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  1. The Rock777 (aka Oze), Xpure13x, Kossu, J6u1uv4n4, Raaaaah, or whatever his name was. [bleep] i can't remember any names anymore.
  2. We were taking pictures of my care that nite, can't even remember how that foto was taken :)
  3. How many servers are there nowdays? When RSC was up there were umm, 21-24? can't remember.
  4. They keep loosing players, and by these stupid updates they have been making lately, i believe the amount of players will decrease heavily. I mean, if this ever would have happened in RSC, people would've quit it immediately.
  5. Anyone who played RSC remebers me, RS2'ers probably not :P
  6. I havn't played RS2, ever. But this gave me a good laugh, now they really are killing it. gfg! =D>
  7. can't remember l̮̦̉̉lle
  8. tha haiyans. rofl. If you really think they were good players/catchers i suggest you think again.
  9. 1024 * 768 or 860 * 600 Futurama, it's cool, but it has to be darker and take those stupid "bricks" or whatever they are away :)
  10. Backbround: blue, white and black. Put the name Lundis in it. you decide the rest :wink:
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