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  1. Same here thankfully. :) Anyway, there is way too many bad songs out there but the main one I can think of at the moment is that Forever Young song. I can't stand their voices and it makes me want to rip their vocal chords out. I really don't understand how people can listen to that, but whatever floats your boat I guess.
  2. Do you have a save before hand or was that too far back? Anyways, it sounds like you only have to kill one person to get your stuff back, Harrow, the guy who took your stuff. http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Dagon_Shrine I haven't done this quest in quite a long time so I don't really remember what happens. A good way to make money would be just to start finishing those faction quests, you get a decent amount from the DB ones. Yes, all you have to do is kill the guy who took the stuff. Fighting everyone else isn't hard either as the staff you get from the girl (if you kill her) hits pretty well and kills most of them quickly (thats if you don't have something decent to kill with in the first place). Anyway you should always save before doing something major like a quest.
  3. Die Hard 4.0 - Not bad, but not amazing either. Donnie Darko - Wanted to re-watch it again because it's just that amazing. Memento - Was ranked around #28 on IMDB when I first heard about it so I wanted to watch it and got around to doing so. Great thriller. Se7en - Had the urge to watch it again so I did. Love it. Office Space - Friend brought it over to watch cause I haven't seen it. Hilarious. Man On Fire (2004 version) - One of my favourite movies of all time and I felt like watching it again.
  4. Roswell - Still my favourite TV show ever (that was cancelled of course). Such a shame really, 3 seasons is not enough. Call For Help - Not everyones sort of TV show, but ever since Leo Laporte switched to "The Lab With Leo Laporte" and Call For Help got cancelled I lost interest as it just was not the same. Also the majority of shows on the Crime And Investigation Network (Cold Case Files, The FBI Files etc).
  5. I have a "root folder" which contains several sub-folders where more folders/files go into. My recycle bin is also on the desktop next to it. They stay next to each other in a bottom corner of the screen. Example is in that post your desktop topic, which I post in every month (except this, haven't gotten around to it). Sometimes I alternate to Litestep which has nothing at all and is pretty much right click based, but I really have not given it too much of a chance to make it my primary choice.
  6. That movie was way too dark to watch when it came to the fight scenes. Anyway: The Skeleton Key - Great thriller, and amazing ending. The Quick And The Dead - Awesome cast (Gene Hackman, Sharon Stone, Russel Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobin Bell) and great movie overall. One of my top favourites actually. Cold Creek Manor - Pretty good thriller. World Trade Center - Not bad. The Silence of The Lambs - Amazing.
  7. If i'm going to post on a topic I would read it all the way through, but then again topics that are interesting enough I would read the entire thing regardless if I am going to post or not. However most of the topics on tip.it these days are repeats or just plain out boring topics, so I tend to skip it altogether. I don't use these forums much now.
  8. You went the wrong way. Damn, should have watched those Youtube videos. Edit: Watching it now,[hide]it looks like all I have to do is go up the lift. Meh, I'd rather play Oblivion.[/hide] And Free_Steel1, thanks for the PM.
  9. Got passed the first save and all, but i'm pretty much bored and for some weird reason can't get passed the double invisible block jump not long after the checkpoint/save. I got passed twice overall (to the houses) but pretty much failed, and can't be bothered anymore. Platform games never really entertained me much anyway.
  10. And if you use Adblock, along with Adblock Filterset.G Updater you will basically never get a popup again.
  11. Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy - Lonely
  12. Amorphis - Am Universum Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy - Relic Dances
  13. And NSW to. :) 2:48 AM already, time goes pretty damn fast.
  14. If I was you, I would defiantly go for Oblivion. Edit: Oh, I just realised you went for AC. Sigh.
  15. Great game. :) Anyway at the moment i'm playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Crysis.
  16. Actually, I think 11 is the longest anyone's ever gone. Yes, by Randy Gardner. However, there is also this Vietnamese guy who claims he hasn't slept for 33 years. Why you (the OP) need to publicise your sleep deprivation is pretty pathetic anyway, a lot of us do it all the time.
  17. - DVDs: Red eye, Black Hawk Down, Saw III, American Psycho 2, World Trade Center, The Wicker Man, The Quick and The Dead, Cold Creek Manor, Skeleton Key, The Silence Of The Lambs, Miami vice, Panic Room, U571. - CDs: Just a few Amorphis ones I wanted. - Games: PC - Crysis, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. PS2 - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - 500 Gig External HD - Really needed this :D - American Psycho Book (wasn't expecting to actually get this :)) - New Wallet - CD/DVD case - Lots of chocolate Also as a family present for us to share, a Wii with games and all.
  18. Michael Andrews & Gary Jules - Mad World I'm not the type to listen to this sort of music, but man this song is great. Donnie Darko is far by one of the best movies ever, and this song really just adds that extra awesome at the end of it.
  19. I really have no idea what happened to this thread. But anyway: Empyrium - Der Wie Ein Blitz Von Himmel Fiel Blacksunrise - Engulf The World In Frozen Flames Sea Of Desperation - Dread Poems Of The Fall
  20. Empyrium - Midnight, Moonlight And a Dark Romance One of my favourite doom pieces from them.
  21. Yeah it shocked me when I first found out about that early last year. Man they're amazing though. BlackSunrise - Abyssus Abyssum Invocat
  22. The Total War series (Rome: Total War, Medieval: Total War). I recommend Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion. Also Empire Earth & Command and Conquer: Generals are great classics.
  23. Shroud Of Bereavement - A Rose for a Dying Muse
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