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  1. Did they fix the camera yet?
  2. Bit disappointed they wouldn't release any info, even the name, for months and the only way we even know about this is from IGN. Not a RS fan site, not forums, but IGN. If this even is real, what the hell was Jagex thinking slapping the players in the face like this?
  3. I feel that the game was harsh toward low levels since way before EoC was implemented. Sure EoC didn't help, but as a player who started when there were forced 3 rounds of attack in RSC, long before Home Teleport and low level handouts, the game seems easier in some aspects while still hard in others.
  4. Whatever. Can't see why everyone is pissed. It's just some items. Smith update will come eventually. Next week is GWD.
  5. Yeah I wish it was a normal poll on the front page. The Dwarves are winning, followed by the Gnomes. I wish the Gnomes would have won, but I am happy to finally see the end of the Dwarf quest. On an added note, if Elves was a choice, they would have blown all the other choices away.
  6. The last post on this topic before you posted was made nearly a month before you joined. Are you dense?
  7. I think the bloom is too high.
  8. New teasers are up. Looks like the minigame update is as planned. Yawn.
  9. Some of the same people who make tradeables without making a superior set for themselves will be the same people complaining item prices are too high for high end gear.
  10. Of course not. Most high end computers get 1fps at max if forums are correct.
  11. People are saying remove shadows, because those destroy the FPS rate. Also, I am annoyed by the draw distance of npcs and players, and the character movement feels off. The movement will be fixed, but RS2 and changeable draw is holding back draw distance because it would be "unfair" for people with low draw distance.
  12. Them tards told me the reason was less xp as they gave me the heave [garden tool]. Of course I was happy to go since I was tired of carrying them since they didn't know how to kill mobs. But, if you got a bug to abuse, please share. I'd love to hear about how "xp off" bugs out the random aspect of the dungeon creation algorithm. I'll even credit you in the bug abuse report. :thumbup: You really don't know what the heck you are talking about, do you.
  13. You have no idea how wrong that analogy is. Even if you were maxed or had comp, that analogy would still be wrong. To everyone: don't comment if you don't know what you are talking about.
  14. Take a second look, it actually forces people to play the game (something barely anyone trimming actually did) and those who play the game still have to win in order to get a ticket, or that time spent meant nothing. So it really didn't change much, and we will now have some people playing more than 5k games who still do not have the tickets, and some legitimate players are getting hurt by this.
  15. You and nearly everyone else was in that corner. Trust me, there were very few people against the requirement at the time. Most couldn't anticipate the lengths people would go to to get it done. Oh no they anticipated it, just no one thought they would do it because it seemed absolutely pointless or some far off and unobtainable achievement. But let's not turn this into "no I'm right", because either way, the requirement was and still is absolutely ludicrous. Yoko Kurama put it well, this achievement isn't for normal people. Perhaps not even crazy people would go for this. It's is strictly for the obsessed who play Runescape like it is a job.
  16. Guess I won't be trimming. Whatever, never planned on it before, still don't plan on it, considering there are still other tasks I really don't want to do. You and nearly everyone else was in that corner.
  17. That would be correct if the xp earned as equal to or greater than the cost of the armor being risked, which it isn't.
  18. Damned if they do, damned if they don't. Everyone's a critic either way.
  19. Or you say H34. Or F34 You know, like everyone else already does?
  20. Or just remove the binding limit. I understand Jagex wanted people to work together to make stronger armor throughout the dungeon, but that plain doesn't happen. Instead, people are willingly passing up on otherwise good or top tier items because their current binds are good enough or better. Maybe it takes too much memory to have that many binds. I don't know, no one here knows either. But if Jagex wants to refresh DG, they need to change (again) how the binds work as a start. Of course, there are many other things that need changing, but let's just talk about the binds for now.
  21. Dual wielding is pointless, since you can use 2h and will deal the same damage anyway, except only use 1 bind spot when using 2h. What a disappointment.
  22. That's called Virtus Wand and Book
  23. People always complaining. Now it's "too late". Damned if they do, damned if they don't.
  24. Good. Karma strikes yet again. Maybe that will teach him to stop trying to get attention to himself in any manner possible.
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