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  1. [hide=][/hide] getting for my b-day on the 11th
  2. -go skiing in the Rockies -go skydiving -finish med school -travel Africa -get married
  3. -able to ski, or willing to learn -an equally stupid sense of humor as myself -a funny-crazy family -in shape -likes watching movies -light to no makeup
  4. -im an amazing skiier, and told to have a real gift for skiing, and part of the ski patrol during the winter, and the rescue squad during the summer -im a triathlete -i skateboard and golf, i dunno? besides those things, theres not anything specific that makes me really unique besides being me
  5. well i already a sophomore at the uni i wanna go to atleast for my undergrad :lol: after undergrad i plan on going to a medical school out in Utah, Idaho, Colorado solely for the skiing :lol: maybe U Utah
  6. no offense but i hate the boy scouts, you guys just give me alot of paper work at the ski resort as a patroler, funniest day was when troop "666" came lol no joke or when i am out camping you guys make 'way' to much noise and ruin alot of the good area to camp in. so imo i'd quit, i did it for like maybe 3 months when i was a kid and didn't like it. the boy scouts i run into are are know it all. you can learn some good things in the boy scouts but there is still alot more stuff out there, and some of boy scouts dont realize that
  7. Stilev


    personally i'd like to know, isn't it a tad hypocritical to preach abstinence if you never had sex? i mean its short of like saying that vegtables are bad, but then once you have them, your like "o there not bad as i thought" correct me if im wrong on that. i really dont give a crap if someone is a virgin or not when i hit college all my friends lost it awhile ago, and i was the only virgin. now that im back home for the summer all my other friends are virgins and im the only one that isn't. so really the whole virgin thing is bad imo is over rated, it will happen when it happens the more you obsess its not ganna happen, once i stopped trying to get laid it met my girlfriend. all sex ed in high school is pretty much useless imo. all people need to know is "this is a condom, ok bye" yeah there is a bunch of other crap for girls but no one under 25 uses it so its rather pointless, they are more geared to people who already have a family and dont want to have another kid. i mean yeah its good they go over it, but a week long class every year is a little bit over kill for me
  8. the worst way which that is likely of happening would be burning
  9. Stilev


    i use the friend very loosely, anyone who i have had maybe only even one encounter with i might consider that person a friend, does that mean we hang out on a regular basis no, but i will consider you a friend. i have other friends on a more personal level with who i spend alot of time with and know deeply. but even to be a close friend has no common characteristic besides just not back-stabbing me, which has happened a hand full of times because i do trust so easily, but end the end, the other friends i have meet due to this has easily out weighted
  10. skiing my gf making a friend of mine embarrassed working on my bike bout it, im a simple person
  11. Stilev


    A creature with the ability to perceive has been the product of inorganic material, yes. But, that doesn't mean that inorganic material can perceive. The odds of being incarnated into a rock are zero. well if you completely believe in evolution, why do you believe in incarnation lol
  12. Stilev


    i'd say i pretty much agree with this, its important not over look our genetic factors, but the events in our lives, and how we deal with them is the greater factor
  13. [hide=] [/hide] im more of a hoodie person myself, those lightweight ones are never warm, make so much noise, and aren't very comfortable imo
  14. just to throw this out there, radio waves get so distorted after like 4 light years or something, so the thing of our TV, radio etc going into the depths of the universe isn't exactly true
  15. Stilev


    after i went to college i got into biking alot, found a 1974 Peugeot PX-10 road bike and decieded to adopt her. didn't do much to her during the school year, but now i got the summer, giving a wicked rasta themed paint job, new brakes, tires, chain, and biking tape, been alot of work so far, but when everything is finished, it will be amazing. trying to finish everything by july 12th for my first triathlon i've been real mountain biking down a ski resort during the summer, and this is what the people there say about those bikes, those shocks are for show, and the bike would die in about 30sec if they took it to real mountain biking area. so to answer you question, its just to have a walmart bike to ride around, kuz spending the money on a real road bike would be a waste of money (i rented a bike from there shop btw)
  16. for all the driving i do "i other peoples car's" im kinna careful, you learn quick driving in the middle of WV during the dead of winter :lol: so no i've never been in an accident, but with all the deers stories i hear, that will probably be the first. i know of someone who has been in 6 car accidents who is only 19 when i heard of that, i think to myself "lady, there is a point when you gotta say, maybe its me"
  17. i'll be 19 in august and still dont have a car -.- , i've driven my parents cars, friends car, and work cars into like 10 different states though, so if i could actually get a car it would solve a lot of problems in my life, all my money i get goes to college (couple $K a year), or Ski patrol/EMT class (lost a solid $1.5k there in a year) so i dont have alot of spending money
  18. im a pretty mello guy so im not too annoyed by people, except for 1 type of person, that guy that walks in the door and expects to waited on hand and foot. thinks he knows how to my job and gets mad when i do it right, demands to see my boss, so i just go get him, gives the guy a look of stfu and sends him on his way.
  19. i have a firm, and super squishy pillow i usually make a L shape for my head and right arm (its kinna sensitive about positions after i dislocated it) but i really dont care at all. i'll occasionally just use my arms as my pillows side note, its always fun thinking about the position you fell asleep in, and the one you wake up in
  20. To be fair I could say that all soccer is is people sprinting around a field that is too large for 90 minutes and that there is no action except when a goal is scored which doesn't happen often because of the nature of the sport. If you want to get simplistic, you can describe any sport in that way. But in those 90 minutes all 22 players of both teams are active. Whereas baseball, they stand and wait. Switch out so many friggen times, its just a joy ride compared to soccer. The only "feat" baseball players have is 1) how hard they hit a ball with wood. 2) Their sprinting ability for a few seconds. What other sport allows you to be fat? Some of those baseball players got bellies. football. Loads and loads of chubby people play football. And yet another dumb American sport. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. It'll actually be fun to watch if they just played continuously. and yet another conformist anti-American who really has no thoughts of his own, football wasn't ment to be played continuously they'd die. just watch basketball if what defines a sport as good is constant action, sheesh but imo it doesm't defines the sport as good since a good sport is an 'opinion.' so what sport is better then another is only the dumbest argument since, o wait, it is the dumbest argument
  21. lol i dunno, i like to experience alot of things and i've never just looked at something and thought i never wanted to do that besides maybe WOW, myspace, and some of the heavy drugs.
  22. after i dislocated my shoulder, when ever i do i push up i hear a popping noise in my shoulder lol, i dunno what that means, but the doc said its not a big deal :
  23. we dont appreciate what we have, thats all
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