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  1. You seem to confuse legality with Jagex's EULA/Rules. It is quite legal to rwt, however it is against the terms of service.
  2. I'm still rather suprised at the level of confidence that they're displaying.
  3. I've actually seen a few legit players wearing "bot" gear. Either trolling or poor :P. They have all replied when I asked "bot"?
  4. Thanks for the replies. I really just wanted the fastest ways though. What's the exp per hour of granite compared to lava flow? Also, isn't there something faster than swamp lizards? They seem pretty slow...
  5. So, I need to level a few skills for various quests, etc, and I was wondering what the fastest/ most efficient ways of leveling them are. Anyway, here's the skills I need (and my current levels). Hunter: Currently 53 (Need 65) Agility: Currently 66 (Need 77) Mining Currently 65 (Need 76)
  6. Thought I'd slap a picture up here.
  7. This. I'm not sure why people think construction is expensive... Oak is currently around 5.9 gp/xp. Super Str's are currently 12.9 gp/xp.
  8. I was just curious if anyone has used a cannon to slay in the LRC? What kind of slayer exp/hr did you get? Range? Thanks.
  9. The vast majority of supplies will rise. You forget the fact that the vast majority of runescape does not fully read all of the updates/posts from Jagex. I can cite numerous players on this very thread that have stated that they didn't even read the post, and didn't learn of BXP until coming here. Prices should gradually rise until BTS or the formal announcement of what BXP entails (this time around).
  10. Maples? They tend to be the top profit from MTK because of the tree seeds. RS wiki says otherwise, but you'll note they explicit state they don't take into account tree seeds, which probably account for anywhere from a third to half of the profit. The main reason I didn't use spreadsheets is because they only factor in the medium GE value. Prices are all going to be WAY above what the GE actually states...
  11. I assume they'll add more info on BXP in the next BTS. New slayer dungeon is interesting. Hopefully we'll see some new (actually useful) gear for the high-end. I'm also glad that I have several months saved up in MTK. Anyone have any ideas on the profit margins for each resource? I assume that herbs will be the best, but what does everyone else think?
  12. You meet the requirements to use Kuradel. There really isnt any need for expensive gear for slayer. Sure, it may speed things up, but you can slay anything in basic gear...
  13. "Fun" is rather subjective. I find that slayer breaks up the monotony of grinding a single monster.
  14. If you resell, you can buy at the same rate as you sell. I.E. You put in an offer for 100k planks. 10k auto buy, so you flip them. After a couple seconds 4k sell, so 4k buy as well. Hope that makes sense...
  15. Ancients aren't necessary at all.... You can safespot everything via italy rock, and range away. Use sara brews/super restores.
  16. You could always build cash doing something other than bossing (if you're that concerned with dying), until you can afford to lose some stuff.
  17. Most of those cards do not allow you to purchase them with credit. (These cards are considered credit, even though they have a set limit). Oh the joy of having worked at a major retail store for a year.... :-( Edit: Could always find a runescape card, as has been mentioned.
  18. Still much slower than altaring. Ashes are roughly 2gp/xp cheaper than dbones, but 48k xp/hr slower. Thank Grimy: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AldEhLOK6ejJdE9tVXlKb1VqdTdPS0FDMFZpU1pST0E#gid=0
  19. The price gap between infernal and dbones are helping bring them down. Infernals are right around 3k. I imagine they'll continue to drop. Still a great time to buy if you have the money to level though.
  20. Weird well it surprises me then it cost me about 100k shards to get sum 86-88 with rock lobsters. All I bought was the shards. Fm'ing doesn't cost me a thing since I get the maples from MTK and I make profit selling the herbs, seeds (farm 99) & bird nests... So nope, firemaking doesn't cost a thing to me :) You lose the profit of selling maples + the opportunity cost of not using something faster to level with. You will also receive a large portion of those shards back when you trade the pouches. OT: If you intend to max, RC is the general consensus. If not, slayer/pray/herb.
  21. Edit2: Sorry, I can't read. Anyway, you must have misunderstood when I say kill jad. The elite task - ""The Power of Lava" - Equip a TzHaar fire cape while standing within TzHaar City " Edit: They heal regardless of the distance from you. They either attack you or heal. You cant out distance them from Jad as you once could.
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