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  1. Well after years of playing I finally got my first dragon drop. Not quite as profitable as a few years ago when I was actually trying to get one. I also managed to get 12 blue charms that task. Too bad I forgot to pay my membership for another month so I have to wait a few days for the Bpay thingo to go through till I can play again #-o.
  2. This "guide" has seriously derailed my thoughts for about 10 minutes. My mind has run around in circles trying to search for logic, yet logic seems not to exist. Please do. Please so very much do. The very muchness for which I wish for this to be done can't possibly be understood by any human brain. Possibly it would grant access to the depths of your confused mind, or at least provide mine with a laugh.
  3. Hey, I was just wondering where the best hell hounds are for slaying. Im at the place for family crest and its horribly slow, where should I head? Are there reverents around in that dungeon, i think its the one near edgeville?
  4. Cheers I guess I'll just buy some broad bolts and see how they go
  5. Hey, I just became a member again after like a year and a half break from the game. I decided to hit slayer up a bit, got a black demon task, so naturally I'll range them. I can't be bothered getting a cannon. As I've been out of the game for quite some time I was wondering what are the best damage/price bolts I should buy? Should I go for iron/steel like I did with arrows back in the day or go for these new broad bolt things?
  6. So wrong, that has to be so very wrong. There is no logic that man may name his own that would permit those levels to exist in a drink. I highly doubt they are serving an energy drink in >3L bottles. I guess maybe its meant to be mg? What size is a serving? Energy drinks don't do anything for me. I've previously only ever had them as a mixer for alcohol. I tried them whilst studying for my exams this semester, mix of v and redbull and didn't notice anything, I still felt just as tired. I don't mind the taste, but quite frankly they are a lot of money for no effect. The only time I consumed a vast amount was in combination with jaga and the amount of sugar they contain just gets sickening.
  7. I agree with cave men wearing fur, and people with no other way to keep warm. Fur is hella warm, like extremely fricken warm. Better then a lot of synthetics out there today. Fur now exists really as a fashion item, apparently fake fur is just tacky. But I find fashion to the most part ridiculous. Yeah there is nothing wrong with a bit of pride in presentation. But the things people adorn surpass absurdity. I am of the opinion that killing for no real reason is wrong. Assuming we are the owners of the lives of all animals, is the same as the prehistoric and very historic principle of might is right. But to be honest fur is rather insignificant to the amount of damage we do to animals. Deforestation destroys like 13 million hectares of the worlds forest per annum, a lot of which is from un-inhabited regions which would be killing billions of living organisms. Every powerplant is spewing out crap that gets caught in water ways. Plastic bags, and all manner of rubish suffocate animals a plenty, even those pretty dolphins everyone loves. BUT OH NOES THAT WRETCH IS WEARING A COAT WHERE THE ANIMAL DIED WITH OUT KNOWING, DIE! DIE! I MUST NOW WRITE ABOUT IT ON THE INTERNETS WHERE MY COMPUTER IS WASTING SO MUCH POWER BUT WHO CARES THEN ILL GO PRINT OUT FLIERS THAT HAVE COME FROM FORESTS PUTTING PICTURES OF AN ABJECT NATURE! PEOPLE SHALL KNOW MY RAGE, AS LOGIC DOES NOT REIGN IN MY MIND Seriously, worry about something more worthwhile.
  8. These two lines are kinda stuck out. as well as that for a whole different reason. Two years went by without you actually talking to this girl, but you thought she was perfect the entire time? Throughout your story you haven't really noted anything that is that special about her, except someone was generous to her when they were dishing out good looks. All I can say is careful man. Don't make any women your goddess. Respect and worship are two entirely different things. There are times when you should praise them like crazy, and sure as hell being a gentleman is a good way to go about things, but your obsession seems like something that you yourself created by spending too much time in your fantasies. I'm sure she loves you giving her all that attention, but its the attention she is loving and the fact she doesn't need to do anything in return. If I were you I would probably say what you truly think, but then leave the boyfriend subject all together. But I'd prolly just say I thought he was a [puncture], and then move on. You can't be the one just talking about her relationship problems unless you just want to be friends. Who knows in a few years time when you've both come out from horrid relationships it might provide an alright night or week, and perhaps that could turn to something more. But in the now, its not doing you too many favours if your still this caught up on her. I have a friend that loves to be doted on, and pretty much swerves the conversation as to how awesome she is any moment she can. She flirts with guys with no intention other then to play. She went out with some guy for two years and personally I think he is a bloody legend for putting up with that. I can't say that is what this girl is like, but you never know. If you think you have a shot with this, tee up and take a few swings. But don't spend too long, perhaps look elsewhere for a little while. Hell man its been three years, but on the other hand you seem to have gotten a lot closer to her within the last 4 days. So thats in the right direction. You might look at her differently if you spend a bit of time with other girls. If she is still "your one", you may at least be able to try it again with a bit of experience. I want to know why I go checking up on runescape after being out of it for a year or so and I end up posting in this thread. Odd, so very odd.
  9. Abiding rules sure doesn't make you a better person for it. All I've read from you is a lust for power and a will to use it against people. You refer to people as "little" and insignificant because of age difference, but more so as you think you can exploit that difference to your advantage. Then you give us this example of you in a real life situation. Someone tries to reason yet you don't listen and damage them more for having a point of view? Does that not make you unreasonable? So placing yourself in a situation where you are borrowing the influence of others, for supposed just causes, you get your say and it is final? People like you scare me. People that take what they are given as gospel. The ones that let restrictions overrule human emotions, no questions asked. Where commonsense is left in the shadows of the guide book. You may not have a desire to be "famous", but you sure as hell have some hell of an ego problem, and a need to feel respected irrelevant of more human connections. Back on topic, I haven't received any black marks. I don't see how breaking any of the rules would benefit playing the game for me. Perhaps a little more freedom on the language allowed, but there is no point trying to pass the filters for the heck of it. If I were a programmer it would probably be different, it would be kind of a challenge to make an undetectable bot. But I wouldn't put it to any malicious means. Downloading one has never had any apeal. As with buying gpees, I think it would make the whole prospect of ones wealth all that less rewarding. And who the hell would trade a beer for a few pixels of several colours and the number 1mil, crazy, crazy world. The only things IÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢ve done in the past were block f2p banners when I had an old computer which lagged, (reason I played rs), and drop traded a set of black(t) to my 10 defense skiller, which the only skill I leveled was defense ironically enough.
  10. An estimate of at least 750 tipiters would probably not be off, I dare so say 1000 wouldn't be. We won, no, we slaughtered. There wasn't enough competition. Now its just backstabbing, I guess I'm out. GG
  11. Thats the fricken reason why people think rs is filled with nerds. Jonny: But I don't understand Billy, where are you coming from? Billy: Use your eyes man! We are nerds!
  12. Well it looks like I'll have to log back into runescape for this. It appears that it should provide a great deal of fun. EDIT:Although it means getting up at 5:30 am after a last night in me hometown before I fly overseas later that day, which means I'm going to be sporting quite a substantial hangover, if I've even reached that stage yet... Then again that only makes it all the more worthwhile.
  13. Dystopia

    Arrow stealers

    You could have picked them up before he was able to see them. That seems like a pretty big something.
  14. That was the old concept of animal law... They actually used the past tense meaning hunter may not be a big focus at all.
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