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  1. anyone checked out the 08/09 Invader ski's by line, they are freak'in sweet as anything [hide=][/hide] i probably would have gotten them if i hadn't gotten such a good deal on the 08/09 k2 silencers [hide=][/hide] i got some connections with ski patrol at a mountain near me, where im a 'curiosity patroler' which means i dont really do anything, but they let me ski for free : definitely look into that if your 18+ and are a weekend warrior like me
  2. A friend of mine and i had a discussion and pretty much agreed that music now adays dont have a message behind their songs with obvious artist like Hannah Montana but other artist like MIA with paper planes. but other friends of ours say that they dont listen to rap for the beat but for the message behind it in my opinion how the song makes me feel is what the song means, not the lyrics, especially when i have to go look up the words half the time to know what they are saying, the other thing i think is that i will hear songs that say one things, and the artist doesn't do anything other then have it in their song and can be hypocritical (cant think of a specific example but i know its done) the last thing is that im going to book or the media for this information not my music what do you guys think of meanings in music, is it the lyrics, or the beat, or deeper like the beat is what makes you feel
  3. this is like the third thread i've said this in -no regrets live each day as its last, dont die still wanting to do something with your life
  4. -origami -card throwing -nerf guns -skiing/snowboarding -board games (these can be really good if you go to a game shop) -jogging -go wonder the mall with friends -photoshop (check out the gallery alot of people there can help you out) -study for classes (lol jk)
  5. The presentation of a piece is just important as its production. Get off your high horse -- your clients shouldn't have to resize the image themselves just to properly view your work in their browser/monitor. if i cant view it view it, how am i suppose to like it its nice on the eyes, a pretty good piece, simple to the point but a forgettable piece none the less
  6. what? no!!! i love spitting :cry: although i would say its a little weird inside a building, which i know people who do
  7. [b][u]Stilev[/u][/b] [img=http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l211/stilev/rockthebeat3.png] Stilev premade i never posted
  8. boring backgrounds no real flow no blending basic text dimensions aren't that great either imo place renders in 1/3's
  9. if you knew me you'd know im just a softy nice guy
  10. i look at it as, dont expect to win, if you think you can win it, your ganna get sucked into the thing, but if you do it for kicks every now and then i'd say its fine, if i won, i dunno what i'd do if i won, with like 20k i could buy pretty much everything i want (most of going towards a car), rest just go in the bank
  11. living life without regret, what ever that might be
  12. i just see alot of people trying to do it, and failing badly, this isn't done horribly, but it would be better if it wasn't there in my opinion, but its not my piece
  13. i dont get this random fad that everyone is going of just putting something over a render and thinking it is blended, the left part specifically where her arm meets the cloud/smudging is very abrupt and not very well done, the right side makes me feel she is in a cloud of mist in a factory, the mist you made should cut off part of her, but it shouldn't just but so sharp, if you made it 'slightly' less strong where the render and smudging meet, it would work alot better. it's not just you everyone seems to be doing this kinna stuff and i find it tacky -my only compliant i really like it if that is/isn't improved
  14. its good, but it is very 2D. where the light source (based on what you have) is good on the top, but as it comes down (more the middle part) the light is going to bend and wrap around the rock, which you dont have, it just stops making it feel very 2D, if you dont know what i mean i'll make some edits to show what i mean
  15. -i don't like either sun you used first is just lame, the other looks a little to much like the clouds -the guy isn't looking at the dust devil, just fling whip around looks awkward imo -have some kinna indication in color where the dunes start just looks awkward again
  16. not much a fan of it, very crude, not a very good representation of what a real feather look like, its a horrible first attempt, but there is alot you could could improve on
  17. lolz false, i've got a manager who is funny and loves ordering sub's for everyone, 2 assistant managers who are offering a promotion. and 4 other guys above me who i occasionally drink with on the weekends, Mark and I spent 2 hours fishing together while we were working, and this is the norm :lol: its a very social environment where we treat each other almost as a family, and i have a deep respect with them, and when something needs to be done, you know who's responsibility it is, and that person will do it, and if he is busy with another task, another person will do his best to try and help out and get the job done, love my job :D
  18. well im going with a good friend of mine to get her a corset (im a dude btw not everyone knows that :? ) i was ganna get it myself, but lol yeah i dont know anything about them so i told her she was ganna have to come with me. my gf knows and does care btw, would ask her but i think it would just add insult to injury, dont think my gift to my gf is really appropriate for these forums...
  19. Stilev


    render is bad left right side bad weird right side is good but empty font is bad overall like i've said with almost every piece you make, you have a good understanding of advanced tools, but your basics are severally lacking
  20. Scream. Loud and long. And hard heeheeeeee. Mylez, I'm preeeeeeetty sure that wasn't Renate. She always signs her posts. And cry. Lots of crying. Done that in college once .. But thats another story. No hair ftw.. Actually I''m pretty sure no hair ftl. [/hide] No no, it's ftw. I've been shaving down there for years and it's much nicer than having a big ol' bush of hair. Girls seem to prefer less hair down there these days and it obligates them to shave as well ;) not much a fan of shaving down there, but i do trim up every now, an improvement imo briefs btw
  21. the first style isn't horrible, a different render and some tweaking take it from good to great second style, one word, no, there is nothing that i like about, colors have a harsh mix, the flow is choppy, the render is blurry, there is barely a focal point, overall not a very good idea, please dont continue with it
  22. this picture (sig) has many meanings to me -i moved off to college in August and i although i have made numerous friends, i have also lost a couple good friends i have had for years. I am back at my home town, and i feel like all those bonds i made before have almost evaporated. -What this most represents is the losing of someone very dear to me, she is gone, but she has changed me, and shaped my life to make me the person i am today and i hope she knows that -The last thing this is represents is my moving on, most likely my last piece, things are getting to complicated in rl and i have begun to lose interest
  23. the light in photosynthesis isn't used for making matter. light is absorbed by P680 It used for excites an election form H2O to Pheophytin, and there are more steps until it makes NADPH this process is the Light Reaction. NADPH goes into the Calvin Cycle through 6 steps you end up making Glucose. you'd have to know about complex biology in order to understand it all the things exactly. basically: NO MATTER IS CREATED. THE LIGHT IS AN ENERGY SOURCE FOR REARRANGING THE ATOMS (or matter) the mass comes from the nutrients in the soil, a majority of a plants mass is Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Carbon, and Potassium and Water, alot of water.
  24. Stilev

    CCTV [WIP]

    [hide=] [/hide] might give you some ideas, also a great song
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