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  1. You cant really go wrong by making all the extremes and overloads from them. If your plan is to do pvming in the future then you will need to do overloads anyway. You need to make 1200 sets of extremes and make them into overloads to almost exactly get herblore 96 from 88. Keep in mind that this is a lot of money needed, and that you need to boost your herblore level with some method along the way while using the log out "trick". Good luck :)
  2. So, thanks to the 6th herb patch I just did a 102 torstols herb run. :)
  3. I think they changed it not very far long ago. You still get the effect of them if they are in your inventory.
  4. What can I say...? Ship em! Also a nice surprise that they came with 250 charges.
  5. 7 minutes til update. I put in 11 tickets, should have a pretty good chance at getting the boots! I will update soon.
  6. Why one herb level? Because you need 85 herblore for super anti fires. They are pretty much required for effective killing of QBD. You can get +5 herblore boost with spicy stews(brown). But yeah, since you can't afford and don't have the stats for drygores, you should first hit dungeoneering 85 or more. Get dual chaotic rapiers, then you can also camp frost dragons. They are very good money with your stats. Duo bandos is also a possibility but this is not a very good gp/h method.
  7. Royal crossbow or dual chaotic crossbows is the best bet for sure.
  8. I am also using death lotus with actually bandos boots/gloves, chaotic staff, drygores and chaotic crossbow. My kill rate is 100 per hour.
  9. My little slayer tab starting to come together nicely
  10. Quote from RuneWiki: Assuming one obtained each signet on the 64th kill, it would cost, on average, 168,350,712 coins to create an ascension crossbow. GE mid is 181M for bow, so that makes roughly 12.5M profit.
  11. Transforming charms is not worth it even if your income is 10m/h.
  12. No picture this time but... I just did a tree farming run and 4 out of 5 magic trees were dead. Used super compost.
  13. Wow... My first ever real lucky item, thank you for the 9m. :)
  14. When altar DMing was the thing... Lol nice indeed Whip kill...
  15. Maybe a stupid question, What are the first two items in your inventory? The first one is gold accumulator, a dungeoneering reward, it collects 1M coins from drops before it vanishes. The second one are slayer vip tickets. When I have at least 1 ticket in inventory, and getting an assignment, the slayer master presents you with 2 options. Every time you choose the extra option, you spend one ticket. They really help you avoid tasks you dont enjoy. You get them from the cabbage heist or whatever minigame near lumbridge. Takes ~10 mins to get at least 5 tickets.
  16. The few odd slayer tasks as I've gotten them, I have used SS and drygores, seemed pretty fast to me.
  17. WOW! So, TDs is about 10.3M/h, making it one of the best money making mehtods, surpassing DKs, QBD and probably even Nex? Please, if you have the time, refer us to a guide similar to the way you kill them, or simply briefly explain how you do it. I haven't done TDs since pre-eoc and then I probably got ~20 kills per hour, lol.
  18. How many people can we expect? My first time so I wouldn't feel good with only a couple of people :(
  19. I've had some bad luck at DKs the last few trips, but this time.... That was really nice to get on the last kill: And the whole trip, missed a few bones, ~190 kills in total.
  20. QBD, solo or duo bandos/armadyl/solo DKs if you have enough for drygores. Mass KK. Also a few herb runs per day wont hurt. Edit: Also flipping will make you a few hundred thousand GPs per day, like sharks and rocktails.
  21. I do, but only when on task. Okay, so solo nex is out of the question at the moment. Is my gear efficient enough for mass/semi-mass nex? :)
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