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  1. Like 'em. Nice and fidgety but intelligent too. A couple of current favourites...Liquid and Chilled (or Echostep as the genre slags are calling these days) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km9emna0lJ4&feature=relmfu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF7DH0Jdz78&feature=BFa&list=FL_ASCSAo2ju8&index=25
  2. Hello! Long time no see again. How is everybody? :) I've started a youtube channel promoting breakbeat hardcore music. You can find the channel at http://www.youtube.com/bbhccollective - it's all 100% legit, artist permissions and buy it links, soundcloud and event promo too. It's all for the love of the genre. Anyway, I thought this would be a great place to ask on the technical side of things. I'm currently upping movies using Windows Live Movie Maker and editing using Cubase (which I'm fine with.) However, support's growing quite fast, and I think I'm definitely in need of some better video software. What I'd like is something that can batch produce videos for youtube - I use the same logo and fade-in effect on every video, just a different audio clip on each, and then upload to youtube. Windows Live only lets me do one at a time, and it's quite time consuming. Any ideas? :) Thanks!
  3. Yeah my comp's pretty stripped down and all of my data is on one partition with the programs on another. Regularly defrag, spyware etc...it's just a case of my computer not being powerful enough.
  4. Cubase 5 and Reason 4.0, possibly moving to Studio One. I think all new versions support multi threading. The issue with moving to the Phenom II is that I'd have to upgrade my mobo and possibly my RAM, and it's gonna be a hell of a lot cheaper to upgrade to a Phenom I. If I can do so, my system's fully compatible and It'll cost me about 80 quid to upgrade...
  5. No, custom built years ago... Due to the extreme levels of processing power that's needed, basically, audio doesn't play properly once you get further along a project. It's like a video lagging because your computer can't handle it, but with audio. Quite simply, I've gotta upgrade so this happens less.
  6. okay, a little research has lead me to discover a few things... highest processor I can get without upgrading anything else is an AMD Phenom. I'm currently on an AMD Athlon X2 64, which I think is 6600+ dual core...unsure exactly. so is that gonna be a worthy upgrade or am I just trying to cut corners, and should I just bite the bullet and upgrade to the Phenom II?
  7. Music Production. needs massive power. It's been a while since I did anything, but stupid old me for some reason never clocked on that my system is AMD based. So, that said, what about AMD Processors?
  8. Will brand be much of an issue with RAM? I know people bang on about it, but what with buying studio equipment and whatnot, I don't want to be spending huge amounts... What about an i3/i5? will my current setup support that?
  9. aah dear. might be a sell this one, buy a new one job then :s apologies, I know I need to upgrade the cpu, I meant what else - hahah. so it's looking like new Mobo, RAM and CPU then?
  10. Yup, I'm probably gonna get an i7. current setup... 4GB RAM Radeon x1550 (I don't game, it's just to take some of the slack off so don't worry about this.) AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Windows 7 Ultimate Board: ASUSTeK Computer INC. M2N Rev 1.xx Bus Clock: 200 megahertz What do I need to do to upgrade? :)
  11. DJust bought a new wireless mouse and a keyboard that can backlight with LED's. When I turn the backlight on, the mouse stops responding. I only have my mouse and keyboard plugged in through USB at present, will be adding an external hard drive soon. Is there any reason this would happen, or is it just an unrelated coincidence?
  12. Yeah we're not doing badly. I missed my tickets - sold out in about 10 minutes :/ Got Feeder + The Futureheads, Reel Big Fish and Maroon 5/Sara Barielles lined up (that one's with the missus, heh.)
  13. Of course it is...the whole track's clearly produced electronically. Dracon1: Liquid DnB is ace mate...Metrik is looking to be an amazing artist, did you hear his 1xtra set? http://soundcloud.com/metrik/1xtra-mix-for-dc-breaks Awesome stuff. Inner Child is an amazing tune!
  14. blink-182 UK TOUR DATES 2011: - Manchester MEN Arena Friday July 8th 2011 BUY TICKETS Newcastle Arena Tuesday July 12th 2011 BUY TICKETS - Nottingham Arena Wednesday July 13th 2011 BUY TICKETS - Birmingham LG Arena Friday July 15th 2011 BUY TICKETS - London 02 Arena Monda July 18th 2011 BUY TICKETS Anyone going? Birmingham date here 8)
  15. Some dubstep people might like...done pretty well commercially anyways. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Waqn0jBG58 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1VLaXoRRdk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqN5yWg6ff4
  16. Simple, great comedy from American Dad... "Overreacting? OVER REACTING?" *slams face into a wall* simple, but genius. Dunno if anyone will know this but father ted's pet brick scene...bit of swearing in it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLKvponqV4Q
  17. Just got this put together for krafty radio, two exclusive tunes from me and 8 great liquid drum n bass/breakbeat hardcore tracks. This is entirely legal so no worries mods :) Podcast download: December 09 Top 10 mixed by StrifeII (rightclick > save as) Subscribe: RSS / iTunes Tracklist: Mixed by StrifeII 1. Lazee feat. Neverstore - Hold On (Matrix & Futurebound's Terrace Tantrum Remix) 2. Danny Byrd - Feet Won't Touch The Ground 3. Nirgilis - Niji (London Elektricity Remix) 4. Shinichi Osawa - Star Guitar (Brookes Brothers Remix) 5. CLSM - Transmission To Mars (Orbit1 Remix) 6. StrifeII - Soul On Fire 7. Entity - Stargazer (Reese Remix) 8. The Acolyte feat. Amy - When The Rain Comes (Reese Remix) 9. Kleerup - Until We Bleed (StrifeII Remix) 10. Buzzmasta - Shoreline (Orbit1 Remix) Liquid Drum N Bass and Breakbeat Hardcore seem to be merging together quite fast, which is awesome. Here's my top 10 of the past year or so from both genres. Well, more of a top 8 and 2 of my tunes thrown in there. Please, please keep pushing these awesome genres. I also feel obliged to mention Nath 'The Ether' for pretty much introducing me to the new liquid stuff. Cheers! Enjoy :)
  18. It's not, really. Just a bit of a DnB/metal crossover. You get it a lot in soundtracks to crap car-racing movies.
  19. Sounds more like you need to install the drivers. Run the disk if there's one with the product, and if not then google for the brand, model and "drivers" ie "Logitech somethingwhatever 100 Drivers"
  20. have you set up what input your computer is reading? you do it in volume control under Recording. Live Messenger can also do it automatically for you.
  21. *awards medal for act of stupidity resulting in small hand injury*
  22. not sure mate, i'll have to check my collection hahah. I'm not massive on ambient stuff but some's great. in the meantime you could check out Lamb and to some degree Bjork. Sickening as in good, by the way. :P
  23. I'm gonna level with you, I'm not that fussed because I don't play computer games much. My computer will take it, it's a music workstation so it's stripped and optimized. :mrgreen: This is my psu; http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/store/[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccdjadejehjkdlmcflgceggdhhmdfog.0&page=Product&fm=null&sm=null&tm=null&sku=621585&category_oid=-28017
  24. Celldweller's a really talented producer, some of his stuff just sounds crap though. Not a fan of pendulum but his remix of this is truly sickening. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYNktU3EH2U
  25. Step one: don't turn them up until they clip. number one cause of broken headphones. headphones are also practically unrepairable because it's just not worth repairing, so once they're gone, they're gone :) earbuds you should wrap around the back of your ear, over the top and into your ear, and wear them in the reverse ear. Much more direct and gravity is on your side. those arn't great, go with some sennheisers if you want good sound for that price range.
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