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  1. I'm excited for the ethereal patch, I always figured the colour a bit off. Still missing morytania leg functionability though
  2. Just love the table of contents, very richly organized :)
  3. Im sorry to put it so simply, but if something is too good to be true it probably will be. Don't hate on the community of a game because you lost what you have under cause of underestimating the possible situation. Cheers -Fast
  4. I woke up today, and had a few cookies for breakfast
  5. Proteans boost hunter by 25% for each succesful catch, make smithing afk and free, and make construction insanely fast because of never being able to run out of planks, and having to wait for a butler.
  6. Though the advertisements for the game don't portray it as sometihng that would be worth 60$. Im undecided as of now. I'll probably wait to see some more gameplay. Ignore the last first of this: previous post
  7. An old gano guide I made, 35k confirmed kills to date!
  8. Dxpw's tend to bring out the worst in people, but hey, endgames about xp anyways :P
  9. Congrats, I hope our clan lasts this long :P
  10. Sugar isn't the answer to all-nighters, every dxpw I learn tht the hard way. Mountain dew, the cause of and solution to all of my problems
  11. Well, I'm just going to let you have your say on it. I havent been f2p in years :P
  12. :O you sinped me while I wasn't even firemaking. It's not what it looks like guys! I swear I don't afk tht much :(
  13. 25459 I have a feeling this is gonna take awhile, oh well, I do have the time atm :) Keep the numbers rolling guys!
  14. Thank you. Sorry, still a little new here so I'l have to take some time to familiarize myself with the sectioning on the forum. Any future advice/reminders will also be appreciated :)
  15. Granted. Someone will sneak inside your head and decide it for you, and this whole time you won't know who it was or what their intent is. I wish I had some popcorn chicken here to eat.
  16. 25461, good tihng im bonfiring, or this would be xp waste :O
  17. No support, Burnt food is the biggest bit of nostalgia left in rs nowadays. Also, cookings easy enough as it is without having every action be guaranteed to succeed :P
  18. Treasure hunter should not be a viable method of getting skills up to 200m. Protean traps, would make hunter even faster than it is already. As we all know, theres not much more endgame content to Rs than either Comping or gaining xp. So I would appreciate it if this stops being easier Discuss
  19. Hello, I've always found that p2p is a unique experience, especially when you've been f2p for awihle. It's definetely worth it to have :) Hope to hear about some of what you're accomplisihng content wise -Fast
  20. You took a very short time to get 99 cooking :) and your xp is one of the highest I've seen for a f2p acc :)
  21. Great guide, I'll be sure to look into it further whilst going for 120 firemaking, dungeoneering is defo one one of my weakest skills when it comes to understanding
  22. TORTAPAM is that they are secretly planning to take over the world
  23. I will, so many double xp codes from Doritos and Mt.Dew :)
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