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  1. i'll wear one when im going long distant biking, mountain biking or skiing otherwise no
  2. everyone i was out partying with besides my roommate and myself got arrested one night for underage drinking, not a fun night...just something you must expect at college :lol:
  3. why is your mom so against you driving? tell her to get over herself, and that driving is the only way to get better at it, your ganna have to learn how to drive at some point, my parents were mad that i didn't drive enough when i was that age
  4. Stilev


    my friend loves these jokes, use to tell them all the time, i found them all pretty funny
  5. intelligence does not equal survivability, humans are the most intelligent species, and we are also one the youngest
  6. Stilev

    Favorite sayings

    never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers - Darren B. (told to me as we watched some people try and ski around a fellow ski patroller standing around 3 closed signs, telling people the run was closed) *edit, ops thank gago
  7. that was a collection of numerous different people, and was created by different people, at different times, multiply times in the past, all independently
  8. Why were you cycling on the road, where cars are meant for? maybe because the footpath is meant for pedistratians not cyclists unless they are dedicated bike-ways? omg that same thing happened to me! we have a sidewalk, a road, on the road there is a line for bikers only!!!!!!! some jackass in a car thought it was for cars :roll: luckily he gave me like 1/3 of the bike lane so i got by, but god was it close
  9. i feel like that there isn't such a thing as the smartest person, with as many different fields out there, its really a tragedy to say there is only 1 smartest man. does Einstein get it for his work in general relativity, defiantly no easy task, or is it newton, who by any means solved many problems facing man. by why limit it to just science? the inventors of language, to fine dining, all in their own respected are geniuses in my opinion. no one is good at everything, if there was such a man, he wouldn't be human now would he?
  10. I agree that tool use was the initial step, but I would think intelligence comes before writing. Language is too much of an intricate system for anything lacking intelligence to master. I probably wasn't specific enough. By "in the context of the human experience" I meant the intelligence to build cities and cure diseases, etc. The kind of "super intelligence" the OP talked about. On some level it takes intelligence to use tools, too. Language really is something special. Homosapien can't have changed much physically in the 150,000 or so years it's been around, but in the even shorter amount of time we've had advanced communication things have changed at a frantic pace. as i said before, what defines intelligence, is the complexity of tools, and the ability to communicate. it really doesn't matter if you can do calculus, if you cant communicate your ideas, its rather pointless. our spoken language was a vital component coupled with our ability to make tools. and look at the three times in our past where our communication has increases dramatically as our level of tool making also greatly increased 1. written language 2. printed press 3. mass media (radio, tv, internet)
  11. intelligence is about being able to make tools, and be able to communicate how the tool was made and other concepts. without these two things, intelligence is not going to happen. Without thumbs, your probably not making tools, that's how we know they aren't intelligent. with fossil remains, we can see that there haven't been any species with thumbs that aren't our ancienter, or cousin species
  12. Stilev


    med school for me right now is still like 50/50 of me getting in case that doesn't happen, im looking into getting a 2-3 year internship with a biology research professor at my college
  13. -skydiving (been my goal for a year, will do it this summer) -train ride across US or Europe -make it onto the ski patrol (shouldn't be that hard with the way things are going) -cross country road trip (doing this summer with my gf i think) -get an M.D. (dunno about this one, its ganna be hard) -get an internship with a professor, going to apply this coming fall, and hope to get in the spring or fall of 2010 -finish a triathlon (should complete this fall) -get a cut/toned body (dunno about this one) -get a dog most of these are over the next like 5 years, but i dont wanna wait until im 30, i'd rather have fun, and mess up my body while i can still take the damage. if i am as reckless as i am now, when im 30, i dont think my body could bounce back from near constant palm, and knee injury's combined with a dislocated shoulder :?
  14. You're so full of [cabbage]. People generalize on what type of a person someone is by what they wear all the time. jesus christ, you ever been to a public high school? cloths are just a badge for someone beliefs, beliefs are what we pick people on, not the badge itself with uniforms, we cant see someone beliefs as easily as would could with it, but end the end, your beliefs come out through interactions, with other students, and you are still labeled, as "goth", "gay", "jock" etc even without the cloths to show it so uniforms reduce picking on, but do not stop it, but it also reduces students openness, and pride in their beliefs
  15. it didn't matter what she said -get the gay/lesbians mad -get the core Christians mad compared to her opponent who had the question "do you think giving bail out money to failing companies is a good idea?" which has far less controversy, most people disagree with it, and that's what she said
  16. Stilev


    i dunno if it has been said yet, but it is very simple -At any given point in time, there is a finite amount of knowledge, so if you stop time, or ask how much knowledge there is at a given time, there is a finite amount of knowledge -Since time creates knowledge, and since time is infinite, this means knowledge infinite pretty strait forward in my opinion
  17. meeting my gf, gone to the hospital three times and gotten 2 tickets, all with her, since meeting her, have never had any of this before meeting her :lol: only known her 6 months dislocated arm, bruised muscle, and possible spine damage
  18. if the russians and chinese have tapped into the US eletric system, you gotta know that the US probably has the same thing done to them, only the difference is either a) they dont know yet B) its in the Chinese/Russian media, why the hell would America public care that we tapped into their electrical system
  19. we all my make mistakes, o except for you, forgot you where Omnipotent
  20. i dunno the best i have, looking back i see alot of flaws but w/e dont even have the .psd on this computer to deal with them
  21. dislocating my arm in a skiing accident, hurts alot...and i've got a pretty high pain tolerance.
  22. the learning curve isn't that bad imo, i feel like rs did a pretty good job in the way things are shorta opened up the player, to gain really fully understand rs can take a very long time taking things step by step, but if your willing to spend the time you will get there
  23. might as well do this to kill some time 1) im part of ski patrol 2) i like math 3) i get along better with girls then guys typically 4) i participate in triathlons 5) im still slightly nervous romantically with girls even after 4 months with my gf
  24. im horribly ticklish and my gf abuses it to no end :( which is worse kuz she is barely ticklish
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