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  1. That's What I was thinking...But then he would have to input a combat calculator Forumla into it, and then do a few more math coding... :wink: its pretty easy its just 100gp x your combat level \ pretty sure you can do that
  2. i try memorizing them, then i messed up a few times so i just wrote them so i dont messed up :thumbsup:
  3. i remember rsc but i don't remember much since i only played like 3 months then quit for a year after that it was alot different :cry: but alot of my good friends still played :
  4. i created like 50 tele tabs to each of the places that lunar doesn't go to :mrgreen: so im on lunar right now
  5. there is snape on waterbirth? :shock: didn't know that lol, i never been there, thats really helpful thanks :
  6. thats cool i might take staking back up becasue i stop becasue of the similar reason :mrgreen:
  7. rofl thats so true why didn't they :shock: , well execpt the people fronze, but still
  8. rofl i loved the music =D> also a nice guide ya got there to bad i haven't been to barrows ever :?
  9. im 75cs and i would say its cost me some where in the neighborhood of like 5m+ decoration myabe 1m+ and rooms cost me 1m+ :wall:
  10. i havent seen bob in like 8+ months :cry:
  11. if you had this problem just try and ignore it ingame and use the bug on the main page and you troubles are over =D>
  12. OmG!!!! are u serious?!?!?!/ Can u plz shut the hell up with Durial thing already!! its getting annoying, days about to end!! nothing happened, u probably made it up. U probably made this topic because u wanna talk to much about durial people there is alot more to this post the just dural lol what about the large amount of trade that has occured in fally gardern i think thats another specail part of fally, many huge deals go down there
  13. yeah i never really like barrows that much :oops: but im not everyone so have fun
  14. i would agree that although you are guaentted a hit with the long bow i would rather just take my chances that i get a double max with the msb but i generally use knives so it doenst really bother me that much
  15. basicly what eveyone else said, easy to level imprssed by stuff i dont worth picking up any more and just the idea of just having a whole game out there waiting for me to find it :mrgreen:
  16. i think that the only real way to figure that out would be to get someone will like like 40def and see how often you hit your max and your total dmg and how many hits it took to kill him then repeat with a lvl 40 def in full rune do each test maybe like 100 times and write it down and you might have an idea one what it might be but i really haven't a clue if it would work or not :-k
  17. i believe that is suppose to be *unidentifed* i wish the could have been more help lol im 65 and really annonyed that i cant find a good way to rasie it but i think it is alot of help for lower levels nice guide
  18. might work might not you should give it a try and tell us if it works or not
  19. rofl i see the guys nipples they only like 1 pixil big though
  20. your art work is sweet i really hope that jagex takes your idea (and gives credit of course) i mean its been suggested on forums alot but i never seeen anything like this before its great! =D>
  21. rofl that was pretty funny i think the best part was "your friggin noob" lol i nearly feel out of my chair =D>
  22. lucky i wish i had 2 phails i always end up not reiling one rofl luckly i got the canfis tele to speed it up if i mess up now
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