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  1. real world trading and encouraging others to break rules (don't know how i got this one lol)
  2. even if you're main incentive for buying a ps3 is the blu ray player, you will be suckered into buying games simply because it can play games ps3 is an entertainment center with music, movies, chats, internet but it is a gaming system before any of those. if they have a ps3, they will surely buy games for it even if it wasn't the reason why they bought the ps3
  3. I hope they plummet to stop the obsession. People are spending months and months getting the money required for a single party hat.
  4. *sigh*...VHS. Those were the days. Those were the days... to be honest, i never thought dvd's would catch on vhs' were so cool :XD: i own a ps3 but don't own any movies on blu ray disc lol
  5. they will have to use one now if they want to watch movies. ps3's are cheaper than most standard blu ray players. sources are quite easy to find on the net
  6. 1. they have low range defense, decent hp. you are constantly attacking other than the picking up drops and drinking p pot. it's not nearly as good as chins in mm dungeon but just as good as ogres but with good profit. 2. yes, just find a space where there are no aviansies to the east 3. lower levels have less hp so you get more drops
  7. Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Disney have already announced they would produce exclusively for blu ray earlier Blu Ray is no longer the future, it's now. Seems like Sony's choice to have blu-ray on the ps3 wasn't a waste. blu ray disk devices are about the same price as ps3 so expect increases in ps3 sales bad news for 360 owners
  8. although i dislike tom brady and his gang, i can't argue the fact that they are the best team this league has ever seen. they have the rings, they have the mvp quarterback, they have the experience, they have the defense you will NOT see tom brady choke in the playoffs they won other championships with an offense less than half of what it is now.
  9. these people are "paying" customers if you're paying for a service from a big time company, you should expect to recieve it. while i don't agree that they should file the lawsuit, they should be recompensated in someway, a free game is good but they way they worded it isn't done very well how's this you pay a company to supply you with electricity. they have an outage for two weeks while other companies don't have that problem. they offer you the extended two weeks. would you be satisfied?
  10. lol ncaa needs a playoff scheme i'll go with Ohio State on this one
  11. it was obvious the price of nats go down and p ess go up to even out with some of the other skills I have 94 runecrafting profits were amazing since i could double nats since june it was around 1M an hour on average but compare it to the rest of the skills look at hunting, at 99 hunting i was catching about up to 500 red chinchompas an hour which equates to 350k woodcutting magics maybe 150k profit with magics fishing monks about 100k an hour profits with rc'ing was already ridiculously higher than the rest 91+ rc'ing is still the best money making skill in the game
  12. if you're looking for a high return rate upon investing, rares are not the way to go you sacrifice alot of opportunity cost from buying a rare that will go +-5m a month i do enjoy watching people buy santas in december before christmas thinking they will go up :P
  13. yes: before you had to openly search to sell some of your junk, keep bumping a thread, or wait til you somehow run across someone buying it now you can put it on ge and go to sleep the advantages outweigh the disadvantages so i'm not complaining
  14. it's his first drop, give him a break might not be ground breaking but still nice =D>
  15. that's nice and all but i'd take hitting 70's and 80's with armadyl anyday :P in different cases, the different godswords have their advantages if you're at gwd with a team of 3, your maxed out team would avg maybe like 25 rounds. your sara godsword is healing pretty well but after that 25th boss partner 1: out of brews, only one restore partner 2: 1 2/4 brews, no restores you: i have 3 of each you still have to tele with them unless you want to solo with those amounts of supplies same with dag kings with two hybrids i can see where sara would be a good use for solo'ing but for most instances, i'd wanna see 80's from armadyl
  16. you sure you were casting ice burst? if you were in full mystic/ahrims you should be able to hit over 90% of the time and on my experience, only about 1 in 30 misses. and you should be able to hit 2 more times before you go hide again and for the person saying mage lvl doesnt affect the accuracy, i was lvl 99 mage 87 def 89 hp and i staked this person 94 mage 90 defense 92 hp i won 80% of the time. higher mage = higher mage accuracy. also me and my friends were up at metal dragons, i was at lvl 97 mage at the time and he was 75. both of us in full ahrims, same mage bonus and 5k fire bolts i killed 150+ and he killed about 100
  17. i have a pure staker and i really dont want to raise my prayer i know dt is required and one of the quests required to do dt gives you 11 prayer from 1, so is it possible to stay at 11 and get the barrows gloves?
  18. bones lol but my best was at barrows lvl 118's think their defense is high enough to take torags without prayer got his whip, torags helm, torags body, full karils, etc sold back for like 5 mil i think since he pm'd me right away also i saw some water runes on the floor while running out of barrows and i right click, there was ahrims hood and ahrims bottom + other stuff like p pots i wonder why the runes were on top though =\ another time at barrows i went in karils tomb and immediately saw someone fall. they had a whip and other stuff i cant remember the funniest one was when i was at fire giants, i was lvl 104 at the time and he was lvl 99. me and him clicked on a different fire giant around the same time and he killed his before i killed mine and he was gloating so i turned off my public chat so i didnt have to listen about 50 mins later another game walked in and i always see who i am training by so i turned my camera and saw that lvl 99's stuff on the floor had 1.1 mil cash for some reason, warrior helm some rune stuff and obby set when they were 1 mil he started pm'ing me and i was gonna give it bqck but he was like omg you noob you took my stuff, omg give it back before i report you so i turned my pm on friends and hopped :wink:
  19. i have 2 lvl 99 magic accounts and a lvl 89 mage on my main i got it with maging steel/iron dragons kinda slow, around 40k to 50k exp per hour, but it was very easy to afk it well not really afk but you can do hw/ write essay while doing it while all the other methods other than bandits, you really have to pay attention and be active to get exp all you need to do at metals are drink a dose of antifire every 5-6 mins while it autocasts while getting your money back from the dragon drops which i've gotten 17 legs and 13 skirts took me about 3 months to get from 1 to 99 mage then started staking but my prayer was a bit high so i wanted a pure account then on my pure staker, i bought all my mage exp went from 1 mage to 99 mage in 6 days the first day i just went around raising magic with spells on monsters til around 30 something and it went too slow i gathered tons of people to help me in the alching arena every hour people could get around 20k gp from the alching arena and traded me 20k which was 40k exp when i traded them in. they got some mage exp and 1k nats anyways i gave them 1k nats per 20k gp in the alching arena so it costs 300k gp for 40k mage experience and with more workers its possible to get millions of exp a day so to get 13,000,000 exp to 99 mage 13,000,000/40,000 = 325 trades x 300k worth of nats per trade = 97.5m which was funded for by my first account :wink: so i had an extremly low cb lvl with 99 mage high 40's or low 50's i forgot. i went right into training after, but training starting with lvl 1's got boring fast and i could not do desert treasure so i went back to training and staking on my main, and now i dont play anymore =\ but that is a pretty good way to go if you have the funds
  20. lol thats pretty expensive to use constantly lets see um about 35 ice barrages per round 2 bloods 4 deaths 6 waters, about 2.5k per about 90k per trip worth of runes and i use 1 pray pot when using ice barrage so about 100k total per trip you get somewhere like 50k worth of runes back from the chest if you raise kc to 13+ so pretty much if you dont get an item you lose money using ice barrage the max times i opened the chest was 10 in an hour magic dart isnt really that much worse, i mean i use 60 spells per round of barrows and 2 pray pots max per trip and get the chest up to 8 times an hour i get the runes back from chest so i never run out and the chaos bolt racks and bloods make me profit every trip so in time if you go on a major dry spell that can get really costly if you use ice barrage on too many trips like 100 trips without an item will lose you around 5m worst streak i've been on is 120 without item i agree tho that ice barrage is more fun i usually use ancients when i get lots of chaos and bloods although i dont really like to use barrage the whole way thru i set on ice burst and hit first with ice barrage so it still holds for 6 hits then hide they are usually dead after that anyhow @kintenic the ancient tele to canfis pub is alot faster than ectophial
  21. i wear mine for everything except pk'ing which i barely do i did lose it once and had to do the minigame over again which was the worst part =\ 2 hrs is not really a short time
  22. well i see it this way i've gotten 8,000 kill count before and not only blood worms about 2k skeletons, 2k bloodsworms, 2k spiders, 2k rats roughly i'd switch from room to room every 10 to 20 mins, they are very aggressive during that time then when they stop attacking i would go to a different room my theory is killing about 5 blood worms would raise your chances at getting bloods by 20% or so and bolt racks by 5% and maxes at those percentages while 5 skeletons would raise your chances at bloods by 15% and bolt racks by 25% and deaths by 10% or something like that, when i got the reward for 8,000 kill count, i received 121 bloods and about 3k coins no bolt racks, minds, deaths, or anything else so the more you kill of a certain monster doesnt necessarily mean the more you get i've gotten 120+ bloods from a chest with only 13 kills before so getting any higher would be a waste of time, but good afk training for about 20 mins :wink: there should already be a percentage for the runes and stuff minds about 75% without killing any monsters chaos 60% deaths 40% bloods 1% bolt racks 1% but all percentages would stop at some where around 75% seeing that i didnt get any minds, chaos, or deaths from the 8,000 kill count i have no idea about half keys or dragon mediums stuff like that, but i could be completely wrong its just a theory but sounds right according to my research and yes i know what i am doing, i do barrows quite often, i've been on over 4,000 barrows trips and received 184 recorded barrows items my ratio of items to runs is about 1 to 25 runs for an item but thats a different story
  23. ugh i got pk'ed three times there i didnt even notice two of those times the chaos ele spawned and there are about 40 ppl there and i thought we were all attacking it i died in like 4 secs =( stupid pk'ers lol i want a d 2hr :cry:
  24. yes i was over-exaggerating on the speed maybe 1.5x the speed of mage i was stressing the point that it is very dangerous to stake a ranger with no shield the odds of winning are slimmer if they have a high mage lvl he had 85 mage so i splashed a fair amount while he barely missed 96 to 97 mage is perfect many under 99 mage dont stake me because they dont like to fight maxed out players i dont really care because it is all based on luck i've been up about 650m on a couple of 99 mage, def, and hp stakers together in a couple of days i've also gotten cleaned by a 96 mage 73 defense so try your luck :wink:
  25. decent guide for the most part i usually dont see any mage stakers under blood barrage unless they are on normal magic, and we usually use lower blood spells like blitz or burst when the other player is low on hp and needs about 1 more hit to finish because it hits more accurately many start with shadow barrage, which is alright i usually just start the match and watch tv and if i win i win, if i dont then oh well most of the people that actually stake me are usually 99 mage def and hp so im always at a disadvantage stats wise im 99 mage 84 defense 89 hp but i hate looking for stakes so i stake them anyhow also usually mage stakes are most of the time staff only never stake with anything other than weapon on unless you want to splash a whole lot you should add mage vs range and mage vs melee in there since the topic is staking with magic mage vs range im 99 mage and i was staking a 99 ranger he would win 9 times out of 10 if it was just weapon on his obby rings vs my blood barrage because range is nearly twice as fast and twice as accurate so if range is on then you have to put on shield or its just you getting owned hard crystal shield evens the field a bit because of the high range def and against melee make sure he has low mage because your spells will splash alot because of the high magic + high def = high magic defense and he will most likely use whip and that would be alot more accurate and quicker than your staff never leave on body, legs, or helm in mage vs range or melee you wouldnt want to fight someone in full karils + obby rings or whip and we all know the stakers with those names like 00 oo 0O 00O and he wants to stake you, but you cant look him up on the high scores just add him to your friends list and open up another window and login to compare high scores with people on your friends list
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