They're fairly OP. I wonder if they'll be tradeable, can anyone confirm that? If so, the price of buying a bond with IRL money to sell for GP could potentially be less than spending $50 on spins and selling the scrimshaws for GP.
  11. Or do the corruption one, for aggression and extra combat xp at the cost of drops, not like one picks them up anyways (at abyss at least) That's true. As soon as these release I'm going to abuse them before they nerf it lol
  12. That scrimshaw of aggression looks baller, especially at abyss. Ultimate AFK
  13. You're such a pro! Those silverhawks played a big roll I'm guessing
  14. When are those new options going to be available to tick off maxed stats and see virtual levels?
  15. You trying to complete the sets that you can buy from the armour smith?
  16. While not metal, I just saw IAMDYNAMITE live and they were my favorite live performance ever.
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