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  1. The problem is no one knows what the magnitude of 30k votes is. That's 30k separate paying accounts. Saying $1 short? Try $150k+ and 30k accounts/people that care, if 1 vote is really 1 person and the average to become a member is $5.
  2. I don't suppose the fact that they've done it before counts? Again, got any proof? Anything? Geniune question this time. I'll give it a shot, although i will say rigging is a bit of a harsh word. More like Blatant mishandling. 1. Bribing players by saying that anyone who votes for it gets free membership on it first month. 2. Urging players to vote for it even if they're not planning to play it, just do it for your friends. 3. Advertising over the Website, lobby, in game, and there various social media accounts. 4. They voting yes for it. 5. They having the server ready somehow, not even a week into voting yet. 6. Allowing players to make 2 new membership accounts for 2 dollars just so they can votes yes for it. (Although i heard you couldn't do this anymore) 7. Lowering the tiers and flat out removing the 750k vote benefits to be moved down to the 500k ones. Some of the ones that i could think of the top off my head, a bit busy now but if anyone could add on to it it would be nice. I can agree that it's quite obvious that Jagex wanted as many votes as possible. However, I got the impression that some people thought Jagex literally were rigging the poll. I.e. making the poll count go up, even if there were no people voting. That's why I reacted, because it's pure speculation, which is, in my eyes, unfair. They are saying that because they have done it before. When they made the counter for 200m accounts, it went up even though account creation went down. In addition, Jagex is clearly biased for 2007 servers. At least for the free trade thing, people eventually needed to log in to vote, there was a yes/no/whatever option, and jagex didn't lean yes or no.
  3. Makes a big difference. If it reaches 500k, it gets updates. Then more people complain about whatever updates it gets/doesn't get, quit, Jagex loses money.
  4. I don't suppose the fact that they've done it before counts? My proof HAHA OH WOW I guess that seals it, this poll has been arbitrary from the start. Poll is going to reach 500k, mainly because of Jagex.
  5. You have a problem, seriously. Plenty of people just don't want to play on the servers, so they don't vote for it. Myself included.
  6. God, I think we just fell for a publicity stunt. http://en.wikipedia....ès_de_scandale
  7. You really don't understand do you? NO ONE CARES if you get 1xp or not, for all intent and purposes you have 5b xp. This is about your actions, not if you choose to quit forever before getting a single xp. Why are you even posting if you can't read? Scroll up. THis is different than just some random person on youtube being immature, you are the person that Jagex thinks represents a lot of the player base. They listen to you, and all you say are insults and act immature instead of helping them help the game.
  8. How about we don't move on? It seems you can't grow up so moving on isn't an option. Your behavior in CW that got you muted. Kudos to the pmod who actually did his job. That mute is his fault and his fault only. No one is above the rules. But your behavior afterward is really despicable. You want to criticize Jagex? You can. There are so many things you could have said to Jagex, but in a much more civilized manner. But the thing that gets me is you still criticize the people who made you something. I'm not some fanboy, but just by looking at what you accomplished, without Jagex, you are nothing. We aren't even discussing your 5b here. Like I said, I'd rather you banned for your actions. You have a lot of pull and fame, and your words speak louder than most others who play. But instead of being mature, you just spew out nonsense and insult the people who are PROMOTING YOU. Seriously? There is such thing called constructive criticism. This doesn't involve insulting people, but obviously that's not in your vocabulary.
  9. That'd certainly be amusing from a trolling perspective, but needless to say, unless what Suomi said was even more juvenile (by that I mean he essentially said something illegal by real-world standards) than we thought (I don't think pictures have been released so we don't know exactly what he said), such a measure is a bit too draconian and harsh. I remember an era when Jagex was draconian and harsh. I wouldn't mind seeing it again just one time.
  10. I wouldn't mind seeing Suomi banned before hitting 5b. Pompous jerk.
  11. I really wonder why Jagex usually makes their preview images with really lame equipment. I guess I can excuse them (finally) this time, but BGS? Really? Even if most of RS is poor as dirt, I'm sure no one with Torva is using a BGS. Maul is free anyway. Hell, dress him up like a druid, or wielding a green Balmung in void. It would be more appropriate either way.
  12. People help eachother? I thought that was long since dead. And is the primary reason for the community falling apart. Jagex is also bringing back 2007 community with 2007 servers.
  13. Wow you post this right when a mod tells you to stop! Disobey-er of the law you are! He's just making a valid point of discussion. I don;t see the problem here. I think at this point jagex have done all they can to influence the vote and 500k wont be reachable. Then again thats probably a good thing, throwing content updates at an 07 server could really damage it in the eyes of people that want to play it Maybe. But I really had no problems with GWD. IF they hold a poll and see what the majority says... then I see no problem with some side updates here or there... Maybe every now and then add a few quests as well, why not? Quests would be fine since most don't affect skilling/combat and the ones that do would need to be handled with care. I do wonder how well polls would go, I know people are divided on the GWD issue and although no GE is something that seems very important to 07 supporters, I wonder how many *new* 07'ers would try to vote in the GE too for pure convenience. But then when does it end? Where do you put a cutoff?
  14. I think we stopped talking about that 2 pages ago, sadly.
  15. You mean like when we had the 200 billion accounts made thing, and the counter went up even when rs was down? Oh that was great. Account creation was down and servers crashed, total counter still increased at a varying rate.
  16. One convoluted publicity stunt. Jagex thought the $15 extra thing would serve as a warning at get people to vote. But in reality, less people than they anticipated cared enough. If they stood at <250k, no one would have played. So they shove it down everyone's throats, throwing up the VOTE YES sign every time someone logs in. Jagex is practically begging people to vote now, so they don't look foolish. Less people than they anticipated cared enough to go out of their own way to vote. But that's just going to hurt them in the long run, when far fewer people are playing on these servers than anticipated. Meanwhile, membership purchases have increased just to vote, and that 1st month free thing is just going to draw people in. Jagex is using every tactic they can to get new members.
  17. I would say 500k. A few days ago you were saying we would easily hit 750k votes. Now you are saying we don't even have that many members. Please, stop posting.
  18. Indeed as has been said a million times before: The vote is to gauge number interested in playing and thus financial viability and price level needed Votes with non intention to play artificially inflate this figure. If its artificially inflated pricing may end up cheaper, but this won't necessarily be good as there will be far less players than the price was designed to work for. Also stop trying to guilt people into voting who do not wish to, it's kinda lame and childish. I mean not once have any of us who not voted tried to guilt you people into not voting; we've simply said we aren't voting and why. Your reason's are very mis-guided and selfish. I believe it would be more misguided and selfish to cause Jagex to allocate time and resources into something you will never play. That's why I won't vote, since every vote counts (or should count) as a person interested in playing. If 250k people want to play and only that many, so be it, but inflating the numbers just for those 250k people to get what they want is misguiding Jagex. Hell, that's just going on the assumption that all of those people who have already voted will actually play, and that none are just zealots who begged their friends or made alternate member accounts to vote with, or abused the refer a friend system.
  19. Remember, these are the people in charge of building the new community on the 2007 servers. Makes me sick thinking about it, that no one who supports the 2007 has posted a convincing reason why this will not affect the rest of the game or the company (quoting Jagex is really not convincing evidence anymore, with the constant contradictions).
  20. No. It's the attitude of the whole forum which has changed. It went from being nice and friend, to a competition of being the biggest dickbag. What?
  21. And some people say the community wasn't better before. I remember a time when TIFers were nice. These forums certainly have changed. Wanna know why? Ever since Jagex certified them as a Platinum fansite they HAD to go a long with Jagex's agenda (EoC, bad updates, etc etc). Has nothing to do with going with Jagex agenda. If we did, we would be voting with Mod MMG's request for all players vote even if they don't want it.
  22. That's what I'm afraid of. These ravenous kids who are quick to change opinions and complain, only to come running back when things get tough. There are so many immature people who want this and will ragequit, further making this a waste for Jagex. It will only not be a waste if all of the people who voted will play it. I'm safely assuming not all will.
  23. Even the free trade vote, which could be voted on by anyone, did not maintain that vote increase constantly.
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