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  1. Death by Sinkholes. All the trees/rocks/and fish you've ever harvested will be sent by the Naabe master to come and haunt you
  2. You're promoted from pokemon god to mmo nerd. Your new job is to play longer than anyone has ever played before you
  3. You're fired from the cookie clicker corp because you stopped clicking to type your forum message
  4. Granted, but it results in my reality-warping abilities returning, and to quite the shocking extent. :twss: I wish lightning would hit me in real life, fail to damage my body, and cause me to develop some awesome psychic powers that have no drawbacks. :D ~D. V. "It would be grand..." Devnull (p.s.: Erika, I'm sorry for making you mad, seeing as I get the feeling I upset you with that rather weird event with a female Genie. Honestly, I wasn't trying to upset anyone, including you, and was simply trying to vent an overload of upset I had earlier today. You probably don't watch anime with lunatic-grade weirdness, right?) Granted, your new super power is that you can cause lightning to hit and hurt you at will I wish to get 120 firemaking
  5. The "Fare" for passing the al-kharid gate used to be 10gp
  6. What is the meaning of Life and why is it Firemaking? :):):)
  7. You're the most wonderful person in the universe :)
  8. Im waiting on that shard bag, take up way too much space in the bank
  9. Didn't they give a free month of p2p to anyone who ever used em?
  10. Imo it's like a good bottle of wine, it gets better with age :)
  11. It's based on world population, not really possible to count. Just go by the full respawn time of 25 min/world
  12. This game needs more shortcuts, cause right now agile is useless and either costs hundreds of mil to max, or hundreds of hours :P
  13. I hope they nerf warbands, or something that actually needs one
  14. And replace it with useless seeds (hundreds of thousands of some might I add) Jagex you...
  15. It costs 5m, do one hour of qbd and buy one :)
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