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  1. its about a cracker who cares I care when people see an action in the wrong light, It wasn't him feeding a cracker to a troll, it was more than that.
  2. well, xp is what this whole thread is devoted to :P
  3. So whens the drop party? When I get 120 fm, It'll most likely be a decent amount of st00f
  4. Or yuo could do warbands, our cc even sells supplies if you're not with a fc for it.
  5. I just hate the ignorance of people when it comes to certain things. I was simply explaining it and telling him not to post if he doesn't know why something happened.
  6. it's always ken that this refers to. Dragonseance is quite wealthy as well (after all, he just fed a Cracker to a Baby Troll for shits and giggles). As is Forsberg. Other top players have been known to rake in donations from their fanboys to the tune of billions of GP; some also stream and take monetary donations. Most of the top rank players are far from poor. Especially considering the fact there are several buyable skills, and to get 200M in even cheap buyable skills is quite a lot of money, since top rank players have 200M in various buyables, they had to have gotten that money from somewhere. But yeah, they're not poor. It wasn''t for shits and giggles, It was because he promised that if he ever gets 1k viewers on his stream then he would. After alkan raided him he got 3.5k and kept true with this promise. Having the money for 200m all can be earned from 07 too btw. Again about the cracker, it's no business of yours what Gunnar does with his money.
  7. Probablly shouldn't stream on a runescape fansites twtich then. Afking whilst playing another game isnt actually playing the one you're afking
  8. any skill but alot more (75%) for your 5 lowest skills. edit: Sorry for double post Yes but my point was: if you have more than 5 skills tied at lowest, what's it do: count all of them, or differentiate by lowest xp? I've seen it do the latter before. It would most probably differentiate based on xp. Yeah it does
  9. It count's all of them I think, but due to the meteorites giving straightforward xp, that wouldn't be the case for long.
  10. If I would be f2p I would hate to be able to level up my skills to 5, seems like you are giving someone a present and after a few minutes take that present away. Thats the fun part in it essiw :P
  11. Granted, the next person to post after me will wish for you. I wish someone would throw a pie in my face, seems like a funny gimmick.
  12. any skill but alot more (75%) for your 5 lowest skills. edit: Sorry for double post
  13. I thought fish was pescado, oh well.
  14. umm no ,this thread was just for lols. But if anyone wants to make a bonfire club im up for it :)
  15. Consider yourself an avid bonfirer? Does a day of adding logs to a fire seem routine? Well, you might have what it takes to join the bonfiring club Succesful applicants must bonfire at least 15 million firemaking experience in the first month upon applying. Application form: 1. What is your favorite skill and why is it firemaking? 2. What is your goal for firemaking? Double-99? 120? 200m? 3. What is your firemaking experience, and how much of it is from bonfiring? 4. Are you able to use logs lower than elder logs? 5. The bonfiring club allows a safe environment for avid bonfirers to discuss amongst one another. Are you okay with providing other members with discussions and/or recommendations for what to watch/do whilst bonfiring?
  16. I'd Like to express my fondness for the Firemaking Skill!

  17. Grats on unban, now enjoy these bonfires :) https://www.google.com/search?q=fires&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=F0tZVN-ABKbgsASQ-YKYBw&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAw&biw=1304&bih=707#tbm=isch&q=bonfires
  18. Always excited to see your progress oddish, its amazing :)
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