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  1. hey i haven't played in about a 2 years and was curious what the street value of my red phat would be worth now?
  2. Stilev


    im a puma kinna guy
  3. quest reward and items needed [hide][/hide] nice fail jagex, to access just click on the quest
  4. Stilev

    Stick Shifts

    automatics are more efficient then manual's the majority of the time by shifting at the optimal time and quicker then humans can. in the past they were more expensive because they weren't as reliable and until very recently you would do more damage to the transition with an automatic then a manual leading to more times in the shop therefor humans at the time were better then the automatics. Advancements in automatics, and the fact that they are easier then manual's have lead to an increase in America, and over in the future i expect a rise in most other countries. I personally prefer manuals because i feel more in one with my car but that's just me
  5. besides a good body, gotta have a good smile that lights up my day outgoing, independent, smart, athletic i dont get girls thought process though, its the most confusing thing in the world, gotta be able to read their minds to know what they want
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glgMlQR7NE8 This was my library last night, and just another reason we are ranked as one of the best party schools in the nation, i didnt jump off like that, but omg it was so much fun
  7. went skeet shooting and the archer field today
  8. a friend of mine made me mine lol, once i hit college it became fairly useful, and if you set your profile to private its not like a company could reject you, since they cant see anything, i feel like the ppl that worry about something like that, dont have facebook, i really dont care if you dont have one, i've got friends without out, if your one of those people that isn't going to get one kuz your trying to be different, your just being stupid, just get one, you'll probably like it
  9. [hide]Q1:What is something you write down to remember? A: Homework Q2:What is something you hear on the radio besides music? A: commercials Q3:Why might a taxi driver say he had a bad day? A: he got a ticket Q4:What is something you're likely to forget in your car? A: your keys Q5:Name an item you would find in a 3-day survival kit. A: a knice Q6:What is something you may find on top of a mountain? A: a tree Q7:What is something you would hate to find in the food your eating? A: a hair[/hide]
  10. confessions? -im a lazy bum that doesn't try and its ganna come back to bit me in a year when i dont study for my MCATs lol -that or i worry to much about making people happy, i've gotten better, but basiclly gotta stop worrying about what nameless idiots think of me, i care what my friends think of me, but gotta stop worrying about what that guy on the corner thinks of me, its rather silly, and im alot better then i use to be -o and my favorite thing to do is dressing like a bum/punk in my advanced human anatomy class, or other classes where there a bunch of stuck up smart kids who think there better then everyone else, so fricking annoying, kuz im one of them and i love every minute of it
  11. Stilev


    [hide][/hide] my two sets of skis, the volkl are my expert level skis, and the K2's are my intermediate/rock skis/dont care what happens to them skis i know im ganna get another pair this winter or next winter but i haven't really decided what i want..probably something shoter since my volkl are a little to long for me and are a pain during sharp turns, and the K2's are definitely not a high level for me any more only been skiing a year, but last season i went about 20 times, went from bunny hill, to skiining in and out of the glads like it was nothing. took 2 weeks off due a shoulder dislocation, worst two weeks of my life. Love the sport alot, dunno what i'd do if i couldn't anymore, Ski in WV
  12. 5/10 its a pretty funny screen shot
  13. OMG i can remember being like 5 years old and my dad teaching me this, i hadn't one in years, and literally 2 weeks ago my gf and i drove past a wendy's and i told her about it, she'd never heard of it, so we got one, and she loved it. to anyone that hasn't tried one, dont knock it till you try it, its so good
  14. my friend to be cured of cancer enough intelligence to get me into and through med school the endurance of Lance Armstrong at his prime
  15. Yeah, you're right that most items in a car are smaller than a body, but what about a vehicle loaded with metal furniture? Those are far more deadly of a projectile than a body and yet there is nothing illegal about it. I really doubt that the reason the law exists is because of projectiles or else something would probably be done about transporting heavy loads. every car has people in it, not all cars are moving furniture
  16. i really think that getting people to where seatbelts is a good thing, but im not a big fan of getting a ticket for it, i think that its a stupid to get a ticket for it
  17. im a big fan of the stargate series, so this looks like a spin off of Atlantis, as in looking at one of the nicer pieces of tech that the ancients made, its way to early to know if it will live up to the series but im glad that they are at least trying something new to keep it going, but i hope this doesn't run it into the ground. also nice to see a little bit of history into the series which i think this will present it as, but nothing can live up to SG-1 sadly
  18. im to forgiving dont speak my mind enough i worry about things to much im quiet jealous of some of peers im condensing
  19. a little shorter then me so like 5'5" a good smile able to laugh at herself, and laugh together is ok if we end up in a little bit of trouble able to keep up with my life style, if i go skiing, your coming with me willing to try things, and get me to try things has a crazy family - this is a must playful personallity atleast as smart as me isn't negative (thinks she better then ppl) NO DRAMA!!
  20. after going to college, all i drink now for the most part is water
  21. im 5'9" and i weigh 130lbs in the off season, and put on around 10-15 pounds of muscle during the fall, winter, and spring
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