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  1. Apart from a boring old gem mining log of mine these are about the only really old pictures of mine to have surivived the 3 or 4 computers/HDD's i've been through in the meantime.
  2. You sure about that? roughly 1000 percent sure This just in: Glenn Beck accuses Obama of racism after "I'm for clean air" comment. Glenn Back does make a wonderful text book case of Psychological Projection. As to the topic, The president trying to rebuild a heavily bombed and burned bridge between the country he leads and a large chunk of the worlds population? THE HORROR!
  3. Finally, no more tag teaming, and it only took them 5 years.
  4. Certainly for the lower of the two prices in the poll profit wouldnt really be an issue (ie there wont really be any to speak of), the bankspace 'offer' is therefore likely to try an encourage a higher usage percentage. Possibly to save on customer support time so the time spent on account recovery can be reduced and re-allocated (or just removed).
  5. The 30 second delay between worldhops is not a technical limitation, it is a now redundant method of stopping people from constantly buying out all the runes in shops (among other things, but that was the main one at the time) using custom browsers that had auto-login features (RHQ's Xplorer in particular at the time). As shops no longer sell runes vastly below market price and have an infinite stock this is not exactly much use anymore.
  6. People are not things, they are not tools, to be used for your own gain. So no, never.
  7. Mod Mark, is and always has been god.
  8. Hardly the first level, Mod Mark (lit: god) did that years ago in Al Kahrid, he was crying over eating his pet pumkin. Anyhow good luck in her studies.
  9. What really needs to change more than anything else is the arbitary and nonsensical discrete drops/ no drops boundary in terms of risked wealth.
  10. Oh look, its yet another Obama is the Antichrist . The summary says everything really.
  11. Which is rather hard, as crashing 2 high energy gamma photons into each other correctly isnt an easy task. Although I do consider the changing matter into energy to be destruction, ultimately that depends on which particulary definition of 'matter' is used.
  12. matter-antimatter annihilation, nuclear fission and nuclear fusion all destroy matter.
  13. brunokiller, no you cant. (# of white squares > # of black squares)
  14. I cant say i'm particulary pleased about the no appeal business, I mean its not like Jagex have never banned people for things they didnt do.
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