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  1. Nope, he's reffering to rs3 firecapes he's obtain with dtd's
  2. His "alt", is better than my main :(
  3. You mean i get more daily xp than the King of osrs? Gz on 3b zezima : D
  4. 2nd pair of fm brawlers, might do 200m after 120 thieving
  5. If only he could see what it's like now... He'd cry
  6. I hopped worlds @ Clan Herald place of active VoS. Took me 4-5 tries (each 5-10 mins hopping) whats a clan herald :P?
  7. grenwalls are like 1500 xp/ea. my 4k traps will last me for 6m xp
  8. Btw suomi, your daily div xp defo surprised me :)
  9. If you need keys i might be able to scrape together a few mil for a bond :P
  10. 2500 ovls, 2600 normal potions. More isn't possible
  11. Anyone wanna give me a quick tutorial on how to create a signature?
  12. But I think we should switch the topic, or continue this in the rants section of the forums :p
  13. This is the RSC forum though, so although it does look awesome, the outfit does not exist there in Classic ;). Oops, my mistake :( On a serious note, my favorite classic outfit was full steel
  14. 25% bonus xp in hunter for each action and 50% for failed seems fairly op to me. But people do have different opinions on things based on style of play
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