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  1. Continous map seems a bit op, especially for the short of mind :P
  2. Dags aren't really good compared to other free, even profitable methods. Glacors are 650k per hour, and give you 2-3m per hour profit. Celestial dragons/waterfiends profit 1m per hour and are both 450k plus
  3. That 1st kill :P "Sorry" , then he's ko/ed for a venge :)
  4. Thanks for shairng :) I always look for some vids to watch whilst bonfiring.
  5. I don't like Kril lol, that Ko attack is so intimidating :O
  6. Update this with an eoc and revolution version of each weapon? Legacy alone doesn't show consitent results.
  7. Grats, I'd like to see some progress in the future :) Enjoyed the vid, thanks for sharing
  8. Sadly this is patched, I still have yet to attempt an arraxor kill. Any tips/hints? :)
  9. Congrats on 99 fishing, hope to see more pogress posts in the near future
  10. Great progress! And does the clan you're in allow f2p ironmen to join?
  11. Stick to div, those portents of life will be your new best friend at 78+
  12. Hi my name is Lucas, hope to see you around as well :)
  13. Nice to see you, I don't like how Runezone is so widely recognized over other fansites though
  14. What does dgs actually do? I don't get it :(
  15. I prefer max/compcape calc and runetracker, but if trackscape looks promising I'll give it a go
  16. You're fired from the cookie clicker corp for buying time machines before you've upgraded your grandmas
  17. Good job Ninja team, fix something that shouldn't have been holding bank spaces hostage in the first place! Haha. Anyone know if this is a thing yet? So annoying tht it takes up like 20 spaces in my bank :(
  18. Throw a few tips our way of how to play? Would be extremely useful for IronMan farming with the farm seed d&d.
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