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  1. You join a good clan and do what the other people do. Sink or swim.
  2. More basic abilities that do damage. Otherwise, it's fine.
  3. 20 or so hours plus however long it takes to get chaotics and overloads/curses is free? :huh: Not to detract from anything, I've seen that one brought up in Codguy often enough to be wary around it. If we are comparing most of the people complaining in this thread, they already have access to that or can get access to that if they put in more time. EVERYTHING in this game is a grind. I really don't understand why people play it and expect anything less. If you aren't going to put in the time, or you don't have the time, you aren't getting max gear. It's simple really. Also, the useful application of that gear are things that also require a lot of time. For someone who only plays an hour a day, what do you possibly need Torva+Divine for? To look cool and to stroke your ego? Because that's really one of the only practical uses of it if you don't play much.
  4. So, we're agreeing that this style of posting is assumptive, baseless, provocative... and therefore in no-one's interest, then? Most of this thread has been moaning about gp rates, so his argument does have some point. Why are you making this a meta argument about logistics? Don't even answer that, please. You are trying to find fault for the sake of finding fault. My point is that not everyone who has money is how OP makes them out.
  5. Read that line again. I have the best gear, I guess I must automatically merch/stake/gamble right? Lumping people together based on assumptions is what starts problems.
  6. Being called a cheater and a parasite in the OP makes this a great basis for discussion. Just because you don't want to discuss it doesn't give you the right to say what we can and cannot discuss.
  7. and this is real problem. Ppl moan how hord it is to get good items instad of do something and get them. I agree with this, except their argument will instantly turn into something like "It shouldn't take that long". This isn't the first thread on the subject, and it won't be the last, because people will always be lazy or jealous and assume everyone is against them and cheated.
  8. I made 1b in 2 weeks doing KK in void, which is free. Don't assume everyone who is rich is scum.
  9. Stop. Just stop. This line caught my eye and I facedesked.
  10. Jagex said themselves they would have needed to voice a lot of characters for this to work. That would have just taken more time and money from what I feels matters more, the actual quest. Also, a lot of the voices are really difficult to pin down. People think different characters have different voices, and it may disappoint a lot of people if some of their favorite characters sounded completely different or even bad.
  11. How does it feel knowing you are helping ruin the game? I wish you and all your ilk were permabanned instead. The odds are always in your favor, and you are making money from kids who cannot control themselves or have an addiction.
  12. The counter is wrong. It's counting every separate part of RFD I think. Quests that were replaced too, right? Yeah and some other oddities. The number is 188 according to the list.
  13. The counter is wrong. It's counting every separate part of RFD I think.
  14. Honestly I find this better than the "scrap everything" method WoW used with Cataclysm.
  15. I definitely think now, more than ever, that So does this mean the events of RotM are considered happening before TWW even if the player hasn't yet done that quest? Because otherwise the explanation of how he got the staff has to work no matter which order you did the quests in. I suppose the quest about how he gets the staff could require you to have done TWW and RoTM and then it doesn't matter what order because he could have a minor explanation of how he got the staff between quests (stole from lucien for a few moments etc) Except Azzanadra specifically says in game after TWW that Sliske took the pieces of the staff from the Dragonkin. This is after ROTM specifically. So yes, ROTM happened even if you didn't do them yet, if you did TWW before ROTM. Nevermind, already answered
  16. Read the thread first, you couldn't be more off. If anything it is a sequel, and you don't kill any of them.
  17. Because full rewards moves the game forward to the 6th age, certainly events need to of happened. I wonder how the quest looks/ends to someone who has done no quests whatsoever.
  18. Pretty much this. Char just tells you not to preach any Guthix crap to her, but will still offer to train you in FM. Azzanadra and Wahisietel will be a bit disappointed, but will still regard you as an ally and are more happy about Zaros to really care.
  19. No skill will ever die as long as there is a max/comp cape or high scores.
  20. And that is why 2007scape will inevitably become 2013 scape. You can't run away from greed and rich people controlling the market. There is no equal, blank slate.
  21. She said you were spamming so she deleted you.
  22. The promise was that 2007scape would be separate and not get in the way of anything planned for 2013. Apparently, based on the way they reacted and the way they are pretending nothing happened, it did already affect it in some way. This is why I didn't vote for 2007.
  23. Gee I wonder why it wasn't ready. <.<
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